Trends & Cost of E-Commerce Mobile Applications
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Trends in E-commerce Mobile Applications

E-commerce industry is gaining popularity in the year of 2005. Before that companies are providing a wide range of goods through physical outlets or stores. But later the situation changed, popular companies like Flipkart and Amazon rules the e-commerce industry offering a wide range of products in different countries. People are showing interest in e-commerce sites and feeling simple to purchase their favourite products. Initially, popular companies are selling their goods through websites and now it changed. Most of the people are using smartphones. It becomes one to the part in their daily life. People addicted to smartphones. So E-commerce Companies have a good source to reach their customers by targeting smartphones. So each and every shop owners are looking for mobile apps for selling products to their customers in an easy manner. So mobile apps have gained a lot of popularity. It is the best resource for getting a huge profit with less investment

New technologies are coming to the market for providing better services. In the same way, the e-commerce industry has seen a lot of technologies and trends. Companies always want to modernize their business with the latest technologies. Let's discuss the latest trends and cost to develop E-commerce Applications

Trends in E-commerce Mobile Applications

1. Augmented Reality

There is a problem facing by the customers and it is also a burden to the e-commerce companies. It causes for the gap between consumer and business owners. Customer can't see the product or touch the product physically, they only have a chance to see the product in the image. But in physical stores they can touch and see the product. This gap between the customer and companies is filled with the Augmented Reality Technology. What it means AR and it is the buzz thing in E-commerce Mobile apps. Augment Reality enables customers to see the products in a virtual manner means the user can able to see the product on their mobile screen without going to the physical stores. They can feel and have a chance to know how it works.

2. Chabot’s

Consumers do not have an opportunity to contact the product owners directly in Online Shopping regarding the products. It is the common issue faced by a lot of customers across the world, but now there is a solution to this Complex Problem. Artificial intelligence makes it easy for customers with the assistance of Chabot’s. It helps a lot to the customers right now when compared to the previous situation. Chabot’s can answer to the queries by the customers about the need information and they can't answer the question asked by the customers, connects the human support managers for providing better service to the consumers. It is the reason for the enhancement of a repeat customer base

3. Geo Fencing

It is a good feature and enables mobile applications to utilize location base marketing. If the consumer near to the physical store location, this technology sends marketing messages to those users. It is a good opportunity for online shoppers who are very careful about buying products without experiencing the product. They have a chance to see product visually at physical store locations

4. Gamification

The most on-going trend in E-commerce Industry is Gamification. It comes from the idea of giving incentive to customers like points or badges through participating games. This Technique is utilized by so many ecommerce companies through mobile applications and it helps to know the customer behaviour

5. Voice Search

It is also another popular thing in the Ecommerce industry. Right now people are trying Voice Search options. In future it will become more and most of the consumers utilized this voice search option for getting a wide range of products without typing the query in the search bar. It is an easy way for those people who are not interested in typing the query. So ecommerce companies are including this voice search option in their mobile applications for providing services in a better manner to their customers.

Features and Cost to develop E-commerce Applications

1. Registration: For utilizing the various products provided by companies’ through mobile applications, a user has to sign up. If the sign up process is difficult for the customers. They are not interested in that application. So it is one of the important feature in E-commerce mobile apps and it should be easy to sign up for the customer. Say for instance if the signup process is by using social media then consumers show interest. Now a days each and every one is maintaining social media accounts. It is useful to both user and app owners.

2. Payment Option: This is the most essential feature of an ecommerce application. It must have a chance to user to pay money by using various options like credit & debit cards, online wallets and etc.

3. Wish list: It is also recognized as an important feature in E-commerce mobile apps. A user can simply bookmark the list of items that they want to purchase and have a possibility to tell the offers about the products in that wish list. It is a good way to earn profits for business

4. Rating and Reviews: Customers have an opportunity to provide ratings and reviews about the purchased products. It may be good or bad. Both help the business owners. Companies have a chance to know the changes going to be done in the products through negative feedbacks and positive feedbacks will enhance the brand of the product or company.

Like this so many features are available in ecommerce applications to the users and admin.

Cost to Develop E-commerce Apps

1. App Designing

User interface is the most important factor to determine the cost and at the same time engaging customers to your business. It must be attractive to attract customers. If it is not good and your business will loss the number of customers. If you need attractive designs for your app, it will cost more when to compare to normal designs and the most essential thing is selection of professional designers to design your app. They have to be expertise to make the design in an attractive way with less cost

2. App Development Platform & Location

It is a good way to select the right platform based on your target customer and which one is perfect for your audience. Multiple platforms are available like Android, IOS & etc. The cost differs from one platform to another platform and location of the e-commerce application development company. It is less cost in IOS When compare to Android and country like usa cost more when compared to a country like India.

3. App stores

Every ecommerce application is available in the Google store or Apple store based on the platform used for developing application. Google and Apple both charges either annually or a lifetime to the application for displaying apps in their app stores. It also one of the factors to consider in the app development cost.

Developing an e-commerce application with latest trends is helpful to the companies for gaining profits. Select the best ecommerce application development company who are able to develop marvellous application at optimal rates and the app which can attract more number of consumers to your business

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