How to write SEO titles for articles or blog posts
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Fady Soliman

How to write SEO titles for articles or blog posts

A title is the most important element that search engines will look for when their crawlers visit your website. You should pay large attention on how to write a good title for your article. This post will provide some tips for writing high quality titles for any web page, article or a blog post.

Before going into details, this post will assume you have a background knowledge about search engine optimization and you have selected the keywords you are trying to rank for.

It's recommended you spend some time reading some good tips around how you achieve a well written title.

  • The most important keyword should be written at the first of the title tag.
  • Key phases are much better than the exact keyword itself. For example, "High quality titles for articles and search engines" is better than "High quality titles"
  • Search engines only display the first 60 characters in their results page.
  • Reduce the use of the stopping keywords like "and" or "or".
  • Use numbers for higher Click Through Rate CTR. For example, "Top 10 PC games".
  • Use hyphens not commas in the title tag.
  • Use slashes in title tags to separate between keywords if needed.
  • Do not repeat the keyword more than twice in the title tag and keep it semantically understood.
  • Do not use the title tag of any article in any other article or web page. Titles should be unique across the whole website.
  • Use the keyword synonyms in the same title.
  • Use the abbreviations along with the term itself. For example, "SEO Search Engine Optimization"
  • Match the article's headings with the title to win some relevancy. But do not use the exact title in your headings.
  • The article's content must reflect the title tag.

The previous tips apply for writing titles for any article, blog post or any web page. Try to satisfy all the recommended tips if that is possible because the more your title tag is well written and correctly targets the keywords, the more search engines will be encouraged to rank your article.


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