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Scrolling Kendo mobile views with code in 2 steps

The easiest x-steps guide to scroll a Kendo mobile view with HTML and JS code. Most useful when auto scrolling to a certain HTML element is needed.

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6 Commands to Publish PhoneGap Apps to Playstore

A 6-steps super easy guide with commands that would walk you through building, signing and publishing an Android PhoneGap application to Google playstore.

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SharePoint 2013 OSERVER Installation Error Fix

SharePoint 2013 oserver installation error fix using the ORCA tool in windows SDK

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Auto update cordova applications in 3 steps

A step-by-step quick guide on how to allow a PhoneGap android application to upgrade new versions without Google play store or any auto-update plugins.

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MVC Kendo grid with editable columns in 3 steps

A super easy thorough 3 steps guide create an editable Kendo grid using MVC razor wrappers and exploring all available configurations adjusting the grid.

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Kendo file upload inside Kendo grid MVC in 6 steps

The complete guide to adding a Kendo file upload to a Kendo grid in inline editing mode in MVC with videos, screenshots and code snippets in 6 steps.

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SharePoint MOSS 2007 visual upgrade and customization

A step by step guide to MOSS 2007 visual upgrade to SharePoint 2010 to change the user experience to the new SharePoint 2010 environment

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MOSS 2007 upgrade - SSP migration and my sites

SharePoint 2007 upgrade Shared-Services Provider SSP migration and my sites

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MOSS 2007 upgrade - Upgrading content databases

Testing and upgrading SharePoint 2007 content databases to SharePoint 2010 and how to solve all post database upgrade issues.

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MOSS 2007 upgrade moving SharePoint customizations

Applying SharePoint customizations to the new farm is the most important step in migrating SharePoint. Check out how to do this in details.

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MOSS 2007 upgrade to SharePoint 2010 farm topology

A step by step guide with MOSS 2007 farm topology overview and deep analysis in addition to upgrade issues building new SharePoint 2010 farm

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MOSS 2007 upgrade and migration to SharePoint 2010

Different approaches to MOSS 2007 migration to SharePoint 2010. A step by step guide through the issues and solutions during the upgrade journey.

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SOLVED: MVC multiple submit buttons in one form

Fix reading submit buttons values in an ASP.Net MVC post action with a remote validation on model properties.

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JQuery JQPlot interactive web charts

A 3-steps guide for web developers and designers how to integrate web pages with professional and interactive web charts using JQuery JQPlot charts plugin

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