Software Development Trends for 2018
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Michael WELDON

Software Development Trends

We are in that era of technology where it has the potential of changing with every tick of the clock. Older trends are being gobbled up by the newer ones where something which was trending today might get outdated tomorrow. This constantly changing pace is what complicates things for the software development companies making it kind of mandatory to keep up with the ever-changing trends so that they can survive the cut-throat competition. Moreover, it is essential to identify a technology’s potential so as to leverage it to the fullest as well as determine whether it would be wise to invest in the respective technology or not. Well, the year of 2017 is going to end very soon and many of you must have been wondering as to which software development trends will follow on to the upcoming year of 2018 and which would help in gaining an upper hand in the market. Let’s look at the top 5 trends of software development that have the potential to be lucrative and which are worth your time and investment.

A turning point for Cyber security

Well, one of the most notorious cyber attack the world saw in the year 2017 is indeed the “WannaCry” Ransomware attack which affected more than 300,000 computers across 150 countries with damages costing around hundreds of billions of dollars. This has made the aspect of security as the topmost priority for the corporations and organizations around the world thereby catalyzing the demand for security solutions. Businesses of all sizes need to address the issue of cybersecurity both internally as well as externally.

" If we look at the stats, global investment in Cybersecurity products and services is expected to surpass $1 trillion in the coming five years. "

Here, software developers can consider endeavoring in the domain of Cybersecurity as it’s only going to mushroom in the coming years.

IoT and edge computing

The rise in the domain of mobile app development has given rise to things like IoT and this IoT, in turn, is revolutionizing the way data is being generated and collected (you must have heard about smart homes). Here, the IT companies are coming up with faster and cost-effective ways to process the collected data and this is where “edge computing” comes into the picture. Edge computing is expected to play an important role for IoT devices enabling them to carry out faster real-time analytics (specifically in the remote areas with poor internet connection).

(For those who don’t know what edge computing is – edge computing processes data at the “edge” of the network by making use of micro-data centers. This, in turn, would save an organization’s resources including time and money required for porting all the data to a centralized data center.)

This edge computing would:

  • Minimize latency
  • Reduce load on connectivity
  • Increase security and privacy
  • Reduce cost of data management

On the other hand, the cloud will still be in the picture where it will continue to play a crucial role in gathering and evaluating the massive amount of data. Hence, it can be expected that the integration of both edge computing and cloud can bring on a whole new level of data management in the upcoming year of 2018.

Taking up the AI technology

Well, the AI technology has indeed left its mark in 2017 and is something that can’t be ignored. Smartphones, voice-activated virtual assistants will be very much influenced by the AI where its adoption would help businesses in digitalization of user experience, changing value proposition and automating large-scale processes.

" Moreover, it has also been predicted that by 2018, 75% of software development teams would implement AI functionality in their numerous applications or services. "

Hence, we can expect a greater penetration of AI in the coming years making it quite essential to keep up with this growing technology.

Rise in demand of Blockchain developers

The rapid development in the domain of Bitcoin has also given rise to the demand for Blockchain developers. This particular technology is being predicted to influence each and every industry out there and that too in a positive way.

" According to a report by Juniper Research, 57% of the world’s big enterprises are considering to deploy their own Blockchain solutions. "

When it comes to blockchain’s influence on the software industry, businesses are expected to start investing in the app development on Blockchain platforms thereby propelling the demand of Blockchain developers. Hence, software development companies should keep tabs on this technology as applications developed on Blockchain platforms will help in building new and powerful business processes.

Hence, these were some software development trends to watch out in the coming year of 2018. Yes, the domain of technology is something that is unpredictable but still, these trends are projected to stay in the industry for a long time.

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