7 Ways To Improve Your Wordpress SEO
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RAvi Sharma

7 Ways To Improve Your Wordpress SEO

Everybody dreams of designing an eye candy website that can drive as many as possible customers. 

While setting up a WordPress website design is quite easy, the website optimization isn’t. 

WordPress is a great platform to promote your brand, sell your goods or services but what is more important is to drive more and more audience and turn them into potential customers. And this is only possible with SEO.

SEO can be performed out of the box on WordPress but there are many more strategies and techniques that can be implemented to rank your pages higher on search results and increase your brand’s visibility.

Let us dive into the 7 ways you can start implementing right away to improve your WordPress website’s SEO. 

The best thing about these methods is everyone from beginners to professionals can leverage the benefits. But remember that it is not compulsory to implement all of these strategies as few of them can also help you boost your WordPress site’s overall rankings. 

So let’s get started!

1. Pick Your Hosting Provider Precisely

It is a fact and vital for your SEO to pick a worthy hosting provider. 

Since Google has declared the site’s loading speed one of the crucial factors to rank the pages on search engines, you need to pick the right host who can help you boost your site speed and place you on the top of the SERPs. 

So, if you are the one who is thinking to design a website to boost the business awareness then you need to pick a reliable host provider that acquires a good reputation for offering excellent output. 

If your existing host is unable to meet your goals or is slow in loading the website then also you need to replace your host with the new one.

2. Install a Dedicated SEO Plugin

If you are a beginner then you’ll love to explore a wide array of SEO plugins offered by WordPress that are liable to add some exciting features and functionalities to your responsive site. 

Most of the plugins help to eliminate the replicated content hassles from your WordPress sites. Not only this but search engines are able to examine the original URL sources added to the content of your blogs.

For example, All in One SEO Pack is a perfect plugin that offers various options like meta descriptions, keyword optimization, Google Analytics, and much more. 

So, like this, you can explore many other WordPress SEO plugins. However, if looking for much better outputs then Yoast SEO is a plugin that offers features more focused on optimization.

3. Alter The Permalinks Structure

Basically, the permalinks are the URLs that targets the specific pages, blogs, posts or other content that remains unchanged for the next many years. 

Clear and expressive links are easy for the search engines to index and boost the ranking of the site. 

However, WordPress offers a variety of permalinks options which includes Month and name, Numeric, Post name, Custom structure, and much more. 

However, this may need you to follow the right process of rectifying the errors with permalinks to ensure a well optimized wordpress website.

4. Optimization of Images Is Necessary

Images are just necessary for every website. Images add an appealing and compelling appearance making the content more readable. 

They also put a positive impact on your SEO if implemented carefully. Optimizing the images and resizing them helps in improving the site loading speed. 

So, ensure you use the optimized images in your content. However, you can use the plugins to reduce the size of images and optimize them for uploading. 

Another important yet effective thing to keep in mind is to use the filenames/alt text in the images using the targeted keywords.

5. Use Theme Optimized For SEO

One of the important choices to make while designing a responsive website is a theme. It examines the site’s appearance, layout, and provides new functionalities. 

For instance, the way a theme is developed impacts the site’s loading speed giving the chances to rank higher on the top of search results. 

Hence, it becomes very crucial to pick the right theme that is built keeping SEO in mind. 

There are plenty of WordPress themes available both free and paid that are SEO-friendly and offers features that help in improving your site’s SEO.

6. Proper Formatting Throughout The Content

Where creating a sitemap helps search engines to know how organized your website is, it does not help to determine the sense of every individual blog or content. 

Here comes the need to organize your content using proper formatting and heading tags. 

Using such tags to structure your informative content executes two distinct things. It breaks the content and makes it easier for the reader to understand. 

Moreover, crawlers also become attentive to headings, how the content is organized, and what content is conveying. 

So, it would be much better to create your content with proper use of heading tags to offer easy readability to the customers.

7. Ultimately Focus On Good Quality Content

As Google comes up with a variety of intricate algorithms to rank the websites in search results, they aim to help the relevant and useful sites to score well. 

Google keeps on shuffling its ranking algorithms and factors but the fact that always remains the same is the need for good quality content. 

If you want to drive more customers and see success in your site’s SEO efforts then focus to create premium quality content instead of using the spam or plagiarized content. 

One of the solid ways to leverage your SEO efforts and improve the quality of your website or pages is to write long-form content. 

For example, find what your customers are looking for, what they expect, and focus on providing answers to their queries with the help of your content. 

Also, remember that along with quality, proofreading and fact-check also matter.

Final Thoughts

SEO is surrounded by various tactics and strategies which makes it quite daunting to choose the effective one. 

Eventually, if you want your site to rank on top SERPs then you need not become a professional. Counting on the above steps will help you achieve the results expected. 

WordPress is obviously the first and best step towards having a great website. After that implementing the discussed ways will help you improve your brand’s visibility and increase the customers. 

Have any queries regarding WordPress website’s SEO. You can find the numerous companies that offer both the WordPress customer service along with incredible design support at earlier stages of development. 

So, employ the one and make the move towards your brand goal. All the best!

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RAvi Sharma

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Ravi Sharma, the founder of WordPress web design agency named Webomaze, is a dedicated entrepreneur who has built his brand with great dedication and enthusiasm. He holds great knowledge of WordPress website generation that can help in promoting the growth of any business through an impactful website. He loves to find adventure by exploring different places

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  • Palla Sridhar

    Palla SridharNov 10, 2019

    I find Yoast plugin very useful when doing reading analysis of content. Wordpress has lot of themes which provide SEO and also good structured data. Site speed and mobile friendly is very important.

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