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Affordable Web Design Templates for a Quick Web Development

Building a new website with a web design template

Building a website is essential for marketing nowadays. It could be used for business, blogging, or personal use. Since you need to create a professional looking website to impress your target customers, using web templates is best recommended. We have cheap design templates that are useful and responsive that would surely meet your standards.

Based on the type of purpose you have, we have properly categorized our templates to help you choose the appropriate theme for your website. Available are business, responsive web design, art and photography, fashion, web design, cafe and restaurant, medical, cars, education, travel, animals and pets, electronics, real estate, entertainment, family, computers, society and culture, and gifts. You can find all the template categories here.

Through a variety of options we provide, we guarantee that each category has a clear purpose of promoting the type of business you have. You can customize these templates according to your preference and business type you have. We made it easy to use especially for beginners who also wants to showcase their products and services through creating a website.

Web Development and Web Design


Available options for you are :

  • Inexpensive Job Seeker Website Template: An affordable job seekers and employers web template where employers and search and find the right candidate for a job and job seekers can find the right job for their career. The template design is very professional and simple in the same time to provide the best and the easiest user experience to all types of users.

Hot Spot Affordable Job Seeker Website Template

  • Affordable Financial Website Design: A great web design template for financial websites that provide financial consultation, saving solutions, tax, fee planning or any other financial-related services for as low as 14 US dollars. This web template will empower your website being responsive to any device type or size which will guarantee the maximum target outreach to your services.

Affordable Financial Website Design

  • Digital Footprint Responsive Site: If you're looking to build a website that provides digital solutions for your company then this website template is a great choice at a very low cost.

Digital Footprint Responsive Web Design Template

and many options to choose from here.

Prices vary with each design and with a minimum of $15, you already got a brilliant design for your company logo and profile.

All these are tailored to meet your needs and match the demand of your customers as well. Depending on the type of business you have, we have a wide selection of templates you can use for creating a business website. These are useful for the companies who offer products and services and best for creating a business profile.

Each piece is elegant and professionally created since we understand the importance of having these type of designs. Aside from providing you cheap web templates, we also aim to design a versatile business template.

Responsive Cheap Web Templates

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is specifically designed for the screen size, orientation, and platform of a device making use of the CSS media. Since there are many gadgets and devices manufactured nowadays, web designs should also match the modernization of the devices to ensure that the customer can still view the website in a handy way.

We produced less expensive and responsive website templates to accommodate this specific needs of every website owners to be able to respond to their preferences and demands. This is also for the benefit of web users as they usually use mobile phones that desktop nowadays. We made templates flexible for both the web owner and web viewer.

Available options are:

Premier Startup Responsive Web Design Template

Modern Software Support Web Design

Base Travel Site Template

and a variety of choices that would surely meet your needs.

These responsive web designs are tailored to fit the sizes and screen resolutions of devices. For an affordable amount of $69, you already got an HTML5 responsive template best recommended for companies that have parallax, stick-to-top menu, sliders, and most important, lazy loading images.

These are best for businesses like:

because using images are fundamental and essential for these types of business. They mostly need to have faster-loading images to optimize SEO and impress the prospective customers.

Cheap Responsive Web Design

Web Design

Available options are:

Library Website Template

Landsal Property Management Web Design Template

Organic Herbal Drink Site Template

and too many options that would perfectly go along with your taste and looks appealing to the eyes of your audiences.

There are an array of affordable web templates designs that showcase high-quality digital services to enhance the profile of your company. This is very important to increase the sales of your company and visitors of your website. They are also developed to highlight the CMS features that can be used for your digital solutions company.

Whether you want a versatile, chic, cool, or extravagant design, you will never run out of choices. Choosing from one of our cheap web templates can help you compare the designs from each of the templates before you purchase them. For as low as $75, you can already have an organized and versatile web design for your site.

Inexpensive web templates

Art and Photography

Available options are

Photography Web Design Landing Page Template

Photography Affordable Website Template

and many more fantastic photography designs for you.

For an affordable amount of $14, you can already find what template design you need for your company. Prices of each template also vary according to designs. Each template is artistically designed since it is the primary objective of using these templates.

Crafting all creative ideas, we ensure that we deliver the best of the best designs that match your company’s needs and professionalism.

Art and Photography Web Design

Other Additional Templates

For as low as $14, our cheap web templates are flexible and versatile. We have available templates that allow you to build a landing page using a specific template with a creative and modern look which is ideal for startups or beginners in creating a website.

Travel Affordable Website Template

If your business is travel, using an affordable website template for travel page is necessary. It will serve as the tour site of your company or hotel using the elegant theme for tourism and travel industry. This would surely attract more travelers to visit your site repeatedly and increase client satisfaction as well.

Modern Software Support Web Design

There is also a Modern Software Support Site Design available for you. Since apps are very useful and beneficial nowadays, you can also create a modern software site for the app with professional support for your landing page.

Ski Website Template

Just like travel, there is also an affordable ski resort website template for you to have an exceptional landing page specially designed for your holiday location and ski resort. The appealing template makes use of an image that introduces winter sport and snowy areas.

Freelancing Job Seeker Web Design Template

Since freelancing is one of the most in demand site for job seekers, we also have an inexpensive website template for you. You can create a responsive freelance website through our template platform to make it easy for you to connect with lots of clients and freelancers all over the world.

Cleaner Website Template

Also available is the affordable cleaner website template where you can promote your cleaning services and cleaning equipment for rental using this web design. This will feature the background of the cleaning service you offer as well as the state-of-the-art tools you use to provide a perfect service.

Cosmetics Web Design Template

Marketing of cosmetics should also obtain a luxurious design to highlight the elegance and beauty that the business wants to emphasize. We have an available cosmetology agency profile site design template perfect for your purpose, and that is to promote beauty through adding profiles of a model who signifies your company.

Modern Racing Website Template

Even motor manufacturers have also cool templates to choose from. You can build a website featuring your motorcycle accessories and trending motor units, promote your motorcycle club, and various sales of motorcycle parts. The modern design emphasizes all these aspects to create a more engaging web for motor lovers.

Popular Animal Web Design

For a chic design for your pet or veterinary services and blog, we have an available Popular Animal Web Design which highlights your professionalism when it comes to providing care for animals. It is specially designed with photos of cute pets and accessories you may sell for animal needs.


We guarantee that all these templates have a better functionality to provide the best customer experience. They are not only made to be affordable, but we guarantee that each piece is perfect for the business personality. Images are replaceable where you can also integrate some of them with your video.

Easy Management

All web templates are easy to manage. You can remove or add an image and expand or replace them. You can adjust the colors according to your taste or if you would like to apply your artistry to it. Blending colors, changing fonts, adjusting font sizes, and modify the format are also other things you can do to our affordable website templates.

Affordable Prices

Images of the templates we offer are shown so you can freely choose some of them to be used for your web pages. At an affordable price, you already got a website which is professionally designed leaving a positive impression to each of your customers.

Search Engine Friendly

Most important, we ensure that each web template is useful for SEO purposes since this also plays a vital role in the rate of the viewers of the website you created. Through a dynamic and interactive web design, no wonder your business is more likely to achieve its success and increase its sales.

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