3 Reasons To Use A Chat Bot In Your Web Design
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Nicola Yap

How To Effectively Implement Chat Bots In Your Web Design

Chat bots have become an effective trend in modern web design, and these seemingly straightforward additions to your website can boost customer engagement and create more impactful customer experiences. It’s crucial for modern website marketing professionals and other web designers to appreciate the potential value of a chat bot as part of web page design.

Technology Is Leading Web Design Trends

Data-driven business leads the modern economy, and most major companies rely on user data in some form. Companies collect consumer data from a plethora of sources and then analyze this data to extract the most valuable data points and strands. Since so much of business happens online today, making decisions based on data analysis is the best way to stay relevant and competitive in modern markets.

Tech companies are leading the way for other businesses by spearheading technology including artificial intelligence (AI), chat bots, and customer experience analysis tools. Modern consumers are more discerning and less attentive than previous generations, so it’s vital for brands to make a statement that will leave a lasting impression on customers and keep content fresh and original for future interactions. With so much choice available in virtually every market, losing a customer’s attention even briefly can mean losing the customer entirely.

AI in web design

AI already has a place in the high-quality web design world. Companies use AI to track user behaviors, interests, and patterns over time, and AI bots are responsible for most search engine rankings. Designing for and around these bots may be prudent, but it’s essential to avoid sacrificing traditional customer service for investing in AI tech.

What Is A Chat Bot?

Chat bots are essentially low-intelligence AI programs capable of posing as a customer service representative when a user visits a website. A high-quality website design company can even program a chat bot to trigger and respond to different scenarios. For example, a simple chat bot may automatically appear whenever a user accesses a specific page, or the designer could program it to appear only the first time a new user visits, making the bot easily accessible via a button on the web page. This takes the user’s past behavior into account, as a user who instantly closed a chat bot window likely won’t want to see it again on a future visit, but it is there if needed.

Investing In “Smarter” Chat Bots

The more complex a chat bot, the greater the expense behind developing and implementing it will be. Chat bots must be able to read and understand human text and speech, to a degree, so it’s important to invest in a chat bot that can perform at your desired level. Chat bots are also a means of injecting personality into your interactions with customers, so don’t overlook this opportunity during the initial design phase. Investing in more robust chat bots can improve your website’s performance in several verticals, but most important, they will enhance user experience.

Chat Bots Enhance Customer Service

Customer service is still the heart of business-to-consumer companies, so it’s essential to refrain from considering your chat bots as replacements for actual customer service representatives. Chat bots can help quickly navigate new visitors around your site, and some can help users with simple queries, but more robust bots will need to tackle the more difficult questions discerning visitors will have. Depending on the type of business you do, chat bots can help improve interactions with customers in several ways, if they serve to enhance your existing customer service, not replace it.

Chat Bots Convey Quality

Another reason to invest in chat bots is that they can convey a sense of polish and quality to your site’s visitors. A robust chat bot capable of complex conversation and few witticisms will delight your visitors, and once they know they can rely on your chat bot to get them where they need to go, they’ll readily visit to interact again. A clunky, awkward, or generic chat bot, on the other hand, can turn off your audience and be more of a nuisance than a help.

Capitalize On Digital Messaging

Modern customers are now used to engaging with their favorite brands’ customer service representatives through social media and other digital messaging apps. These chat bots provide personalized attention almost instantly, and this can help your customers overcome small frustrations easily at their convenience. Considering the popularity of modern chat apps and messaging services, it’s a good idea for every company to invest in automated messaging chat bot to field these interactions.

Chat Bots Boost Sales

Another important benefit of chat bots is their potential to boost your online sales. A good ecommerce web designer needs to acknowledge the potential value of a chat bot to guide customers through the checkout process. Sometimes simple distractions can lead to lost sales, and a chat bot can keep a customer from abandoning a shopping cart before checkout, add more items before completing a purchase, or make recommendations for related products during any phase of the shopping experiences.

Chat Bots Can Generate Valuable Insights

Professional website development requires making data-driven decisions in the modern market, and chat bots can collate and analyze data faster than human analysts. The data your chat bots gather can inform your business approach, inspire new products and services, and ultimately enhance your relationship with your customers in various ways. Chat bots can also conduct surveys of your site’s visitors with minimal disruption to visitors’ activities, providing your company leadership with even more insight into your target market.

Start Investing In Your Site’s Chat Bots Today

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  • Alice Trellakis

    Alice TrellakisMay 04, 2018

    It's great that chat bots are being implemented by brands to improve customer service. I definitely feel more taken care of when I visit a new website and have questions!

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