Investing In Real Estate App Development
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Investing In Real Estate App Development: Why Is It Essential?

Mobile apps and the internet have always been a part of our lives. Nowadays, people seek the assistance of applications for receiving information in all sections. The digital platform has been one of the biggest dimensions for increasing the revenue of any particular business.

In such a scenario, real estate can prove to be rewarding for the businesses who seek to leverage the rewards and benefits in the long run. Keeping the significance of mobile apps in mind, there is a demand for ideal real estate development. The mobile app would serve as a significant platform for buyers, agents, and sellers. Also, it would aid in an increase in the business too.

This article elaborates the importance of mobile app development in the field of real estate.

Facts And Figures About Real Estate App Development

  1. In the present times, over 87% of home buyers made the purchase with the help of real estate agents. About 68% of these home buyers prefer to have agents from mobile applications. It certifies that real estate agents and brokers need to have apps for their business on real estate.
  2. The real estate website developers can create apps for listings, providing virtual tours and much more. It can also solve the problem of communication gaps which was a concern previously.
  3. In earlier times, communicating with agents was tough for the buyers. Ever since the development of mobile apps, such issues don’t exist anymore.
  4. The statistics are proof enough of the increase in demand for the real estate app development. Over the years, mobile search activities for properties are increasing at a very fast rate (almost 4 times). Given the current situation, most people prefer mobile searches over web searches.

The Future Of Real Estate Mobile App Development

  1. With the growth of real estate application development, there is a chance for businesses to expand their customer base. With the help of the latest technologies such as AR and VR, real estate apps can bring great changes.
  2. Brokers and agents are willing to invest huge amounts of money to build a real estate website with an application. The applications can help in providing more and more customers to real estate businesses.
  3. And that will result in an increase in ROI for the businesses as well. So, there is no doubt about the fact that the future of real estate app development seems to be brighter.

Best Examples Of Startups And Apps In Real Estate Development

  1. Kolabro is a platform for brokers in the real estate field which is one of the latest additions. The company has successfully managed to raise seed funding which will be used for a particular secret amount. This amount will go towards the angel funding.
  2. The startups can then use that funding in order to fortify the marketing capability and technology which will further lead to the expansion of services to the clients.
  3. HeyPillow, another online marketplace in the real estate sector raised over $3 million from residential listings. With branches in the major cities of our country, the marketplace has managed to provide residential and commercial listings for the people.
  4. But one of the recent developments in the online world of real estate would have to be the names such as Magic Bricks and, both of which are competitors.

Latest Technologies In Real Estate Application Development

The latest technologies used in real estate apps are the reasons why they are so popular. These technologies are offered to a wide range of clients and customers. Here are some of the vital points that need to be kept in mind.

Discoverability And Search Options

Over 50% of the users on the internet rely on mobile searches. They use the internet for surfing, searching, browsing and much more. One of the latest technologies to use in real estate apps would be discoverability.

With this, the application will have an attractive and appealing UX. This would also ensure that the properties are categorized by location and type. Also, adding descriptions and photographs would make the application even more appealing to the clients.

The real estate app development companies can adopt a single code base with the help of technologies such as Xamarin app development for the building of cross-platform apps.

CRM Applications

With the CRM mobile apps, there are ways to create portal ads which would further help in lead generation. These apps help in attracting new buyers.

Also, the apps would keep proper track of communications and remind the agents when they need to approach the clients. CRM apps also help in the building of websites, creation, and sending of email campaigns and much more.

Use Of Real Estate Tools

Another one of the most important real estate technologies to use by the real estate website developers are the tools. These app tools such as calculators of mortgage and real estate are an easy way to dominate the calculations.

Real estate calculators come along with in-built finance and real estate functionally. People can use these calculators to calculate PITI, tax savings, renting sums, and costs as well. Applications such as Dedcutr 2 help in the calculations in the best way possible.

Paperless Offices

Paperwork seems to be one of the major problems for the offices these days. That is especially the case with real estate offices. More paperwork means that managing these papers will not be easy. There are apps for document management in real estate which can be a great help in such cases.

Realtors can have more mobility with these applications which work on both desktops and mobile phones as well. Lesser deskwork and paperwork would definitely make the lives of the realtors a bit easier.

Visual Aids

Most real estate apps these days have beautiful pictures and other visual aids which are incorporated in them. As a result, the appeal of the properties is successfully increased in the best way.

Essential Features For Real Estate Mobile Apps

Real estate mobile applications these days have a plethora of features which make them the best for people all over the world. Here are some of the important features that any real estate mobile app development company should keep in mind.

User Panel Features

  1. Register & Login

Users will have to register and then create an account on the applications with the help of an email address. Google+ and Facebook are also some options which come to help during the process of logging in.

  1. The User Profile

After the completion of the registration, the profile goes through a stage of verification. That requires a security password. Also, the users need to add some other details such as the name and address. The application might also ask whether the user is signing up as a buyer or a seller.

  1. 3D Modeling in Search

Attracting customers require some special efforts. With the help of 3D modeling, it is possible to make properties life-like. AR and VR can be a great help in that front. The users will be able to see a 3D structure of the property which makes the entire process more interesting.

  1. Filter Search

Brokers can filter different search options which further helps in specifying the properties according to the client needs.

  1. Map And List View Options

Real estate app users also have several choices between listings and map view of the properties. It further simplifies the process of searching properties for the clients.

  1. Property Information

Just adding the images and videos are not enough to impress the customers because other details are important too. Details such as the number of rooms, area, and other important factors are essential.

  1. Sale Or Rent

Realtors will also be able to list their properties on the basis of selling or renting at some reasonable rates when they build a real estate website application.

  1. Geo-location and Maps

One of the integral features when it comes to real estate applications would have to be the Maps. These Maps are the perfect help that users might need in order to search for properties.

Knowing the exact location of the property will only help in increasing the appeal of it. Also, the users can search for properties near them with the help of geo-location.

  1. Broker Related Information

With the help of broker information on real estate applications, communication problems are further solved. It is easy to get in touch with the brokers for closing the deal. There are contact details on the application which is useful data for the customers.

  1. Loan Options

Another added feature in real estate apps could be the loan services.

  1. Currency Converter

The currency converter feature would help users in estimating the property price in the best way possible, that too in their currency format. Apart from that, the feature can be used for conversions between currencies.

Admin Panel Features

  1. User Management

It is the duty of the app admin to manage all the constituents of the application which includes the users such as buyers, brokers, and sellers.

  1. Property Details Management

The application admin also needs to have proper management solutions for the property details which are included in the app. The admin has the authority to remove or add any particular property from the property list.

  1. Revenue Management

It is also a responsibility of the admin to look after the revenue of the total deals. The revenue is the amount collected after property deals, commissions, and subscriptions are complete.

  1. Discounts & Offers

The admin will be able to decide what type of discounts and offers to provide the customers and when. The admin will also be responsible for providing rewards and loyalty coupons to the users.

  1. Adding/Removing of the Subscriptions

The admin can remove or add any particular subscription package into the real estate application.

Additional Features

  1. Social Media Support

Addition of social media channels like Twitter and Facebook is essential if the application is to target the large audience base on the internet.

  1. Advanced Search

The options of advance searching can allow the users some leverage when it comes to making thorough searches. They will be able to easily search for a property according to their liking with the help of these options.

  1. Push Notifications

Instead of sending robotic messages to the audience, the feature of push notifications is an innovative way of dealing with customers. It is easier to use and user-friendly.

  1. Loan Calculator

The loan calculator is another vital feature to add to real estate applications. With calculators, the complicated calculations are easier to do.

Designing In Terms Of Real Estate Apps

The main focus of app designing is put on User Experience and User Interface. Having a simple design would be recommended to the creators as complicated designs tend to affect the functionality of the application.

Every single function and content should be visible and easy to access for the convenience of the customers.

Real Estate Application Development Costs

There is a wide range of factors that ultimately decide the cost of developing a real estate application. The platform choice, features, functionalities, implemented techniques, app designing, pricing models, and testing are some of the most important factors.

Apart from that, the choice of a proper app development companies is essential to consider for the estimation of the cost. Needless to say, the applications all over the world for real estate have different development costs on the basis of these factors.

To Conclude

The market for real estate is accelerating at a very fast rate and that too because of the real estate applications. The intensified processes from real estate apps are currently ruling the industry. There are innovations of new and advanced technologies which provide more information to the customers in a one-stop location.

So, whether the users are trying to buy, sell, or rent a property, these services are currently ideal for all of that.

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