Best Image Search Platforms for Web Developers
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Best Image Search Platforms for Web Developers

Images are searched by various user types according to what they do and the purpose they have. A student would search for a particular image to include in his academic project. Similarly, a corporate professional would need quality images for a business presentation or a product brochure. 

In other words, users access images according to the needs and requirements they have. It is hard to find the best original images through every searching platform. Only a few quality image search platforms provide users with the best images as per their needs. 

To get quality images, you have to make sure that the best image search tools are being used. It is important to opt for high quality image search tools only if you want to get your hands on high standard original images.


This is a completely free tool. To use it, no charges are applied on the user. Most image search tools on the internet promise to offer free options to the user. 

However, facts are very different. Most image search tools offer very limited features. Once the user uses the tool for a particular span of time, the version expires and the user cannot continue using the tool. With this tool, no such problems exist. 

It is completely free and no restrictions are applied on any of the features.

Easy to Use Tool

No user has the time to go through a learning phase and then start using the tool. Most users prefer tools that are simple and can be used in quick time. 

This requirement is fulfilled by this tool because it has a very simple interface. When the link is opened, you have to upload the required image through uploading or providing the complete link. 

When the image has been uploaded by using one of the two options, you can view all the uploaded instances. 

In this way, you can differentiate between the legitimate and counterfeited uploads as well. Most users do not know the importance of accessing the actual source for downloading the image. 

It helps you in eliminating the chances of image plagiarism. It is a common issue due to which the hard work of professional photographers goes to waste. 

When all the appearances of an image are viewed, you can easily filter the original source. In this way, you do not fall prey to image plagiarism and are able to get the best resolution. At times, the image quality is not up to the mark because the original source is not assessed.

This tool does not have any dependability problems. The user can be completely sure that all instances of the image are shown. 

This tool is very quick so users do not have to go through long delays. If you are someone who needs to find multiple images in quick time, this is a good recommended option for you.

Bing Image Search

Bing is a quality collection of images. It is accessed by people who are seeking images for both personal and professional purposes. 

For instance, college and university students need images for assignments and daily submissions. Similarly, web marketing professionals require images for product promotion. Bing is a suitable option for all kinds of users. For instance, consider that you are a corporate professional looking for product related images. 

You would easily get various image types on Bing. It is a free option which means that the user does not have to make any payments to use the tool.

Consider that you find a suitable image after searching for it. It is not advisable to download it without checking the originality of the resource. 

A lot of users do not check the originality of the image and download it without checking. This is not the correct strategy. 

With Bing, you can use the “search by image” option and download the image from the original source. It is a good alternative for users, and they can avoid fake images by using it.

Google Image Search

Google is one of the most prestigious search engines and has a large image repository. You can find images of all types on Google and download it without paying anything. 

However, here, users have to be careful and select the original source of the image. 

Normally, users do not make the effort of determining the actual source prior to downloading. Once they get hold of an image which matches their needs, they download it without checking whether the source is legitimate or not.

Google has a “search by image” feature which helps in getting your hands on the original source. Here, you need to understand one thing. 

When the image is downloaded from the original resource, due credit is given to the actual image creator. In other words, this strategy helps you in avoiding image plagiarism.


People who create top-notch images work very hard to get the best results. It is not easy to come up with images that are impressive on a major scale. 

All this hard work goes down the drain when the image is uploaded on substandard third party websites without the consent of the image creator. 

Hence, when users are downloading an image, they should make sure that the original resource is being accessed. 

By using a quality “search by image” feature, you can get to the original image source without any hassle.

Most “search by image” tools are cost free and no charges are applied on the users. Thus, it becomes much easier to search for as many images as needed. 

Learning a complex tool is always a concern for people. In case of a “search by image” tool, you do not need to go through any process of learning. 

These tools are very simple and any user can use them even if he does not have detailed technical knowledge. 

Most “search by image” tools are free and do not have any usage restrictions. This simply means that the user can use them for as many times as he wants to.


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