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Stephen Mills

Promote Your YouTube Video

At first, making your very own YouTube video seems like the best thing in the world to do. Unlike other modes of expression – such as writing and painting – video recording does not require much expertise. If your head is filled with several ‘decent enough’ things to say, you’re already qualified than most people. Trust me. Now you only need to transcribe your thoughts through your mouth, and possibly with the aid of your other bodily attachments. Using my Optimum Packages, I’ve had a lot of experience with this exercise. And right at the outset, I’d like to stress on the importance of having coherent – and spicy - thoughts to vent on.

On Making Videos that are Worth Watching

Because your viewing audience, let me tell you, is not only interested in learning some ‘boring old’ facts from you. If they wanted that, they could have simply read a book, or watched a Discovery channel documentary. Or even attended an online learning or school-based certification course.

What your viewers want is a little bit of entertainment.

No. Scratch that! They want a lot of it – because once they start feeling entertained, the knowledge delivery part comes easily. Personally, I like to produce regular YouTube video logs (‘Vlogs’) with a heavy amount of comedy thrown about in key places. Only my style of humor can often border on the raunchier aspects of modern-day living – if you know what I mean.

I like to freely discuss my take on people’s dating and intimate lives; in the manner of standup comedians who don’t believe in any censorship. I like to rage on contemporary father-son and mother-daughter relationships, and how they’re all centered on selfishness. And following on this theme, I don’t have mercy on any of the mother & father-in-law’s out there. Or even church pastors.

I Believe in Equitable Destruction

Authority figures, I’m sure you can guess by now, are my primary targets. And I don’t care from which rung of the social ladder they hail from.

I take an enormous amount of pleasure in making fun of people who go to great lengths to defend their political correctness. And I don’t spear the adherents of any new-age movement like feminism or ‘equism’ either – or even the ‘Southern Housewives of Alabama Squad’.

However, and being the equal-opportunity basher that I most certainly am, I always make sure to burst my bubble too. Because I don’t believe in imposing anyone’s monopoly on anyone – including my own. And as many modern psychologists take great pains to explain, making fun of oneself is actually healthy. It shows that you’re not a raging, closet narcissist and that you know how to take a joke. Instead of just aiming your catapult at other people, like a sadistic sociopath from an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. Which, sadly, are many people these days…

Promoting YouTube Videos with Zero Subscribers

Ok. So enough about me and what I think.

In this section, I’m going to share my dirty little secret about getting instant likes and views on your YouTube videos. And once you’re done reading about it, you’ll know that it really isn’t a secret at all – but something quite obvious. In fact, I’m betting that you already use this method quite a bit for your own video-publicizing efforts.

I’m referring, of course, to the power of social media, and particularly Facebook.

Like most people, I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on posting paid adverts of my videos. Instead, I’m fully reliant on the publicity potential of Facebook forums, groups, and pages.

Simply put, the first thing that I do, whenever I’m done with putting my finishing touches on a new video, is to post it on three different closed groups. These are, namely (and in the interests of full disclosure), the:

  • I Will Carry 20 Grocery Bags So I Don’t Have to Make a Second Trip,
  • I Am Fluent in Three Languages: English, Sarcasm, and Profanity
  • No, I Don’t Care If I Die at 12 A.M., I Refuse to Pass On Your Chain Letter


And I’m really not kidding when I state that these are the actual names of these groups. Or that each of these comedy havens boasts at least a 100,000-strong following of jokers!

It Takes Time, But You’ll Get There Eventually

When I first started with my video postings almost six years ago, I only got about a hundred views or so after the lapse of half a day. But today, after having steadily built my reputation in these forums, it is not unusual for me to get eight thousand views and three thousand shares in one-hours’ time.

I’m usually the first person to admit that this organic promotional route takes time. Yes; it’s nowhere near as fast as the paid advertisement method.

But since it only requires some posting creativity on your own part, and is completely free – I’d say that it succeeds by a longshot. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if Facebook decided to restrict all organic publishing today, I’d fizzle out of business in record time.

So my advice to all newcomers out there – start with Facebook first. And then you can proceed onto other channels.

Recently, I was engaged in entertaining a Optimum Customer Support executive by phone – he succeeded in gaining this very same advice from me. He told me that he wanted to go public with his comedic impersonations of famous politicians. And I told him to go for it. Last I checked, he had already managed to gain about 20, 000 followers on his Facebook page.

About The Author

Stephen Mills

I am a YouTube blogger. I am an enthusiastic person, with a great sense of humor and fluent communication skills which makes me good at what I do. Since YouTube is extremely engaging, I love posting simple yet entertaining videos from time to time. I post videos of funny content like pranks, and life hacks, as well as talk about everything fun.

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