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Melisa Marzett

Landing for an online store: goals and ways to achieve

The landing page trend continues growing in popularity and does not seem to be going to stop. Does this mean that all the companies should have a landing page for their business? It might be right, but it depends on the goals that the company tries to achieve. In this post, I will explain why a landing page is necessary for an online store and how to do it correctly.

A landing page: how does it work for an online store?

Of course you already know that a landing page is a one-page website that briefly presents one product or service. The peculiarity is that the landing page aims at one product or service. That is why it is capable of performing functions often unattainable for simple websites:

  1. Draw attention. Numerous studies have shown that a visitor’s attention does not stay on a single object for averagely 5 seconds, that is why these studies emphasize that a visitor might be confused by the number of pages on one website. Most of the designers of landing pages try to eliminate the number of such elements within visitors’ sight so they could understand why they are here.
  2. Convince potential customer to buy a product / a service. The landing page is mostly a consistent presentation of particular product or service with the correct arrangement of all the blocks; the first one is an offer with all the anticipated benefits, then some reviews of feedbacks and the last one is contacts. In this case, almost every block has a call-to-action CTA element to attract visitors to be future customers.
  3. A landing page is a brief presentation of a product / a service. Everylanding page works as a kind seller; it talks about a product or a service quickly, but comprehensively, so that the visitors could immediately understand what kind of product or service it is and order it without hesitation.

The strategy for online store using a landing page

Now, we will talk directly about the ways for the website owners to benefit from landing pages. They are efficient almost in all the fields, so there is no need to worry about that.

  1. Landing page helps to create a subscriber base

For those who still doubt whether email marketing is necessary, our brief resume on this promotion channel:

    • Conversion for online stores is averagely only 1%.
    • Emailing builds relationships with users.
    • Email is one of the cheapest channels for attracting new customers.

To effectively use email marketing, you should divide the users into two groups: new customers (99%) and already existing customers (1%). You can build landing pages for both teams using the following tricks:

    • A pop-up window with an offer

One of the most common strategies to increase the subscriber base is to create a pop-up window with an offer that matches the page visited. Once the user left his or her data, an email for example, (in return for a discount or any other bonuses), he or she will be subjected to the constant advertising of an offered product/service. It is one of the most efficient ways to turn a visitor into a customer.

    • Segmentation in the email marketing

I already mentioned that the customers, in general, are divided into two groups: new customers and regular ones. The landing page also works well with the second team. For example, upon purchasing a product or a service on a website, a client receives many confirmation emails to inform him or her about the transaction or confirm that the operation was carried out in addition to some other delivery information. That is possible and even necessary to include in each confirmation email, the next offer and likely with a specific bonus to convince this customer to order again.

2. Landing page for contextual advertising and search system marketing

Probably every newly arrived businessperson thinks about how to attract a new visitor to his or her website. Perhaps there is only one way to achieve that. It is called contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is the only way to increase the number of visitors significantly. However, statistics of contextual advertising shows that 100 clicks bring only one real customer. Slightly disappointing numbers, aren’t they? That is why it is often advised to create a separate landing page with an offer working with subscribers and potential customers convincing them to make a purchase or order a service.

3. Landing page for selling a particular product

New visitors are known to be only a part of success. Then, a landing page owner should convince them to order on this website providing only necessary and comprehensible information without confusing future customers.

4. Landing page for the pre-order requests

The first, and the most straightforward pre-order request landing page example is the iPhone X and all the fuss about it. Almost for every online technology, a store creates a separate landing page to collect personal data of future customers of the desired device. In fact, a product or a service you offer does not matter. It can be some goods for children, consumer products, or anything else.

How to make a high-quality landing page for an online store?

What should a landing page content contain to attract new visitors? Here is a list of the approximate requirements that might result in unique visitors and even new customers.

  1. Quality photos of the product. They will attract an eye of the customers and make the product more reliable.
  2. A short description of the product with its advantages. It should contain all the benefits that the outcome will provide to the customer rather than some tedious instructions.
  3. It might be video presentation but only in case if it is a high-quality one.
  4. Call-To-Action CTA elements are crucial for every landing page.
  5. Terms and conditions should also be on a landing page to describe all the guarantees for the customer. Moreover, in such a way a website will look more trustworthy.
  6. Any feedback and/or reviews from the customers are the most reliable evidence of the website ability to provide high-quality service or product.

There might be other undoubtedly effective ways to attract new customers to a landing page CTA, but according to my experience, these are the most simple and fast ones. Most of the businessmen want quick and positive results and many visitors and customers in a very short time, but unfortunately, it is impossible. It will take a lot of time and efforts to earn visitors’ trust so they could order a service or a product without hesitating about its quality. Follow these simple pieces of advice, and your landing page will likely bring a lot of new visitors and new customers.

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