5 Condemnatory SEO Errors of Ecommerce Websites
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Melissa Stanley


Search engines requires a significant investment, and that is why you should be sure to get it done correctly otherwise it may affect your website in the long run. Rather than just throwing money at it you should put in some hard work to make sure you get the task done right. While customizing SEO for blogs is easier, online websites aren’t that easy. SEO errors pose a significant threat to your site and should be avoided altogether. A standard error that e-commerce websites do regarding search engine optimization is that they list many products that they do not have to increase the website traffic. If you want to save yourself from any problems and get in direct touch with the buyerspunch-out is the website to visit.

Lack of description about the product

If you have an e-commerce website, the chances are that you are selling a large variety of products. A common mistake that most e-commerce websites make that effects their sales is that they do not provide a product description and even if they do it is not enough. What you should do is take high-quality pictures of the product from many angles and post them so that the customer can see what they are buying and have a better idea about it. Since the customer is not present, it is often hard to judge the material of your product. You should have a description of the product that isn’t too long but is able to clear queries that may arise in the customer's mind. You should mention the material, the size, etc. because many different people have many different preferences regarding shoes and clothing you should be sure to post whether or not the product is made of animal skin, if it is an ethical piece of clothing or if it is sustainable etc. when you mention this kind of information you can target a broader spectrum of customers.

Apart from that if you have little or no description, it makes search engine optimization harder than usual. A mistake that e-commerce website also do is that they use the same product description as the company which leads to plagiarized content prevents you from getting at the top of the search engine.

Lack of customer reviews

What the customer has to say about your product can go a long way in determining what others may think of your site. According to many pieces of research conducted on what factors affect the increase of sales, customer reviews are amongst the top three factors. However, a common mistake that many websites make is that they don't have customer reviews and even if they do they only post filtered posts that may not give an authentic vibe. What they should do in order to be more trustworthy is that they should post a review in which the customer has a problem and the company is able to solve it so that the customers know that he or she is prioritized and that they will be treated fairly in any case.

Focusing on the wrong things

A common mistake that occurs is that website owners focus more on transactional words that prevent them from making content that holds information. Now that the customer has information that means that they can detect this error immediately. Reading a description or an article with ill-fitted words is very easy to identify as an impersonal marketing strategy which irritates most readers. What e-commerce websites should do is focus more on information in this way content duplication can also be prevented and original content can make you rank higher with the search engines. According to a recent study due to the use of informational words an e-commerce website experienced 1,780 percent increase in traffic.

Poor site designs

In a situation where you interact with the customer virtually, you should make sure that your site presents who you are. The design does not have to be over the top or boring. Most people do not consider this to be a severe aspect, and this is the mistake that costs them a lot. An image is all you have online. If you are not able to get your customers by the way your website is laid out, then this can cause you a lot of problems, your rankings can take a dive.

While designing or redesigning your e-commerce website, you should keep SEO in mind. Research proves that a company suffered the loss of 75 percent of its traffic due to its redesign.

Duplicate Content is a Problem

Another problem that an e-commerce website often encounters, and has been hinted at previously in the article is that most sites use the plagiarized content. Mostly from the product manufacturer that doesn't create a good image. Due to the fact that it is brief it does not contain information that is necessary. It may seem over exaggerated but it can affect your earnings and your SEO ranking.

Your content should be original and unique that urges the customer to go on with the purchase. If you have authentic information, the ranking of your website is sure to increase and along with it so will your earnings.

Web hosting errors

Another problem that e-commerce website face is low speed and fewer uptime. Due to the fact that they go for shared hosting or anything that costs less they end up having many problems in the future. While in the beginning, it may not seem like a big deal, it is. If your site is slow to load the customer is sure to look for the same product somewhere else, with the increase in e-commerce websites the customer can find more than ten other option in just a minute. You only get one chance you need to make it count.

Even if you did go for the cheaper version, in the beginning, be sure to invest in an update otherwise it can prove to be a big problem. In shared hosting the servers, resources are distributed that means is one site is down or experiencing a problem you might have to put up with the side effects. Shared hosting can also compromise your security in an online attack, and that is why if the customers get to know they might not trust you with their credentials, leading to fewer sales.


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