How can SEO contribute to your bottom line?

SEO helps you to get ranked higher in the search results. This will get you the much-desired traffic to your website resulting in greater sale conversion.

How can SEO contribute to your bottom line?

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A lot of effort goes into building outstanding websites and mobile applications. The main aim obviously is to attract as many visitors as possible. This, in turn, will result in getting the much-needed conversions. This, in turn, will boost your sales and revenue.

What you aspire to do your competitors. It is therefore important to stand out and also be on the top of search results so that more and more people take notice.

SEO provides you just that. It helps you get ranked higher in the search results. This will get you the much-desired traffic to your website resulting in greater sales.

What SEO means?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of techniques that you apply in order to improve the ranking of your website in the natural, organic or earned search results. The search results may contain videos and local listings apart from web pages. Also, you will find certain ads being displayed along with the search results. These are not a part of SEO but are a form of paid advertising.

SEO not only increases traffic to your website, it also brings in quality traffic. So, the chances of sale become greater.

SEO can be either On page or Off page.

On-page, SEO are the techniques that directly apply to the webpages while off-page SEO comprises of the techniques used outside your website in order to improve your rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

How is On page SEO done?

On-page, SEO is all about keywords. By keywords, we mean the word and phrases that are highly searched on the internet. The content having these keywords tends to attain a higher position in the search engine results.

For this, we optimize the title, meta tags, and description, headings, content, alt text of images by wisely placing relevant keywords. The URLs must be brief, relevant and may contain a keyword or two.

You must target at achieving fast load time for the site by removing any unwanted code. Also, the design of the site must be mobile friendly.

A word on Off page SEO

Off-page SEO is mainly concerned with getting as many quality backlinks to your site as possible. Backlinks are the links from an outside website to your website. More the number of backlinks, better is the rank.

The most common ways of getting quality backlinks to your site are:

Guest Blogging, Blog commenting, Infographics, Directory and Article submission sites, Reporting broken links and site hacks, Social bookmarking sites, Testimonials and product reviews and website review sites.

Social media can also be used to share the content which can go viral if it is creatively written.

How is SEO contributing to your bottom line?

SEO techniques can help your business immensely and have a significant effect on your balance sheet figures. Given are few ways in which SEO can contribute to your bottom line:

Increased traffic can lead to increased sales

If there is an increase in traffic to your website, you could just find the right customers or clients for your products or services. There are many people who exactly want what you sell.

You can get quality traffic to your website by employing the right SEO. More traffic will get you more leads and eventually more sales.

SEO is money-saving

SEO basically aims at improving your organic traffic so it is free. You don’t need to pay anything to the Search engine in order to perform SEO. The only costs that you would incur are the ones in hiring a professional organization to do your SEO.

The cost of SEO is much less than that of a conventional marketing campaign. So, you are saving on your costs and also getting that extra leads.

Smaller businesses have a chance of outshining larger businesses

Smaller businesses are not capable of spending as much on paid advertising as the major players but they can outdo the larger organizations by having an excellent SEO strategy.

Easy navigation, more traffic

Your website must be relevant and provide for easy navigation. Only then, you can expect visitors to spend more time on your website. If the user spends more time on your website there are more chances that he might buy your product or services. An excellent user experience helps you get more conversions leading to an increased revenue.

Greater brand awareness, greater sales

If you rank higher in search results, people begin to be aware of your brand. Since a higher ranking is an indicator of credibility, it may ultimately result in greater sales. Your touch points with potential clients increase.

Expand market share

If you secure a favorable position in search engine results, you can easily expand your market share. A vast majority of visitors never visit sites beyond the ones on the first page. The first page of the search results gets around 71.33% of the traffic while second and third page gets around 5.59%. This means that you eliminate competition from organizations ranking in the pages beyond the first.

Opportunity to explore new markets

If you are able to achieve a higher ranking in search results, you can include keywords pertaining to your new products or services on your site’s content. This will increase your customer base as you can get new customers for your new products or services.

Larger organizations can build a website with a subdomain targeting the users of that region. This imparts your website an authority. If SEO is done properly then it would definitely increase your business by providing clients from that region.

A definite increase in ROI

Since SEO is cost-effective and will definitely increase your sales, it is bound to deliver you a higher ROI for your marketing investment. ROI can be calculated for search rankings, link building, and content marketing.

Increased followers on social media and email subscriptions

The visitors who visit your website may opt to follow you on social media or subscribe to your newsletter. Moreover, they may share your content with their friends and relatives. All these people are clearly your prospective customers. You can entice your followers or subscribers to buy your products or services by providing them with discounts or other special offers.

Organic searches receive much higher clicks than PPC

Organic searches receive almost 90% more traffic than paid advertisements displayed along with the natural search results. Many people do not prefer clicking the ads displayed along with organic searches. Only around 15% of the traffic goes to the paid ads. So, it is really worthwhile performing SEO for your site.

Round the clock promotion

Once you start ranking higher it serves as an excellent promotion tool. Your site will show up at an advantageous position round the clock. This way it is working towards increasing your client base 24/7.

Can raise your sales in your brick and mortar store

Many people are used to researching online before making a purchase from a store. People want to make informed decisions these days and your website is the perfect source of information. So, these people can get the information about your products before purchasing the same from your store.

Getting listed in the Snack/Local 3 pack

You can perform local SEO for your local business and get listed in the Snack/Local pack. Local SEO is a technique that lets you rank higher in localized searches. Localized search is really important as most smartphone users search for local options on their mobile phones. So, local SEO will definitely give a boost to your sales.


SEO has the potential of growing your business 2x or even 3x if carried out in the right manner. So, performing SEO for your site is a great idea. It offers you endless opportunities to grow. And so, utilizing those is only going add to your bottom line.

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