Website Design Trends 2018
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William James

Responsive Website Design Trends 2018

We saw several advancements in 2017, that’s why in 2018 we are looking for more new strategies. Every day, new customers enter the digital market with the demand for a better experience. Thus, keeping the requirements of users, the companies are representing the disruptive concepts such as machine learning and AI. Web designers are continuously working to create exciting ways of bringing the companies and consumers at one platform for better marketing purpose.

As a result, we have a vast variety of web design trends to make this year more memorable. The challenging digital world is going to become more complicated, but still the website is the foremost part of a digital marketing. In the absence of a website, you would have nothing to connect with the users to build online customer relationships.

Apparently, a website is a midway to link the social media, campaign, podcasts, blogs, email newsletters, in-person events, etc. Now, the question arises how to design a website that promotes your products, services, business and your brand?

A good thing about the ever-changing online world is that the web design trends worked in 2015, 2016, 2017 will not hold up in this year as well. Currently, even wrong navigation strategy loses the loyalty of customers. If you really want to stay on the top of the glory, you have to keep few things in your mind, these are:

  1. 77% of companies think that poor website is a big problem for their customers.
  2. 38% of customers will not engage with the website that is not attractive.
  3. Some people want a beautiful website rather than something plain.

A fabulous design does not refer to change your online identity every year. But, it inspires to adapt more latest and advance web design trends will surely make your strategy suitable for audience demands. Apparently, there are some most stylish strategies for web design trends hitting the headlines of the year 2018.

Well Crafted Typography

As the online market is growing continuously with the entrance of more new professional design themes so, 2018 will be giving better ways to the companies for refining their online voice. Which font you select for your company will go long way presenting its personality. Luckily, the rise of new design techniques also allow the designers to make an accurate balance between the images and fonts. That is typography has reached us in a wide range of possibilities to perform with. On talking about the variable fonts, it allows you to adjust the size of images and fonts as per its access on different screen sizes.

Creative Formatting

Nowadays, an evolution of CSS has become the prominent choice of a web designer to build up unique websites. The advanced designers take benefit of CSS grid and systems such as flexbox. It helps to make your website layout more dynamic as well as allows you to work with the structure of images and words. Thus, you will not need to follow the old boring patterns.

Bright Colors And Bold Gradients

Choice of color defines the creativity of a designer and this year you are going to be more creative. The Pantone color is one of bold color choice is UltraViolet. It involves brighter and exciting colors these are a demand of current websites. The bright pop of the correct color has become an easier way to build an attractive design. Though, in 2018, the designers have less focus on contrast, they give importance to the natural blend of gradients. However, the use of gradients started in 2017, but gradually became popular in 2018. The bright colors' blend brings focus to the appearance of the brand resulting to engage the people with the site. The choice is yours, you can go with the bold color choice or pick the softer gradients.

Geometric Elements

Distinct shapes such as lightning bolts, squiggly lines and triangles play a vital role in web designing when you are trying to create a bold visual look. Use of geometric elements in website designing breaks up a good amount of content and allow the users to move their eyes around the site. Sharp angles on your site can directly push the eyes of users to the CTA improving conversions.

Modular Blank Space

The bright colour, exciting animations and dynamic fonts are important but the use of white spaces plays a powerful role in your online experience. Because, it allows the designers to directly get the attention of visitors without overwhelming. Moreover, a right blend of blank spaces might help to convey great elements of your business identity. In 2018, use of intentional blank spaces has become famous to achieve a new level of minimalism on websites. It ensures that your message is not overwhelmed by imagery or animated designs.

Mastering Mobile And Large Screen Design

Mastering mobile design is about how people obtaining information about your online site using small or large screen devices. As the mobile traffic is growing continuously, responsive sites have become the necessity, after all, people are using a variety of mobile and smartphone. For most of the experts, it is necessary to create a website should be dynamically responsive for desktop and smart-phone users regardless of screen size. Make sure:

  1. Users can easily find the accurate information on desktop and mobile version
  2. The screen should not be cluttered with the brand or business details
  3. Maintain an equal functionality for content navigation
  4. Trigger the same emotions via any source

The nutshell is, updating your website look on time using the new upgraded features is important to establish your brand’s unique presence. Incorporating any of the above mentioned ideas will surely help bring fresh and positive vibes to your site.

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William James

William James is a Content Writer at CitrusStudio having 5 years of experience in researching and writing technical content on web development, web designing, SEO strategies and digital marketing topics. I love to pen down my thoughts and research on recent technological trends in IT industry.

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