7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Magento Developer
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Brij Bhushan singh

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Magento Developer

Setting up an eCommerce website from the scratches is never an easy task irrespective of your experience.

The main motto of an eCommerce website is to get in touch with its target customers and lure them to make a successful purchase. Though this requires a lot of things to keep in mind. And, once you fulfil these, you need to take care of certain things such as its responsive behavior, attractiveness and how well it functions.

And even before you jump into the development stage, you need to think while opting for the particular eCommerce platform. So, if you are someone who is looking forward to starting his business with eCommerce or wishes to grow with eCommerce and scratching their heads to choose the best platform for their website, for them I’ll recommend Magento.

And to get to know this platform properly and get your hands on the actual capabilities of Magento, you require hiring a Magento Developer first.

Just like hiring any other techie, before looking for a Magento Developer, you need to go through some steps that will help you understand the skills and capabilities of the respective developer. So, here I have spoken about the 7 questions that you require asking before hiring a Magento Developer.

1. Experience

This is the key question that you definitely need to ask the individual you are looking forward to hiring.

Experience matters a lot when it is about hiring a developer and especially a Magento developer. You do need to check if the person has any prior experience of working on a Magento development project.

You need to consider that Magento is a tough software to operate with. So, a good amount of experience is definitely required to work with the respective developer in the long run. And, if the developer is not experienced enough to work facing certain challenges, the person might abandon ship when you need him the most while working on a crucial project.

And, if the developer has an experience of working with different client requirements of several different industries, then it makes the developer capable enough of tackling certain scenarios and challenges by now.

This increases his capability of tacking issues and handling projects with incomparable efficiency.

2. Certifications

The next question that you require asking is about the developer’s certifications.

Check whether the developer has got any certificates about his excellence in the particular field from any of the industry leaders such as Google, HubSpot etc.

Also, check the certifications that you require checking while hiring a developer for a particular project. This will help you in pointing out the exact skill you are looking for your project, specifically.

Also, checking for the certifications will help you understanding skills of a newbie developer and that will help you understand which project to place him in so that you can utilize the developer in the best way possible.

This stage offers a few levels of endorsements, similar to the Magento Certified Solution Specialist. The Magento stage advances quickly, so organise developers with their lately achieved certifications, since they will be the most state-of-the-art in the tech and trends.

3. Communication Skills

Communication skills are pretty important when you are working on a project with a team. And, up to the mark communication skills helps developers run a project swiftly enough.

So, this makes it apparent why you need to check on the communication skills of the developer whom you are looking forward to appointing. Keep in mind that the person needs to communicate with the rest of the team throughout the project along with the post development support stage.

So, while going through and asking the person from your questionnaire, you need check into the requirement that if the developer wishes to keep you updated with his progress on your task on a regular basis throughout the project span.

Also, check how well that particular developer is when it is about dealing with clients. So, you need to know how well he can communicate with the stakeholders as well.

Communications can be made through certain methods like audio and video conferences, several chat tools, app sharing, the groundwork. Also, take a look at his language skills.

4. Time of Development

The developer you hire needs to keep a strict eye on the development time as well as on the deadlines. Being the head of your company, you definitely need to check if the developer is outstanding enough in handling with such time-related issues.

Also, check if the developer knows how to take care of such issues when in an emergency case the development time gets cut short or else some other unexpected occurrence takes place.

A capable enough developer should be able to give you a competent deadline for the project’s completion.

This strong sense of timelines usually helps developers and eventually, businesses in taking care of unexpected occurrences such as several technical issues. This helps you to observe the progress of your project with enough peace of mind and give you a hint of how well your developer can perform in the toughest of the conditions.

An experienced enough developer who has been associated with tough projects before would have a good enough idea of the fact that issues might occur and he would pitch the timeline accordingly and would ask for the deadline likewise.

5. Billing

Invoicing clients is also an important task that developers need to perform while they are working on a certain project.

There are various kinds of projects and each project has its own kind of billing method. To be precise, there are certain projects that are charged on an hourly basis and usually, the smaller projects have fixed rates. Though while working on a new project, it is always preferred to ask them to pay the bills on an hourly basis.

Though, you need to check the frequency of the bills and the particular services that’ll get included in the respective bills.

Additionally, clear up if the developer you are about to hire, charges in quarter-hour, half-hour or hour-based augmentations.

6. Website Design

A Magento theme might be used to craft your website and, to be honest, that’s absolutely fine if your website’s design is not copied and is completely a unique one.

But you do need to perform a check on the skills of the about to be hired developer for this purpose. You definitely require checking on the fact that the applicant developer has enough skills to design a completely unique Magento design.

You can easily make your brand well known to its users if your website has a custom theme and is designed in a completely unique way.

Crafting an online business store that is not at all similar to the other eCommerce stores present in the market, at least sophisticatedly, will transform your brand image distinguishable in a split second.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is nothing but the responsiveness of the under-development or the to-be-developed website. In today’s date, a good amount of online traffic comes from mobile users. So, if your website is not responsive enough for the smaller screen sizes, and that might lead you to lose potential buyers. So, keep an eye on the responsiveness and the mobile-friendliness of your website.

7. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the key to luring traffic to your website and to make your online presence visible to search engines. The cash you spend on crafting a very sophisticated online store website will go to squander if traffic and clients can't discover you.

Talk about SEO essentials with your Magento engineer. Financial limit for the Magento developer to invest energy in SEO, yet just if your developer can indicate your genuine outcomes. Get some information about past SEO ventures and their viability.


The more you know about Magento the easier it becomes for you to set up your goals and achieve success with your development project.

So, get ready with your set of questionnaires that will help you in judging them in the best way possible.

I hope this blog has made your doubts clear. If not, do let us know.

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