Graphical Updates Of Web Designs
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Raul H. Powell

Graphical Updates Of Web Designs

The title of my article says graphical updates of web designs, over here I can see three different terms- graphics, updates, and web design. To start with, I feel that most common people out there do not really realize that there is a difference between graphic design and web design. Generally, a layman sees both terms as one, either “art” or “creativity”. But I think you have heard about the professions such as graphic designer and web designer, why do we call “art” or “creativity” profession by different titles?

Well, this is because graphics designing, and web designing are different. The field a designer works, the tools they use (some tools are common), and the people with whom they work or deal with are different. According to me, it is essential for us to know the difference between them, knowing the distinction will help us to hire designers in the future according to their relevant field of work. So, without further do, I am going to show you, why graphics design and web design are different?

Web design

Web design focuses on how to make the designs function properly on a website by working side-by-side with a web developer. A designer creates the elements by determining the color palette and typography. Sometimes a web designer requires the knowledge of coding like HTML and CSS for making their designs work in a website with ease. Moreover, they also must keep in mind that their designs should be flexible (fluid) so that it can adjust to any screen size like smartphones or a large screen tv.

Web designing has different areas to work like, interface design, web graphic design, placing buttons, determining the flow of information, user experience (UX), proprietary software and standard code and sometimes SEO (search engine optimization). All these kinds of work can be done by a single person with long duration of time or by a specialized team in a short period of time. You can choose your option according to your budget and urgency. If you have a big project, then it would be wise to go for the second option as with a team working there won’t be a necessity of rework. It will save your time and money. On the flip side, if you have a small project, you may hire a single skilled person to complete your job by paying relatively small compared to a team.

There are so many technical issues a designer needs to bear in mind when designing a website like resolution, color, layout and image size. These factors bring a huge difference to the operation of a website. So, for colors, a web designer uses a different color mode than graphic designers called RGB. This mode focuses on the relationship between the structure of the information. By using too strong colors on a site it will cause visual fatigue to its visitors. Moreover, a web designer is aware of the unreliability of the color quality on different monitors and screens. So, a designer needs to think in different ways like if the color of the font is displayed light then the text will be unreadable, or the color of the background can be overwhelming if it appears as dark. A designer also requires considering the resolution of images as the image may render differently in various devices.

Responsive design is also one of the most important fields in web design, if not the most important nowadays. A site being responsive means it works on any device of any size or resolution, starting from a smartphone's small screen, tablets, up to large desktop screens which gives the best user experience to your audience that will easily access the information and content on your site on any hand-held device and, in the same time, with the increasing number of internet access on smartphones and tables, it gives your site the maximum online outreach and, of course, better sales and conversions. Recently, most of the search engines also require your site to be appropriately accessed on smartphones and tablets as well as, of course, desktop PCs which means, a responsive site.

When you build a site, you may be targeting to be on the first page of google search engine and you will be surprised to know that in the latest ranking factors of Google, it promotes or gives a better ranking to a site by its loading speed. So, a designer can make it possible by using compressed graphics that sacrifices quality for speed. Over-sized graphics increases the page load time. So, a designer needs to consider the loading time for every individual image as for slow internet connection users it can be frustrating, and Google penalizes such websites with a low ranking in search engines results.

Graphics design

The job of a graphic designer is completely different from a web designer as a graphic designer works in the static print-world. By static I mean, graphic designers expect designs to be fixed for printing. They traditionally do not experience the flexible or fluid design work as web designers do. If I say simply, then they design for a single fixed page like a banner, brochures, and flyers. As they work mostly for printing purposes, they usually use CMYK color mode. This color mode enhances the design by focusing on visual impact and visual flow guidance. The focus of a graphic designer is to make sure that the color of the print is consistent from the beginning to the end of a print at any size.

Now comes size

Unlike web designer, a graphic designer does not really need to worry about the size of an image as they need to make sure that the image size is large enough to produce an excellent print. Also, a graphic designer can work alone on a project from start to end or there are some designers who provide freelance services on different working portals. Nowadays, there are some graphic designers who can also do web designing. Thanks to the resources on the web that made such kind of designer who has skills on both sides of the spectrum.

Graphical updates 2018

This is a new year, a new beginning. So, you need to try something new and different too, to stand out from the crowd. People are tired of seeing the old designs again and again so it’s high time to show your visitors something unique. This step will give your site a boost of traffic. The updates are as follows:

Say no to flat and minimalistic font

The old trendy font style, which used to be flat and minimalistic is fading away. Now, to make unique and eye-catching designs you can use bold and handwritten fonts


The driving force behind many design trends this year is the usage of bold colors everywhere. So, what are you waiting for, inject those bold colors in your website and make a different statement?

Rebranding with color schemes

In 2018, rather than sticking to one design, growing companies like Dropbox and eBay have re-branded them with a strike of unique and vibrant color schemes that helped them to stand out.

Social media images with better brand

In today’s world, readers want some original and unique images on their news feeds other than the old cheesy stock photos.

Illustrations with more customizations

The brands in these days, are moving towards custom illustrations and icons rather than the old cookie-cutter graphics.


If you want to add a classy touch to any of your design projects, then you must use cinemagraphs. They have less movement compared to GIFS.

Back to 90s

From websites to twitter headers to presentations, color gradients will be literally everywhere as if we are still in the 90s.

Usage of GIFS in another level

More custom branded GIFS and less corny reaction GIFS is the new graphical update this year. So, you need to take your GIF usage one level up.

These were the 8 new graphical updates in web design this year, hope you are well updated and use these updates to be one step ahead of your competitors.

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