9 Factors for Highly Effective Web Designs
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Fady Soliman

9 Important Factors that Help Build an Effective Website Design

What is an effective web design?

When building a website, it is very important to have a highly effective web design. It will be seen by lots of targeted customers and it serves as the reflection of the personality of your website. The usability of the website or ease of use does not only depend on its look and feel, but there are also other factors that you should consider.

An effective web design should also be based on how it works. Its functionality should be flawless to provide the best customer experience. If not designed properly, websites are more likely to have higher bounce rates, low conversions, a lower rate of visitors, and low stay on site.

One of the most affected aspects is the search rankings. This why we need to learn the important keys to putting in mind every time we create a website to achieve a functional website.

Web design and user needs

A good web design should provide the needs of the user. Specify the purpose on why you visitors need to visit your site - look for an information, to get in touch with your business, or to be entertained. Since a website does not only include one page, make sure that each page of the website delivers a specific purpose of providing the needs of your website visitors.

A well written, clear, and concise content is also needed to achieve an effective website. Each content delivered on every page should be informative. This is to make sure that the web users are able to quickly see the information they needed. Remember, it is your first means of communicating with the web user so make every content of your website as clear as possible.

This is also very important on every landing page. Since this is the first page that your customers will be routed after they searched for your site, ensure that the users are able to find the exact information quickly. Make every piece of information comprehensive to be easy to digest. To ensure that this second tip is achieved, organize the information through using headlines and subtitles.

Sentences in every paragraph should be congruent and avoid using too long and winding sentences that are hard and boring to read. You may use numbering or bullet points, too. This is to emphasize the enumerated ideas you want to deliver.

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Font is important

Use a readable font for every content and titles. Using fancy fonts are not effective even if they look stylish. Font styles that are too stylish tend to be blurry for the eyes of the reader. You may also feel dizzy while you are looking for a piece of information because the styles are too distracting to the eyes.

Arial and Verdana are the two ideal font styles that are easier to read while size should be 16px. You can only include 2 to 3 sentences every paragraph (depending on the length of the sentences used) to ensure they are readable and does not look boring.

Choose colors carefully

Color also matters in creating a perfectly designed website. Different colors provide a different look and feel, too. Using complementary colors result to a harmonious and balanced web. Contrasting colors of text and its background, on the other hand, makes it easy for the eyes to read the words.

Vibrant colors can create an emotion, and of course, a white space .makes your website looks modern and organized.

It is very important to choose colors that match the web or how would you like it to come out. Having multi-colored web which is inappropriate could be messy to look at. You can just stick to white spaces to ensure that the web looks elegant and more appealing to the eyes.

Images speak for your website

Aside from a site's content, images also play a vital role in the creation of a website. Choosing the right and appropriate images can emphasize the brand positioning and can also be used to communicate with your target customers.

Make sure that images are produced with high quality and must look professional. It should be congruent to the product and content of your page. They should be one of the necessity to lift your website or the product itself. You may use info-graphics, graphics, and videos for a more effective communication.

Although images play a significant role in the website, they should not fully cover the majority of the spaces where nothing can be read at all. It is still important to have a coordinating and balance image and text displayed on the page. unless the image you presented is overpowering wherein it spoke the total message you would want to deliver.

Site navigation

Ensure that navigation is as easy as possible. Not all target audiences know how to navigate properly and not all are techy when it comes to website browsing. You can specify the type of audiences you may have who would visit your site. If you are targeting younger ages, it may be possible that they can navigate on each of your web pages easily.

However, if the target audiences you have are older people, make sure that the site you have is user-friendly. To make it more effective, using bread crumbs, making use of the three-click rule, using clickable buttons, and organizing hierarchy of the pages can be a good strategy to create an effective website. For three click rule, the information is easily viewed by the web user for just three clicks.

Advertising can be profitable but risky

Accommodating ads on the website can be risky. Ensure that the ads you would want to accommodate on your website are not distracting or deceiving. If they almost own the space of the website, you should think twice before allowing these type of ads to appear. Some customers might be deceived to click them and they will be routed to a different page, without knowing how to go back on your website.

This usually happens on ads that appear to be like one of the product you offer. There are also blinking ads and video advertisements so make sure that you know how to prevent the risk of making users navigate away from your own website.

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A responsive design is essential

Ensure that your website can also be accessed on any type of devices. This is required not just because it is commonplace in the marketing and web industry, but because it is essential. Different devices that are developed nowadays vary with screen sizes. So, make sure the images and contents of your website are easily read and viewed on different screen sizes.

In addition, make sure that you have to rebuild a responsive layout so your website can adjust to different widths of the mobile screens. You may also create a dedicated mobile website which is a website designed specifically for mobile devices.

Performance and load time

The faster the loading time, the best web user experience you can give. Loading time is very important in valuing the time of your targeted customer. Slow loading could leave a negative impression to your business. Users may even assume that the system you are using is outdated or just too slow so that makes them doubt if they can still rely on your site.

You may feel annoyed while waiting for the web page to load until it totally eats your time. There are times that customers may not even know that the problem is on the website itself and they end up blaming the internet connection. Instead of waiting for it to load completely, the web user changes his mind and look for a different website instead. This means, you already lose one prospective buyer of your products or services.

If this is also happening to some other customers resulting in the same scenario of backing out in visiting your site, just imagine how many prospects you may lose every day. Not all customers have the patience to wait most especially if they are a busy type of person.

Just put yourself into the user’s shoe. You may also hate a slow loading website therefore, you need to prevent this from happening. To make it more effective, you should optimize the sizes and scales of the images, combine the code into a JavaScript file or CSS to reduce the HTTP requests, and lastly, minify the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to speed up the loading time.

Organize your design effectively

Organize your layouts properly to avoid a messy web page. If you pace each content randomly, the appearance may look messy and unprofessional. Arranging contents into columns, boxes, and sections that are properly lined up and balanced will lead to a professional looking web design.

Following all these tips lets you create a fully functional and user-friendly website. Aside from the appearance, it is also very important that the website functions well to increase customer satisfaction and sales revenue. Having an effective web design can also obtain the trust you need from the customers.

Your website can be the reflection of what type of company you have. There are cheap web templates you may use that are also effective to provide a more engaging and more useful website for your loyal customers and prospective clients.

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