How To Create An Intuitive Ecommerce Website
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A Guide To Create A User-Friendly E-commerce Store

Web development is considered fairly complicated if analyzed from various aspects. To make the solution worth using, developers integrate a bunch of phases before exploring the other ways to develop an ideal e-commerce store. But, are the integrated ways enough to build an exceptional UX for customers?

Well! We don’t think.

To achieve the same, eCommerce brands need to reconstruct the ways they utilize to strategize and interact with customers. The most important facet they should lay focus on is the user experience customers get each time while exploring the website.

After an in-depth market research and survey, we have come up with an absolute solution which builds a website by keeping customers concerns in mind.

Isn’t it a great idea to integrate real-time shopping requisites in an eCommerce website!

Making it a habit to think from customers’ perspective undoubtedly leads a business towards immense success. In business language, customers are treated above on all as they are the primary source to attain optimum profit and revenue for the store.

Extending functionality, making interface more interactive and also adding responsive features are the proven ways that have been put on the top while creating an online store. But, do you know, there are many other concepts that need to be included when it comes to making the e-commerce store a beautiful place to explore.

Let’s explore them one by one:

A few technical aspects to enhance eCommerce store reach.

Receptive Portal Designing

Being strong and active for long is the requirement which every e-commerce portal should fulfill. Here, mobile phone usage plays a quite significant role. Today, everyone operates most of the times via their smartphones which ultimately increases the chances of online shopping portal being accessed the same ways. The major factor for portal enhancement is the responsiveness. So, you all should serve majorly for mobile devices to attain great accreditation.

Crucial Website Optimization

Today, it becomes quite crucial to optimize your e-Commerce portal for better traffic and conversions. But, this should be done bearing the site abandon risks in mind. Customers are too smart today and adopt other ways when do not find the site suitable or fast as per them. Website optimization may also include the examination of images and graphics that are integrated with product pages. These should be loaded fast just after getting a command from visitors.

Check Vitality Of Website

Vitality of an eCommerce website can be justified in many ways. One of the major ones is the search performance where users should find easy and optimal options to search favorite products. An autocomplete feature option should be there in your search area so that new users could easily reach the common products they are searching for. Size, product category and price should be clearly depicted with each product.

Know The Value Of Security

Make sure that your e-commerce website should be integrated with SSL to encode information that requests to persist on transaction security. This needs to be done to maintain customers’ belief. They explore and make purchases with a trust that their information will be safe. Sustaining this as your prime responsibility will show your concern towards them and let them know how much you care about their information. When you gain trust from them, they will start sharing other information with you in the hope to get something exciting.

Besides, you should also focus on the below-mentioned factors to improve the user-friendliness of your e-commerce shopping portal:

Fast Loading Time

It is one of the most important elements to consider when thinking of creating a user-friendly e-commerce store. Fast website results in instant query solving which ultimately generates interest in further exploring the site for other products. In recent studies, it has been stated that speed is a vital factor to be met at any cost in order to attain customers’ positive responses. In fact, it needs to be managed to reduce the site abandon ratio as visitors do not handle such lazy loading websites and leave them if they take more than 3 seconds to load. You can initiate to create the site by keeping the speed factor in mind.

Encryption Security To Protect Customer Data

Did you know that trust is the most important factor that encourages your new and existing customers to choose your service again. Even if you have a higher price than your competitors, there are many factors and signs that play an essential role in the customer's mind to build trust to your website. Some examples of trust symbol is like business verification badge, customer rating, and the SSL Certificate. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) secures all your customer personal information like credit card detail, password and email through end to end encryption technology. If your e-commerce site is managing sub-domains for payment collection like or, then Wildcard SSL Certificate works very well in this case. Wildcard Certificates secure end number of first level sub-domains hosted under one domain. The primary benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificates are unlimited sub-domain security, Unlimited Server license, and 256-Bit encryption. For more information about Wildcard Certificate features visit this site.

Clear branding & Logo Design

If you want to capture visitor’s attention just after they enter the site, making an appealing logo and brand design would greatly help you. Presenting your e-commerce store landing page with impressive taglines and logo are the elements that can grab visitor’s attention within seconds. Keep focusing on it to have better opportunities.

Reliable Payment Option Icons

Proving your credibility in terms of offering a secure transaction helps you sustain reputable niche for your store. One of the best and easiest ways to gain visitors’ trust is to make them feel comfortable by placing highly-reliable payment icons to the site. Although, many people still hesitate to share their bank details. You can provide them the belief that their transaction is as safe as with their associated bank.

Free Shipping & Other Promotions

E-commerce store’s user-friendliness can be enhanced by giving extra benefits to the customers. These can be in the form of free shipping of products and also by launching other promotional offers for different categories and products. This really turns a beneficial deal for those who often shop online. Keeping your customers’ wish card full of incentives and promotional deals encourage them to shop more from the same store. So, keep this trend in the boom and simultaneously find other ways to attract users.

Strong Social Media Reach

Currently, online shoppers are the true social media devotees. They first check portal’s credibility and reputation on social media. They do it by checking their followers or the traffic which likes it. The thing they notice the most is the way an eCommerce portal presents itself and it’s associated products. It inspires customers the most to shop from a particular e-commerce platform.

Fast And Satisfied Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the key to generate optimum traffic for a website. In the e-commerce portal development context, this is the best element which can reassure users that the portal is offering streamlined communication channel to resolve all your queries. For better customer service, you can also resolve customers concerns regarding product details, payment options, credibility and many others. In short, to increase user-friendliness, you need to offer your customers the same level of service which a physical store is providing to build loyalty.

Final Thought

There are a number of components that encourage developers to develop a e-commerce website. As you can see in this blog a lot of technical and other factors that go well to build a highly impressive E-commerce online shopping portal. You can start it all by implementing all these to get an enhanced and impactful e-commerce portal. Apart from the described ones, you can also choose some other ways to achieve success in your venture. But, make sure that the implemented factors work fruitfully for your store. By the time you don’t reach that satisfaction, keep implementing new ways to bring user-friendliness to your website.

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