Biggest Challenges to SEO Experts in 2019
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Common Challenges to Search Engine Optimization

The way fish can’t live without water, a modern day online business can’t survive without Search Engine Optimization or SEO. 

This increasing demand has led SEO experts to explore new techniques every day. 

These techniques depend on the search algorithm of different search engines and customers’ demands. Therefore, SEO approaches are always changing. 

SEO strategists need to keep themselves updated with these changing approaches. 

They also confront certain challenges while optimizing an online business for ranking well on Search engines. In this blog, we will discuss the biggest challenges they are facing these days.

SEO experts, in general, face two types of challenges- client related challenges and technical challenges. Let’s start the discussion with client related challenges.

Sometimes client does not realize the importance of SEO

When a client is not convinced about the benefits SEO offers to a business, it is quite difficult to prove the Return on Investment. To resolve this issue, experts should not over complicate their explanation while they are dealing with an uncertain client. 

It is important to make the explanation as simple as it can be. Their explanation should begin with organic search. Organic search grabs attention of the targeted users at the most consistent rate. 

Content is a key to the growth of organic traffic. It must be clearly visible, logical, relevant to the business, and eye-catchy. 

SEO is required to optimize the content to reach the target audience. After this explanation, the experts should outline the strategy they have made for the business.

Some clients fail to consider social media from SEO perspective

It is needless to explain how social media is booming to promote businesses and how it is conveying a business message to the customers. 

Well, social media and search engine experts may aware of this, but not all business owners may understand how social media can affect their search engine optimization. 

They should be told how social media and SEO are closely related to each other.

Both these two tools aim at building organic visitor engagement. Apart from this, these two techniques work together and improve each other. 

In order make a social media campaign successful, it is important to produce well-crafted content and high visibility. 

By integrating SEO can help the social media content meet these desired requirements. 

Social media, on the other hand, improves search rankings in leading search engines like Google. A combination of social media and organic search methods can help a business gain maximum ROI.

Some clients may always need justification for each activity

Realizing the importance of SEO and an understanding of how it works are two different things. 

Experts are expected to keep their clients in loop with their best efforts. They should also ensure their clients. Even some clients may ask justification for each action. 

In such cases, it is better to take a step back and evaluate the situation.

First, it is important to figure out what’s going wrong- does the client find it difficult to understand how SEO works or does the expert himself not understand the client’s requirement? Sometimes, both happen. 

The only solution to this challenge is open communication. From the very beginning of the assignment, both clients and experts should openly communicate with each other so that they can understand each other’s requirements, work process, and limitations.

Now, we will move towards the next segment- technical challenges confronted by the experts. 

As stated above, SEO techniques are ever-changing. Every year we find new techniques and tools are surpassing the previous one. 

In this year, some new trends are ruling the industry and most strategists find it challenging dealing with these trends. Let’s have a look at these biggest technical challenges.

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing- What should SEOs consider?

Google started testing its mobile-first index from 2016. As an outcome, the ways Google ranked websites in search engine result pages or SERPs is getting changed. 

It implies that Google algorithm now Google algorithms are more likely to use the mobile version of a site’s content. 

In order to deal with this, it is important to get ready for Google’s mobile-first index. Following tips may help the SEO experts to get ready for mobile-first rate.

Developing a mobile website or responsive design

First, a mobile site or mobile responsive design should be developed to optimize the size for smart devices including Smartphones, tablets, etc. 

Google is going to start a mobile site to find out both desktop and mobile ranking. Hence, it is important to get the mobile site in order.


Increasing the loading speed

Users get irritated and take 1 minute to move to another website when they find the website loading speed is too slow to be loaded. 

Hence, lading speed has always been a burning concern for SEO specialists. Speed, no doubt is going to impact the mobile first-indexing as well.


Better User experience

Having a responsive design does not mean that a great user experience has been achieved. 

For providing the visitors with the best user experience, it is important to have a clear and engaging content, easily visible menu, and standard navigation. The design should include mobile-centric features as well.


Creating AMP pages

Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to help the businesses develop mobile-optimized content. 

Briefly speaking, AMPs are lightweight pages, which have been devised to load quickly on the mobile devices. 

These pages should have a highly accessible framework that helps create fast-loading mobile web pages. These pages improve speed of mobile websites.


User intent

What the mobile users are looking for? User intent is critical to making an effective plan for mobile-indexing. By knowing the mobile users goals, a business can optimize their mobile website that way.

Google’s Intrusive Interstitial Update-How it affects the ranking factors

Interstitial spaces have been defined as small web pages that come before or after an expected page of a website or inside a mobile application. 

Such pages may block the site’s or app’s content. These tools literally restrict the users from browsing the content unless the “X” button appears on the screen. 

These pages act as a promotional tool but Google has explained in a blog that pages showing intrusive interstitial offer a poor experience to the users in comparison to other pages where content is accessible without any obstruction. Most experts believe that Google will soon penalize such web pages. 

Still, Google has not announced such things, but they are warning the online marketers about the use of interstitial web pages. It is better to limit use of such web pages.

Improper JavaScript testing- how to fix them?

JavaScript, a programming language, is usually used on the web pages whose implementations allow the visitors to communicate with the client-side script. 

Apparently, it may seem simple; however, there are a number of common JavaScript mistakes that can stop your code’s working. 

Some of these mistakes may affect the site's ranking, such as conflict between JavaScript and some browsers, memory leaks, JavaScript blocking the DOM, blocking JavaScript files in robots.txt file.

To avoid these mistakes, SEO experts may take an experienced developer’s help who are adept with this concept.

Differences between data highlighting and schema tags- which is preferable?

Schema markup is treated as a particular vocabulary of tags that can be added to the HTML to help the search engines offer more informative results for users. 

With this microdata, crawlers can easily interpret a web page’s content more efficiently. Data highlighter is another option for doing the same. 

It is a tool based on browsers that intend to help the webmasters mark up specific pages. Sometimes SEO experts get confused about which one they should employ. A renowned company offering cheap SEO services is more likely to use schema because it provides enhanced snippets and visibility.

How to Deal with the impact of voice search?

With the rapid advancement of technology, voice search has become immensely reasonable. 

More people have started searching on the Internet using voice. To nail this advanced tool, SEO experts should keep in mind a couple of things, such as:

Content that is able to answer voice search

When people search something using voice, they expect direct answers. 

Voice search remarkably differs from the tone of the regular text. It implies that the experts need to draft content accordingly. 

Most voice searches include “why”, “where”, “when”, “what”, and “how” types of searches. Therefore, the answers should address these patterns.

Local Search

Sometimes, voice queries include the phrase “near me”. It means that the searcher is looking for a local business. 

Therefore, it is important to optimize the website for both local search and mobile.

User intent and personalization

It is obvious that voice queries enhance the chances of predicting the searcher’s intent in a more efficient way. 

As an outcome, the site owners gain more insight into the user intent. It enables the site owners to look at the customer journey so that they can tailor their content accordingly to improve their search results.

Apart from these, SEO experts should consider longer conversational phrases and contextual search

These are the challenges most SEO experts face on a regular basis. By identifying the challenges and their solutions, the SEO experts and business owners will be able to perform in a more effective way.


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Iain Campbell is an experienced digital marketer and blogger who has been associated with a leading digital marketing firm for many years. He possesses a vast knowledge of search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, email marketing and more. He also takes a keen interest in the latest website development trends.

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