Examples Of iOS App Designs To Attract Audience
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Kenneth Evans

Examples Of iOS App Designs To Attract Audience

How does an application become successful? Some will say that the main factor is the importance of the application for the real world or the way in which it makes life easier for people, or simply the amount of fun that the application can provide to users. But the truth is that the design is the most relevant aspects to take into account when creating your app. Next, this article will give you more information to make a design of iOS apps perfect in order to have an excellent interaction with the user.

When people hear the word "design", they usually associate it with something beautiful, a purely artistic effort. However, the design concept goes beyond the form and also includes how a product works. When it comes to digital design, one of the main parts is the user interface. This is responsible for facilitating the conversation between the user and the device, using a variety of elements such as buttons, colors, and texts placed in the right places so that the person knows how to navigate in that environment.

In its latest design of the iOS 7 version, Apple has polished the user interface, eliminating the most deficient elements. A good design of iOS applications should simplify all the layers and colors, making the user live an innovative experience.

Typography is key

In the new iOS7 actions are controlled mainly by touching on the words and icons. This new feature makes the use of good typography essential. The default Apple font is Helvetica Neue. But that is not your only option.

The font tends to be a bit larger in iOS7, mainly because of its use. And the hierarchy in the text is vital. You can take advantage of the color and the different weights so that the typography and the elements of the interface are clearly appreciated.

After having selected your font you can use Apple's guidelines for typography:

  • Title of the navigation bar: Medium, 34 px
  • Buttons and table headers: Light, 34 px
  • Table labels: Regular, 28 px
  • Upper bar labels: Regular, 20 px

How to design a mobile application?

The design of a good application is a mixture of several points that must be well thought out before putting them into practice.

1- Pay attention to the spacing

Do not try to take advantage of all the white pixels on the screen. The application designers give great importance to the space between the elements, knowing exactly where to place each of them to call the user's attention on the most important tasks.

Do not add borders

Most design elements in the iOS7 interface do not have borders. Those edges have been replaced by space. If we observe carefully, we notice that there is indeed a grid, but there are no visible lines separating the columns.

This lack of lines is what generates more space. The minimalist style and the additional space allows the user to know that the elements are ordered.

If you are hesitating to use buttons or borders in your iOS7 application design, it is better not to do so.

2- Define the importance of clicking with colors

Do not forget to keep the most striking color of your design for the most important button (such as registration, sending messages, recording, etc.). In this way, the user will have no doubts, since it is the main action to be carried out.

3- Create a kit of basic elements for your application

It is extremely important to maintain a visual pattern throughout the application. Buttons, bars, text boxes, space for images, etc., all must follow the same design line so that the user can get used to that environment.

4- Think about the space that the application will occupy

Another point that deserves a lot of attention when developing an application involves the storage space it will occupy in the user's device since nobody likes heavy programs. Therefore, application designers should consider the quantity and the need for images and effects.

5- Inspire

There is no better way to create your own app than being inspired by some success stories!

7 applications that can serve as an example for your creation

Veet it

This practical application is designed to eliminate the mentions and retweets that you have selected in your Twitter account in a simple and intuitive way. The elements of the user interface are clean and guide the user. It is also available on the web.


Kuliahmu, designed by Faizalqurni, is characterized by its incredible user experience. This is an educational mobile app that focuses on the management of student tasks and includes a study reminder. It is a good example of how the user experience can make an application stand out.

Crossy Road

One of the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2015. This game was produced by the developer Hipster Whale and mixes an arcade-style game with e-commerce in a very fun and easy to navigate the environment. In less than 10 seconds you already know how the game dynamics work.

BMW Connected

The system allows drivers to use their iPhones to upload applications directly from the Internet, such as Twitter, Facebook and radio stations in their vehicles. The application shows the iPhone controls on the LCD screen, including album covers and their music sequence. On the other hand, it also shows video podcasts while the vehicle is stopped.


Created by a team of Estonian developers, Toggl is a great application to measure the time spent doing different tasks. Through the system, managers can also calculate the time each team spent on a project. The designers created this application with the aim of making it as easy as possible for users to create new tasks within that environment.


Have you ever marked a link and never remembered to look at it again? Pocket is an application that was made to solve this problem. By marking links on your iPhone, the system creates a library that is intuitive with all the items saved so you can read them later.

Google App for iOS

Anyone who uses an iPhone can try this Google application that provides detailed information related to the repeated actions the user has previously performed on the device, such as common locations, repeated calendar appointments, search queries, etc.

Therefore, for your application to be successful, it is very important to take into account the design and all that this entails. What are your tricks for good application design?

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