Making money blogging - an easy blogging for cash
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Fady Soliman

Making money blogging - an easy blogging for cash

Making Money Through Blogging

Making money through blogging can be a rewarding and fulfilling side income. Being an online blogger can allow you to share your own knowledge through your own online platform while making money. Building a blog from the scratch is merely about knowing where to begin and how to get your blog out there.

Discover the basics of blogging, the process of being in this industry, and how to get your start so that you build a successful blog that makes you a good income in the long term. There are only 4 steps away from real income and those 4 steps are based on real experience for many people that blogging for cash is just their main source of income.

1) Choose a Good Topic

Before you start your blog, you need to know where your expertise currently lies. There is a blog for every market and topic. As long as there is a problem, there is a list of people online looking for the solution. A couple of amazing topics include technology, electronics, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Internet marketing, health and fitness, bodybuilding, parenting, home improvement, and almost any kind of topic you feel you are an expertise in. It's all about finding your joy and writing about it.

Most people forget to create blogs they personally enjoy making. When deciding upon a topic, make sure it is within a subject you love personally. It should be about something you genuinely don't get sick of. It's also important that "how to make money by blogging" shouldn't be your main concern at this step. You should only focus on which topic you can have some nice ideas about. Money comes next.

2) How to Create a Blog

It all begins with the platform you want to use. There are two that can provide you a great first step in the right direction.

Blogger and Wordpress are wonderful free sites you can join. Once you choose a URL name, you will receive a "" Or a "" address. You can pay for a .com domain in the future along with a monthly hosting plan to host your website. Nothing beats having your own domain, but when starting out, it's fine to have a free site to sort of mess around with.

3) You Need Top Quality Content

What most people don't realize about building a blog is the fact that you need top of the line content that people will want to read. It's also vital to do in order to attract visitors and have people wanting to come back for more. You want your blog to be a place that will allow for viewers to learn, discover, and gain knowledge about the topic you're writing about. Your content can define how people see your blog.

Quality content is merely about providing readers with interesting content and making them want to come back for more. You're not a writer? Don't worry, I have a great solution for you later in this post.

You Need Google

Most websites online have explained that there mainly two powerful sources of traffic: social media and SEO. Social media is all about getting people to share your content. However, doing that isn't easy at the beginning, and this is why you want to take over the world of SEO. Organic traffic through the search engines is reliable and consistent. You need to do SEO on your site, and the best way to increase your chances on getting on page one of Google for some good keywords is to have great content.

Quality Content Helps With Search Engine Traffic

Google actually looks very closely at different sites to make sure the content you give your erg adders is helpful and informational. High quality content plays a huge role on how well Google ranks your site. High quality content ends up leading to traffic. Your goal is to have people seeing your site wanting to read more. Good content leads to more traffic.

Writing is NOT Easy

    The one thing most people forget about is that building a blog requires one thing: writing. If you're not much of a writer, it can be tough to know what can draw people to your blog day after day. You may not have the writing skills or the knowledge to create interesting articles and blog posts that your people will want to read. Writing is not something that can be done by anybody. It's vital that you decide to have others do the work.

    I highly recommend going to iWriter to have your content written. Why? Because iWriter has some of the most highly rated writers. They have a wide range of writers who are exceptional at what they do. With thousands upon thousands of writers, you can be sure to find many who can create content for you. Nothing beats having a team of writers make the content for you.

    IWriter also has a very simple platform. All you need to do is type in the kind of content you want, include some basic instructions for them to write, and then send the article out for everybody to do. It's that easy to submit what you want and the best of all is that you don't have to pay for any article you don't like. You only pay very few dollars for those articles that you like and approve.

    Get High Quality Content Now!

    4) Make Money Through Blogging

    With traffic, you have the chance to make some seriously good money and blogging for cash would be the most fun.

    Affiliate Marketing

    If there happens to be products in your blog niche, you can easily sell those products to your viewers. Websites like CLICKBANK can give you access to thousands of products for you to sell. Just choose a product you think will fit best for your readers, grab the affiliate link, place it on your site, and you're all ready.

    Solo Ads

    Sign up to a website like GetResponse for free, and build a list of users from your website. All you have to do is ask for your visitors to sign up, and then when you have a couple thousand people in your list, you can have people from other websites paying you money to advertise to your list. It's a long term cash method that works like a charm.

    Google Ads

    When you have a small amount of members, you will have Google make you a partner in their advertising program to place ads on your blog. When people click on these ads, your goal is to have people go to those links and click on them. It's be a great way to make big cash when you have a huge amount of viewers consistently every day.

    Making money through Google is all about knowing how to create unique content while monetizing the blog everyday. Use the step by step info above to get going with some good insights on how to make money by blogging.


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