Mobile Application Development - The Next Big Thing
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Bilal Imtiaz

Mobile Application Development - The Next Big thing

Now we can’t imagine being away from our mobile phones as they have become an intimate part of our lives. We love spending our time watching YouTube videos, swiping tinder profiles, listening songs on Spotify and using Whatsapp, etc. There are no chances that the utilization will be let down in the upcoming years.

Mobile Technology Fact conducted research; they found out that in the United States more than 90% of the adults own a cell phone. It is a fact that adults spend almost 2 to 3 hours daily on these smart devices.

Mobile Application developers are now more focused than ever and are emphasizing on using the best technology to build mobile apps. With the changing application development trends, they try to keep themselves updated. Businesses are now more concerned about developing mobile apps as of large market penetration and flexibility.


We have seen a huge consumption of mobile apps in recent years. From social media apps to text messaging apps, from ordering food apps to booking ride apps, from dating apps to online shopping apps, apps are like taking over and minimizing the usage of regular web browsers.

We Are Social(a social branding agency) disclosed that the number of people using the internet is now more than 4 billion. People are inclined towards smartphones and smart devices and more than 5 billion users own a smartphone.

The major change we are going to witness would be the evolvement of 5g technology. The progression of mobile phones will lead to the elevation of mobile app technology. The brighter future in mobile technology is going to be expected with improved integrated chips.

The big techs are looking forward to increasing their revenues by analyzing the opportunities and demands for mobile applications. The year 2019 is expected to bring a revolution in apps technology in the form of cross-platform mobile apps. Hence carrying more fortunes to the app developers from an emerging mobile application development trend.


Tech enterprises are always trying to resonate with digital trends and consider flexibility options to adopt new technologies with great pace. From brainstorming to the execution of the idea in a refined shape, companies reckon their resources and technologies that will carry out the concept first. These are major programming languages that are widely used by programmers to execute their mobile app ideas.


The Swift language is considered as a major app development language for Apple products. It’s a highly powerful language that is intended to build applications, servers, and scripts etc.

In the freelancing industry, swift application developers are in great demand and the Swift language has been considered as the most loveable programing language. Following the safety procedures, it is substantial back-end programing language.


C++ owns the very strong and enriched library and is a general-purpose programing language. In the presence of other highly renowned programming languages like C# and Java, C++ has got its own significance.

C language, as being the predecessor of C++ language, has been used as a core language to fabricate scripts for various operating systems. C++ has also contributed to the development of the Android operating system.

For the development of gaming engines that are intended to produce 3d games, C++ facilitates by offering great control over hardware.

C++ offers perfect resources to build sensor-based applications and provides high image processing operations.


Java is an object-oriented programing language that is considered to be a highly flexible language with a huge stack of libraries for multiple needs. It is highly scalable and the written java code is best known for its portability. The web application developed through java can work on multiple devices and compiled java programs are compatible with various platforms.

Also, java speeds up the overall web application development process by utilizing the memory resources effectively. With newer updates, the developers can enjoy fast compiling speeds and increased security.

The perfect adaptability of already used code makes it ideal and the cross-platform mobile application development support, Java has outmatched many other programming languages.


The HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML, well known as an advanced medium to develop real-world applications. It allows you to create applications that can run on multiple devices. Developers have the leverage to produce applications that are compatible with both desktops and mobile phones.

The amazing blend of HTML 5 and CSS allows developing interactive and feature-rich web applications. You can create an app that is completely dependent on web servers or a standalone app independent of web servers for App store, Android application market and many more. Following the year of release, the HTML 5 framework is getting more powerful than it ever is.


The open-source server-side scripting language was intended to provide a great medium to code websites logic, now has been adopted to create elegant mobile apps.

Being the backbone of popular social media platform Facebook, PHP has been utilized to create powerful and fully featured content management systems. Many small to large scale software development businesses are moving towards creating a dynamic web application using PHP. Now PHP is capable of holding IOS and Android apps and it is the top language possessing a huge number of developers around the world.

Upcoming trends

With numerous innovations, there are a variety of disciplines have been followed since the concept of mobile applications first introduced. Now enterprises are more prone to marketing through mobile apps.

For more retention and user, engagement businesses come up with exciting ideas in the realm of growing demand for mobile apps. We are happy to share some amazing mobile application development trends for 2019 that will captivate the future of next mobile technology.

We are going to look at the upcoming trends that are supposed to make a mark in 2019.

Wearable Devices

In the past few years, we have seen a huge demand for smart wearable devices. More than just a practical accessory it has become a symbol of style as well.

People who are more conscious about their health are making use of these devices to get updated with their heart rate, blood pressure, sugar level and calories they have burnt etc.

The device requires an app to function and there are tons of health care apps being downloaded by health-conscious geeks.

Going for a morning walk or running on a treadmill at your local gym, these devices will tell how much fitness goals you have achieved.

The year 2019 is about to bring new innovations in smartwatch technologies and you are going to see more advanced wearables.


Chatbots are designed to assist human beings by providing intelligent responses to queries. These bots are being widely utilized in Messaging services and apps, instead of manually answering the requests or suggestions chatbots have to handle them. They are best known for quick responses and have a great role in building business relationships with clients. With easy integration into the apps, Chatbots have become an integral part of digital reality.

Internet of Things

IOT is defined as the interrelation of devices with the help of unique identifiers to exchange data over the network. There is no sort of human interaction required and there are a huge number of organizations that are making use of these systems to increase the value of their businesses. These systems assist in decision making and in gathering data from remote locations with the help of dedicated software and hardware components.

With the help of a smartphone, one can control a variety of IOT devices. These devices are connected with sensors that are served for a variety of purposes. IOT has offered great efficiency and has changed the perception of many enterprises to handle their services and goods.

Machine Learning

The day is near when artificially intelligent jobs will take over human jobs as we already have witnessed many examples like an e-commerce giant Ali Baba is making use of 700 automated guided robots in one of their warehouses. Doing so has brought significant time savings but also the productivity has increased enormously.

The machine learning can be defined as the ability of computers to access the data and learn from it. The main aim of utilizing machine learning applications is to identify the patterns in data that lead to induce better decisions in the future. By these data analysis techniques, these AI-based applications have simplified the processes to deliver a more personalized experience to the users.

We are now expecting to mesmerize with the new advancements in the mobile application development processes in the future.

BlockChain Technology

It is expected that the blockchain services will get adopted in the financial services industry. Thus far we have witnessed a great breakthrough in the form of exceptional levels of security in digital transactions.

Though the technology couldn’t prevail well in the year 2018 and many projects have shut down recently but there are still bigger projects there that are progressing well.

2019 is expected to a year of blockchain technology where it seems to regulate with great pace. However, there are many challenges that this technology is facing for its mainstream exposure. It is hard to develop interest among the individuals as the lack of implementation and a history of fluctuations in its market growth and lack of transparency for transactions. Though, one of the bigger advantages is the user's identity that remains hidden behind powerful cryptography.


These days developers are taking advantages from many cross-platform tools that are not only assisting them by providing a structural approach for creations but also providing them with a great platform to take their workflow to the next level.

A web development company in Pakistan requires its development tools to be fully updated and its programmers to have comprehensive knowledge about the development frameworks. The market already has expanded with a huge number of options to develop platform based and cross-platform based applications. We will take into consideration some well-known Mobile App Development tools that have achieved recognition in the app development industry.


For building hybrid apps, Phone Gap provides you, as a developer, with a perfect platform to explore your skills. In the end, you are able to deploy apps on multiple OS based app stores based on MAC and Android.

It allows you to write your code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ultimately it will convert it into an app. Enriched with amazing features, this tool is ideal for building native apps the same way as you build a website.

The main objective behind the creation of this magnificent tool is to provide convenience to the developers by providing them with a perfect platform to utilize their existing HTML and javascript skills without learning complex languages.


Xamarin is another practical tool to develop cross-platform applications. With having a huge community of developers Xamarin is best known for creating apps within Microsoft ecosystem. Developers can utilize their single code to publish their app for different mobile platforms. It’s an open source framework that features a perfect UX with ideal functionality testing service and is backed by none other than Microsoft.

React Native

It’s an application development platform introduced by Facebook. A developer having Native app development skills is considered worthy as this platform is cost effective to build hybrid apps. Another big advantage of making Native apps is that they use fewer hardware resources and are practical and fast in nature. Moreover, developers also enjoy making native apps for both Android and IOS with this open source framework.


Mobile apps are serving small to large scale businesses very well and developers are continuously updating their skills to avail new opportunities packed within new frameworks and tools. The Mobile app development trends keep on changing with the consumer’s exigency of fast and trendy apps equipped with latest technologies. As we have set foot in the year 2019, its time to look forward to the future of the mobile app development.

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