Instagram On-Platform Shopping Options for Holidays
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Usman Raza

Instagram On-Platform Shopping Options for Holidays

Shopping is something that almost no one can resist. Especially for women, shopping is their favorite activity. 

Either it is online shopping or going to the market each of us loves to do it. Online shopping is now so in trend and comfortable. All you have to do is a scroll, scroll, and scroll and at the end buy your favorite outfit or any other stuff.

People are moving towards online shopping instead of wasting their time going to markets and buy some stuff. 

Instead of this hassle, they prefer to go on their favorite online site and buy whatever they want on a very reasonable price. 

An excellent benefit for the brands and companies that are involved in e-commerce businesses and various brands. Instagram advertising is a huge win for them.

Brands are moving towards e-commerce at a rapid speed and in a vast amount. Many social sites are now offering e-commerce facilities to all the brands and companies, to advertise their products on their business pages on those social sites and sell them online as well.

Facebook has allowed its users to make an online Facebook business page that makes them more prominent on the internet than other accounts. For their convenience, Facebook has made many shopping tools in these pages that make it easier for the users who want to buy something.

Instagram announcing three shopping update options

Are you an Instagram user and you love shopping or interested in buying some outfits for these holidays? 

Then there’s good news for you by Instagram. Instagram has announced its three new shopping updates for its business users and other users, that would make shopping much easier for them. 

These updates are surely for those users who are crazy about shopping.

These updates will allow the users to shop through the videos that will be played between their newsfeed. They can save a product they like in their save posts tool. Moreover, they can search and find business pages more easily.

Everyone wants a hassle-free shopping time. Keeping this fact in mind, Instagram has announced the three amazing features for its users to have the best shopping experience and time on Instagram.

The three different ways to make sure that shoppers can discover new items, purchase from their most loved brands, and even monitor every one of their buys. 

These new highlights will likewise go far in helping on the web retailers push their items.

1. New Shopping Collection Tab

Keeping your convenience in mind, first, Instagram is adding a new save posts option in your profile, where you can save the tag of products that attracts you or you are interested in purchasing. Instagram’s saying:

If you like some product on Instagram feed and want to revisit it to buy it later and you know that thing is a must-have, you can then save that stuff in your save posts tab. 

When you click on an item tag in stories or feed, you can use that save icon in the bottom right corner of the Instagram page to save it in your shopping collections.

Just like all other posts that you have saved in your profile, you can also access these shopping collections from your personal Instagram profile. 

It’s undoubtedly an easy trick to be updated with the latest trends and your wish-list and store many online gifts ideas for these vacations.”

Moreover, the good thing is that you can also rename the portion in which you are going to save these products only.

Sometimes it gets messy for the user to find the product on Instagram again as it mixes with all the other posts, so it is an excellent way to keep all your tag shopping collections separate from all other posts. 

It will become easier for you to search for that specific post again from the “save” tab from your profile.

2. Business Profiles as a Direct Shopping Source

Instagram has announced to add a “shop” tab in business profiles. 

It’s good news for the brands that they can advertise all of their products on Instagram directly in that shop option. It will make it easier for the users to access whatever they want by just clicking the shop tab on any brand’s profile.

Like if you like an outfit of a particular brand and now you want the same accessories with that outfit, Instagram has made it easier for you by adding the shopping tags to the pictures.

You can click on that picture and tags with be displayed on the post. 

Instead of scrolling through different brands and wasting your time you can now buy the entire thing with your outfit from a single brand. It's a brisk method to pursue a brand's best stuff in a unique place

3. Shopping Tags in Videos

Scrolling over Instagram and then the shop is ordinary but how about shopping through videos. Instagram is featuring a new option for its user to buy anything from any brands shop if they like. Instagram has allowed business profiles to add videos to their profile.

If you like an outfit from those videos, instead of searching that outfit in the whole page you can buy it directly from the video. The tag option is limited in this feature.

There are no tags available regarding the product but you can merely “view product” option in the left corner of the video to go through the description of that outfit and learn more about them.

These are not tags, although this feature too is similar to the tags. This feature is beneficial for the brands as they can also advertise their product from the videos they post. The list displayed in the video makes it easier for the user to purchase the same thing from the same brand.

Instagram is trying to catch a significantly more significant cut of the business pie, particularly with the coming holiday shopping season.

These new highlights make it simpler for retailers to indicate customers what they bring to the table while additionally helping them save their favorites. 

This great update by Instagram will surely give you a quality shopping time and a good earning to the business brands.

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