Effective Strategies for Promoting Small Businesses
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Norman Barnett

Most Effective Strategies for Promoting Small Businesses

What if I told you that there are a number of ways in which you can promote the interests of your business – without having to spend a small fortune? Sounds almost too good to be true, right? Well if truth-be-told, I used to think like this too. But I soon got over my disbelief, when I tried my hand at a few common online marketing tactics. And what amazed me, even more than my initial state of shock, was how quickly these techniques seemed to bear positive results. I learned many of these strategies through my self-learning sessions on my Charter Spectrum Internet connection. And you can too – provided that you’re willing to put in the time and effort required to do so.

Online Marketing – The New-Age Business Savior

Small businesses have small operational budgets, and for this reason they need to resort to the most cost-effective working tactics at their disposal. Fortunately, the internet provides them with a lot of free ‘breathing room’ on this front. Popular social media platforms in particular, which currently host an active & global user-base of more than 3 billion people, is great for their marketing pursuits. By allowing brands to build their social media profiles for free, these tools allow them to lure-in huge numbers of customers. And the benefits don’t stop there, but continue to come in the form of increasing band-loyalty.

A total win-win for any business, if you ask me!

Making Do with Some Common Organic Marketing Techniques

Organic Marketing, which includes all free online marketing practices, is the catch-word for businesses hoping to promote their services without much expenditure. SEO, Blog Guest Posting, Social Media Postings, and Website Awareness (through word-of-mouth marketing) feature prominently in this marketing category. And as someone who regularly makes use of these strategies on a daily basis, I have described them briefly below.

Please know that these points are mere introductions. So you will be well advised to conduct separate Google searches on them – if you’re hoping to go away with a few actionable tips.

1. SEO Website and Content Optimization

SEO optimization is basically a content-specific concern. It basically involves inserting a number of important ‘keywords’ (which are actually popular search-engine search terms) in strategic text positions. In addition, it requires some consistent ‘back-linking’ effort – in the form of third-party websites sending user-traffic back to the host website. By using these and other common SEO tactics, online marketers can greatly increase the search-rankings of their websites. And by doing so, they can increase their sales turnout by impressive percentages. Especially when compared to how they may have been faring earlier without any optimization at work.

2. Blog Guest Posting

Posting linked guest blogs on third-party websites is a great way to increase website traffic on your online business channels. At the same time, this practice gives a big leg up to your search engine rankings (the whole purpose of SEO). And the best thing about guest posting is that it is easy – and free (particularly on freshly launched blogs looking for some new content). Simply log onto a good blogging website, and get in touch with its webmaster. By posing a simple request, they can provide you with some content guidelines (based on the content that they’re looking for). And once you have all these instructions, it’s simply a matter of composing an article or two with some choice pictures. And then weaving it all together for instant emailing.

When a reader goes through this blog, your own website will fare a good chance of receiving an interested customer.

3. Social Media Posting

Social media posting simply entails maintaining active Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for your brand – in addition to its primary website. By gradually working towards increasing their follower counts, these interactive platforms can provide businesses with an all-in-one customer-targeting solution. And the best part about this marketing route is that it is completely free. But if you’re looking to gain some instant brand recognition on the internet, consider investing in some PPC/CPI advertising. In this way, you can repeat the promotional benefits of both paid and organic online marketing.

4. Website Awareness

A good way to increase your website awareness is to publicize its URL address on all your product & service printed (packaging/advertising) material. This not only brings your online platforms to consumers’ attention, but it also lends an updated ‘techy’ hue to your brand. Recently, I attended a convention hosted by the Charter Spectrum Customer Service. In the event, the company’s marketers were quick to point out the long-term benefits of promoting webpage awareness. And I couldn’t agree more with their assessment!

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