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Create Modern ASP.NET MVC Dropdown Lists - 3 Steps

The complete guide to creating modern UI drop down lists in ASP.NET MVC in very simple steps using Razor and Bootstrap for professional results

April 24, 20170

How to migrate an existing Cordova app to VS2017

The complete guide to migrating an existing Cordova application to a Cordova project on Visual Studio 2017 with building and running the app in 3 steps

March 09, 20170

Scrolling Kendo mobile views with code in 2 steps

The easiest x-steps guide to scroll a Kendo mobile view with HTML and JS code. Most useful when auto scrolling to a certain HTML element is needed.

February 09, 20170

6 Commands to Publish PhoneGap Apps to Playstore

A 6-steps super easy guide with commands that would walk you through building, signing and publishing an Android PhoneGap application to Google playstore.

December 14, 20160

SharePoint 2013 OSERVER Installation Error Fix

SharePoint 2013 oserver installation error fix using the ORCA tool in windows SDK

November 09, 20160

Phonegap fix com.google.android.gms:play-services

Quick guide to fix the PhoneGap error "could not find any version that matches com.google.android.gms:play-services-g cm:9.8+" building android APK

November 04, 20160

Auto update cordova applications in 3 steps

A step-by-step quick guide on how to allow a PhoneGap android application to upgrade new versions without Google play store or any auto-update plugins.

October 31, 20160

MVC Kendo grid with editable columns in 3 steps

A super easy thorough 3 steps guide create an editable Kendo grid using MVC razor wrappers and exploring all available configurations adjusting the grid.

October 24, 20160

Best modern simple responsive HTML5 CSS3 templates

Receive only success with over thousands of simple modern affordable HTML5 CSS3 responsive templates providing the best user experience over the internet

October 19, 20160

Kendo file upload inside Kendo grid MVC in 6 steps

The complete guide to adding a Kendo file upload to a Kendo grid in inline editing mode in MVC with videos, screenshots and code snippets in 6 steps.

October 26, 20150

Making money blogging - an easy blogging for cash

A step-by-step blogging for cash guide to making money through blogging the easiest way that would bring you the extra cash you were always looking for

October 14, 20150

MOSS 2007 upgrade - Post upgrade checks

A step by step guide to post-upgrade checks from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 to ensure the high quality of the upgrade and avoid future errors

September 18, 20130
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