6 Insanely Powerful Advantages To SMS Marketing
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Jo Stevenson

6 Insanely Powerful Advantages To SMS Marketing

In 1984 a Finnish engineer named Matti Makkonen would pitch a remarkable idea.

8 years later, engineer Neil Papworth would test that idea but would lay dormant for over a decade before becoming arguably the most powerful sales and marketing channel today giving businesses the ability to seize the attention of any customer for pennies.

That “idea” was of course text messaging and even though it has been 26 years since it was first tested it has become even more relevant to marketing today largely due to the explosive growth in mobile usage.

In this post I’m going to outline 6 advantages to SMS marketing and why you should consider integrating it into your overall marketing strategy.

Advantage 1: Shockingly high open rates

One of the primary reasons most marketing fails is because it literally never gets seen. We have an area inside our brain called “Brocas Area” the job of this part of the brain is to filter out things that look familiar and predictable.

This basically means if something looks like an advertisement it is blocked by the brain advertisers know this and is why they invest heavily in repetition – they know they need you to see the ad at least 7 times before you become fully aware of it.

What makes SMS different?

SMS bypasses Bocas Area and grabs your attention instantly.

While you can expect to see 20-30% of people open your emails with SMS you can expect anywhere from 82-98% of recipients to read your text messages.

Even elite level online marketers could never git this kind of open rate with ads or email.

Advantage 2: Massive click through rates

Getting your marketing read is one thing but the goal is for the recipient to take some form of action this will typically be clicking a web link inside the promotion.

If you’re currently using email marketing then your click-through rate is likely to hover around the 4.2% mark which is the standard across most industries.

For this reason email marketers need to either:

  1. Mail out frequently or;
  2. Build a giant list

It’s usually both.

When it comes to generating sales email marketers will combine high-volume with a big email list to make that 4% CTR work.

What makes SMS different?

SMS has an average click-through rate of 19% which means you’re able to generate a lot of click-throughs and sales using a smaller list.

Advantage 3: Near perfect delivery rates

One of the primary headaches in email marketing is its crippling delivery rates.

You spent the time ethically building your email list only to have SPAM algorithms and reputation scores block a sizeable chuck if emails from going through.

Did you know that there are roughly 455 words that if used in the wrong combination could get your email binned?

Do you use the words “call us” inside your email? Be careful because this is on the SPAM list.

What makes SMS different?

SMS doesn’t have any SPAM algorithms in fact SMS is not an online marketing medium so it’s not crippled by SPAM filters, ad blockers, search algorithms and ever-rising PP costs. It is sent and goes directly to the recipient without any of these barriers.

The only time when an SMS won’t get through is when the mobile is turned off or they are out of range.

Advantage 4: Simple to use

If you’re a complete beginner then setting up a marketing campaign is overwhelming whether it’s:

  • · Email campaign
  • · Facebook
  • · Native ads
  • · SEO
  • · AdWords (display and PCC)

You have to think about:

  • · Copywriting
  • · Image creative
  • · Audience targeting
  • · Ad guidelines (each advertising platform has their own rules)
  • · Budget and ad spend (AdWords costs can change daily)
  • · Testing
  • · Tracking
  • · Optimizing

For a beginner or if you’re the only person doing the marketing it can be an epic undertaking.

What makes SMS different?

There is virtually no learning curve.

  1. Generate SMS leads (or upload your mobile numbers)
  2. You write a message
  3. You select the people
  4. You send the message

If you want to get sophisticated, you can set up multiple contact groups so your promotions are more targeted but that’s it.

Advantage 5: Little to no competition

Advertising is incredibly competitive with online advertising being the fiercest. The main appeal to businesses is that the barrier to entry is very low they don’t need to commit to 10,000 flyers or 6 months of TV, newspaper or radio advertising they can get in and get out when they want.

But this low barrier to entry means that PPC ad costs have gone through the roof, websites are loaded with banners, pop-ups, advertorials, auto-play video ads, surveys, quizzes, chat bots, email inboxes are bursting with irrelevant SPAM and getting to the top position in Google for your high buyer intent keyword? Forget about it.

What makes SMS different?

SMS has a lot less “inbox noise” meaning that it is highly unlikely that your competitors have taken the time to look at an offline channel like text messaging let alone put together a campaign.

This means that for those who do you can acquire new sales leads and repeat business with little to no competition.

Advantage 6: It’s cheap

In the paid advertising world the company that can afford to spend more to acquire a customer wins.

It’s a cold hard fact that you need to understand if you want to run paid ads.

While everyone can bring in a few sales 80-90% of overall sales are going to the big players who are about to spend $100,000 per day on ads. I know a few people who routinely spend 5 figures per day just on Facebook ads with one campaign.

What makes SMS different?

One of our top keyword for AdWords is $30+ per click but with SMS you can get your promotion open and read for 7 cents or less. That’s it.


We now live in a mobile world people are consuming information, paying bills, doing their banking, booking dinner at restaurants, arranging overseas holidays and making buying decisions in-store by reading reviews on their mobile phone rather than speaking to the store sales person.

Our entire lives are wrapped up on one device.

SMS is native to mobile which means that you can send them a quick text about a special that you’re running and in literally minutes begin driving sales from that one mobile device.

Mobile is massive and SMS presents one of the few real opportunities where you can drive sales for pennies with little to no marketing knowledge.

About The Author

Jo Stevenson

Jo Stevenson is a self-obsessed marketing addict who thrives high click-through rates and the smell of fresh online sales. She also has a cute little Jack Russell named Nala who the 160.com.au team adores.

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