How Social Media Can Help Find Your Dream Job
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Cait Wilker

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After college, it can be frustrating locating your dream job. There are several times where you are confronted from friends and family members as to when you'll be there but you may just be thinking of when do I even start! It can be overwhelming when you think about it but I found a few tips and tricks to help you not only look for the job of your dreams but land it as well! How so? Well, the answer may be at your finger tips this very minute. Unsure of what I mean?

For starters, think of social media. I'm sure you've heard of it, unless you've been living under a rock which is hardly the case with several millennial just finishing college or going into their senior year. Think of how many hours you spend on it using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you don't have those to connect what about LinkedIn? These are all amazing platforms that you can be utilizing to find your direction that really connects you to others and sparks an interest in you. Twitter can even be a helpful tool to help locate idolized professors or head potential colleagues. There are even organized events called "Twitter Chats" that are set up by companies to help share what is going on within your profession! Join the conversation and begin engaging with other Twitter users! This could eventually lead to someone at a company in your area and even an interview if you connect.

Even right now while reading this post, there are resources all at your finger tips including bog posts and articles that focus on how you can land and nail your interview, get the job and then how you can work your way within your field. You have the start of networking professors, previous employers or alumni on LinkedIn if you wanted as well. There are even areas where you can follow an employee takeover but instead of needing to be at the office, you can watch them takeover a page on Instagram at a company that perhaps you had your eye on.

An example of this could be if you are looking for a job in the medical field, You've always been told that you're a great listener, a fast typer and a great communicator so naturally, you've found yourself using social media to help you network and fin a job in your local area. If you're in the Atlanta location, a company such as IMedX is always using their social media and networking skills to promote or share what they are working on within the business. They offer various training guides, workshops and ways to to keep your up to date and the ever changing medical field. iMedX is a company that gives their employees the option to either work within the hospital or even at home.

Use Social Media as a way to gain interest and ask questions to help you become more excited, engaged and connect with others in the field your hoping to obtain. There are many groups on Facebook that can help answer questions, prepare you for your interview, help you locate or even share reviews or job openings within the group. My suggestion would be to join 3-5 of them and then observe for a few days before jumping into a conversation. Challenge yourself to become part of a conversation or reach out to those that you start to admire. These strangers could soon become friends and even more, mentors to you. Don't be afraid to share your opinions because you never know what value it could hold for someone else.

Lastly, social media doesn't always have to be about the connection or searching for a job. It can be a place for you to showcase your work! Have you written a great article lately? Post it on your Facebook page! Are you working on an important research study? Post it on your Twitter and ask for retweets for it! Mention a company on social media to gain their interest and attention! One thing to mention and be aware of however is keep in mind to not fall into the trap of posting content that may not promote your professional capabilities. This can be anything from political rants, inappropriate videos or negative comments. You don't want to put yourself in bad lighting before your potential boss finds you! Just remember that potential recruiters do want to know more about you as a job candidate so they will search your profile for inappropriate pictures. Comb through your social media platform and critically review your posts. If you even question something the best bet would be to delete it as a safe bet.

As far as making sure that you get the job, its as simple as this. Practice your answers to questions you may think you'll be asked. Remind yourself why you are good in this role and why you deserve the chance to prove it to your future employers. Above all, sharing your positive skills, goals and ambitions for your role is essential. A popular question that many candidates get flustered with is 'Share one thing you are not good at" and while it may be hard to share a fault, try to spin it in a positive light after you shared it. Another point is the phrase "Think outside the box" as in try something creative such as making a visual or interactive resume. Be imaginative and find new ways to highlight your skill set to impress your potential employer!

Don't forget that networking is really a two way street. Even if you are not in your career dream path at the moment, you're still able to offer something nobody else can and you can help your company from the outside in. Think of interning within a company to get to know the ins and outs of how they work or try to offer a different perspective if something difficult arises. If you start to make these connections and you nurture them through the ever changing social media, the key is using it to help you achieve the dream you're striving to pursue. Remember, no one ever said it easy but today there are so many resources right in front of you that it doesn't have to be as difficult either.

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Cait Wilker writes She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her family.

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