The Innovative Update of Search Snippet from Google
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TED Mikulski

Search snippet updates from Google

    Google often makes a huge amount of changes in the algorithms and showing the results. But, this one is really big and interesting. So, let's have a look! Google is up with the back to back changes in the Algorithm with the latest change in the Meta Descriptions. With the increasing number of various websites, Google is trying the best to provide the users the perfect websites they are looking for and make the user experience even more accurate and save user’s time. To get the best results, Google keeps on changing different algorithms on the regular basis.

    The latest update: From the 300+ characters of search result snippet, the Google has reduced it around 160 Characters which has made many SEO experts re-work on On-Page SEO. Have a look at various updates from the Google on the Meta descriptions to get the knowledge about the search result snippet.

    Search snippet updates from Google

    1) First Major Adjustment in May 2016

    In May 2016, Google came up with the first change in the meta descriptions and made a major update in the search snippets by increasing the width of the search results for almost all the users of smartphones devices and desktops. The description length was around 150 Characters. In this update, the title length was around 70 characters and it could go up to 73 characters according to the words. With this change, the length and width of the description got increased.

    2) Second Adjustment in the December 2017

    This adjustment also made a huge gross. Google increased the length of the search snipper where it started showing almost 300 characters in the search results. Depending on the length of the words, additional 2 to 4 words could be added in the title tag. All the snippets were generated based on the searching query of a user. The snippets were generated with the help of meta description and content available on the page.

    3) Third update in the May 2018

    Just after the second update, the Google has reduced the length of the description. It now shows around 160 characters in the search results. With this update, many SEO experts now looking to update the meta description of their websites. The length of a description does not matter, Google will show only 160 characters in the search snippet.

    What will be the effect of this change?

    The shorter descriptions indicate that the websites which are performing lower in the search results will be viewed more compared to the longer results. If these sites are providing the relevant content then they have the perfect opportunity to make a presence on the first page. So, this is going to be a really positive outcome for the websites which are ranking on the second or the lower pages. Along with it, somehow the new update will also help the Google be precise on showing the results in the most innovative way.

    How to tackle this issue?

    Google constantly do the analysis and try to provide the most accurate results for the users. For that reasons, it makes changing in the appearance and algorithms very frequently. Most of the changes cannot be noticed but the change in the ranking gives an urge to the SEO experts. There is only one thing which is going to be useful to tackle this issue and stay ahead in the competition.

    First of all, let us discuss, what is Google searching for? Google always search for the best possible result that matches the query of a user. As the matter of fact, in over 60% of cases, Google always provides the accurate result. So, to tackle the issue, try to write the most transparent content and stick to your topic. Write for the users and stay honest with your content. Along with this, try to build the quality backlinks yet natural links. Do not do What everyone else is doing rather than that more focus on the Guest posting.

    What did the experts say about this update?

    1) Danny Sullivan on changing the meta tags:

    I’m checking on it. But, we were very clear there was no need for people to change the meta description tags.

    2) John Mu:

    The search engine UI is a very dynamic place, seeing changes that are not expected. Like on your own site, it’s also important to keep testing, improving and trying out new things to see what works best for the users.

    Tips for creating meta descriptions:

    1) Make the meta description relevant to the content on the page

    2) Use the mixture of various keywords in the 160 characters of the content

    3) Try to use the action-oriented content

    4) It is not guaranteed that Google will use Meta description, it might crawl the content and find the relevant information. So, try to use the H1 tags in the page content to give the indication to the search engine.


    Google has made such changes in the past and this change is not that much surprising. Talking about this update, Google can change it any particular time. The motto of Google is to provide the most relevant results for the users. If you are a website owner or a blogger then your main focus should be providing what a user is searching for and creating a remarkable content. Many people are believing that Google is going to bring an update regarding Voice Searching. There is a huge gross regarding the voice search optimization in the market currently. Many organizations have already started doing the Voice search optimization for their business websites. In this situation, it is going to be really interesting to witness the update regarding same.

    Talking about the SEO, many of them have already updated the content according to the change and many believe that you do not need to require a change in the Meta tags. If you are facing the ranking issues or any other ranking related issue then you can consult an Affordable SEO service provider to improve the sales of your website and make a useful presence on the digital platform.


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