Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company
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Aashay Trivedi

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

A good SEO company can bring you quality leads to your website and help you to expand your business on the digital platform. But, a bad or inexperienced SEO company can bring your website’s rankings down, along with that, an over-optimized website may get penalized by Google.

If a website gets penalized by Google, then it is really difficult for an expert to recover from the penalty. So, it is really important for you to get to choose the right SEO company. But, you do not have the technical SEO knowledge, how you can decide which company is Google for you or which one is not good? Do not worry, travel through this article and find out the question you should ask before hiring an SEO company. After reading this article in detail, you will be able to find out which SEO company should be hired.

Have you ever got a backlink from a .edu or .gov website?

When it comes to getting a link from the .edu or .gov website, it is really difficult for a new or inexperienced company. One has to be the best or an expert having worked in the industry for more than five or seven years. If the company, you have hired is experienced they might have got a link back to their website from .edu or .gov sites. But if the agency has not got a link from these websites then it does not mean the agency is bad. Still, you can predict from their answer. If the agency is enthusiastic about getting a link, then you can count on them.

Do you know about HARO?

Just link .edu sites, getting backlinks from HARO is quite a difficult task. If you are expert of a particular niche, then it is possible that you might not get a link from the .edu website but if you are an expert and try your luck few times then you will definitely get a link from HARO.

HARO is nothing but the network of reports, where reports will ask you questions regarding several topics and you need to give the answer. If the reports find your answer relevant, then they will publish it on their website and you will get a fruitful backlink from a high authority news website.

How do you perform competitor analysis?

There are several tools available for SEO online, but most of the quality tools are paid. There is no technique to check out the backlinks of a website one needs an online tool to perform various competitor analysis activities. A good digital marketing company knows the importance of competitor analysis and they subscribe for online tools.

If an SEO company has invested in buying tools then you can expect that it is a reliable agency and you can count on them otherwise just let the company go and search for another company.

Do you have full-time SEOs?

There are a few types of an SEO company. First is the nation-wide SEO company, then there is a local/regional SEO agency, in-house, and Freelancer.

The nation-wide agency is the most trusted agency type and they have full-time SEO professionals and if you hire these companies you can expect a good result from them. Then there is an in-house SEO company, basically, these agencies work on their in-house projects, tools or other blogs. They do not have experience in handling projects from different projects from various clients. They are less trusted companies compared to the nation-wide SEO agency. There are some companies which hire a freelancer for your projects.

Freelancers are the least trusted and if you have an option to choose between a freelancer and an agency then you should select the agency. Though the rates are higher compared to other networks but, return of investment guaranteed in a nation-wide SEO plan.

Would you mind to share the information about some of your past clients?

This is the most important part question. Before finalizing an agency, do not forget to ask them to share the information about their past clients. Also, ask them to share their achievements for a particular project, figure out how enthusiastic they are and what kind of creative strategy they can apply when it comes to digital marketing.

You can also ask for the monthly reports. When the agency started working on that project, what were the rankings when they started their campaign and now what is the status? Same goes with website traffic as well, you can ask screenshots from their Google Analytics and check an agency’s record.

Have you ever recovered any website from the Google penalty?

A Google penalty is a nightmare for the SEO professional. If a website is penalized by Google, then it is really difficult to recover from the penalty. There are several reasons for the penalty and any website can get penalized by Google. Your website can also be the one, so before starting the campaign, do not forget to ask the agency this question.

Do ask for the screenshots of either ranking or google analytics. If the agency has tackled a Google penalty earlier then you should definitely count of that company and expect a good result for your business in terms of lead generation or sales.

Do you guarantee the #1 result?

If you google about the best SEO companies, you may find out many agencies write “#1 Position guaranteed”. Do not fall in this trap as no search engine optimizer knows about the Google algorithm, Google changes its ranking algorithm on a frequent basis.

If a company gets you on the top, then that is good but it is not guaranteed that your website will definitely rank at the top position. It may happen that the agencies that guarantee such results perform blackhat or negative SEO to get the results at any cost. This is really bad for your website, if Google penalizes your website then they would not lose anything but you and your business.

So, these are the question you should ask an SEO agency before hiring it. If you get positive feedback after asking these questions, you should definitely go with that company. There are much higher chances that you will get a better return on investments and improve your presence on the digital platform.


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