End of Magento 1 Support: Everything You Must Know
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aSHLEY Brown

End of Magento 1 Support: Everything You Must Know

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In the year 2015, Magento launched their new platform Magento 2, giving a support deadline to Magento 1 users till June 2020. Some merchants moved immediately to the latest version while some sticking to the old version only. 

However, many merchants are still not able to decide what to do. This blog will help merchants know the benefits of migrating to Magento 2 and why it is risky to remain on Magento 1.

Risks of Not Migrating to Magento 2

There are numerous reasons why many merchants might be delaying to migrate. Many think it is a costly platform to work on and if it is returning proper sales or not. However, merchants should stop overthinking and migrate immediately. 

The risks of not switching to Magento 2:

1. Security Breaches

Magento will stop giving support after June 2020, leaving your store vulnerable to cyber threats and criminals. 

Even before that, PHP version is ending meaning no security updates for the server software where Magento website will be hosted. In both scenarios, you are putting your online store and customers data in danger, as well as the website performance, will be lowered.

2. No Updates

Since Magento 1 support is ending, it means many of its modules will not receive any update, and they will become outdated. 

The limited support which a website can get is from the third-party developers that will cost very high. 

These modules are important for the website’s functionality and become outdated. No proper plan for fixes or updates will be received in the future.

3. Minimum Number of Magento 2 Developers

There is a limited number of Magento 2 developer and solution partners. 

This shows that the more time you take to migrate, the more trouble you will experience to find a migration partner. Another important factor is that a complete Magento 2 migration needs around 1-2 months depending on store size. 

Hence, waiting till 2020 before starting the process of porting means you’re putting extra efforts and money to hire a developer for the project.

Benefits of Migrating to Magento 2

1. Timely Upgrades

The way you find difficulty in getting updates while staying on Magento 1, the new version ensures user enjoy a smooth upgrade mechanism. An online store needs these upgrades on a timely basis to work well, and if properly installed it will keep your store up-to-date without breaking a sweat.

2. Compatible With Third-Party Modules

Magento 2 has well-defined APIs that are helpful and works as an interface to the module you like to install on your store. With such an incredible feature, there is a very limited chance that code gets modified within the module. 

This will not have any impact on the external modules functioning making store optimized. Also, the modules can be easily customized and enhanced without any conflict which usually observed on Magento 1.

3. Advanced Admin Panel

The major reason behind the Magento 1 based E-commerce upgrade is the dull Admin interface. Merchants used to face technical issues to navigate around the backend, and this affects the store’s performance adversely. 

The launch of Magento 2 removed this difficulty for the merchants. If you migrate to Magento 2, a cleaner and highly advanced interface are provided to merchants. With multiple drag-and-drop features present, merchants can perform both fundamental and extensive functions without any Magento team support service.

4. Simple Checkout Process

Many merchants when checking their store stats, found an increase in the number of abandoned carts. 

The reason is Magento 1 has a complicated checkout process. To deal with this issue it is important to move to the latest version. 

The checkout process in Magento 1 involves six steps, while Magento 2 needs only two, making order completion simple and fast. That means more sales for your business, and you’re missing potential buyers by sticking with the old version.

5. Better Performance & Mobile Responsive

Merchants using Magento 2 version agree that it offers 10x faster performance.

Magento 2 Front-End Features

• Pages load 30% quicker

• Manage large volumes of orders

• Build better mobile responsive designs

• Simple to create and manage website content

• Advanced search and SEO results

• Reduce checkout steps to handle card abandonment

• Manage stock inventory and order tracking

• Multistore and Multilingual

Magento 2 Back-End Features

• More powerful admin

• The marketplace is examined by Magento’s quality team

• Each merchant is deployed in their separate server environment

• PCI certified Solution Provider

• By default tools to develop and deploy store in cloud infrastructure

Now that you are aware of the risks of staying on Magento 1, and the benefits Magento 2 provides. It’s important to migrate as soon as possible before the support ends in 2020. 

Moving between the two platforms is a time-consuming process as it will need full migration of the product catalog, orders, customers, and theme/design. For proper migration, it’s important to plan the ideal time to launch. 

As mentioned earlier, a migration can take 1-2 months as per the store’s volume and complexity. 

Wrapping Up:

Magento's migration is a very important process from a business perspective. 

It boosts business sales, increase brand awareness and grows sales. Choosing the right partner is very important and once you connect with them the migration work will get completed easily. 

Hopefully, the above blog has cleared your doubts regarding Magento 2 migration. The new version will help to grow the business the way you want. It’s fast with a smooth checkout phase to increase conversions and retain existing customers.

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