You are losing audience if you are not a Storyteller
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Livtar Sachdev

Current generation audience craves Storytelling

Social engagement with content

Content is the king in social media marketing, and it is the reason the search begins in the first place. With more than 140 trillion web pages on the internet, only anything that adds to the value of the readers' life will prevail. Social media engagement mainly depends on the content. It is why social media campaigns are vying with each other for the attention of the audiences. Hence a new way of storytelling has become the norm of today's content.

So why content is important?

In the World Wide Web, there is a huge amount of data and for every minute it is being accessed as per some of the stats below. It could be hard to believe for anyone, but it is a fact.

  1. 4 million search queries per minute
  2. 3.3 million pieces of content shared by Facebook users
  3. 1,388 blog posts published
  4. 205 million emails sent
  5. 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube
  6. 422,340 times Twitter users tweet
  7. Instagram users post 55,555 new photos

With such an astonishing volume of transactions happening online the content is now changing to storytelling to impress the consumers to improve the brand and increase the sales.

Storytelling is the new content:

In the last few years, there are several examples of successful storytelling content are having good social media engagement. Social media marketing services are now in full swing to romp in this new storytelling content to improve their client businesses. Those who are continuing the traditional content are worrying about being failed in their endeavors of social media engagement. Some great examples of great storytelling successes include:

  1. Airbnb's animated short film "Wall and Chain" which also won the Webby Award.
  2. Google India's tearjerker "Reunion."
  3. "The Vanishing Game" the digital adventure story of Land Rover
  4. "Dear David ghost story" a spine chilling story from Buzzfeed

How to impress audiences with storytelling content?

"Good content is not storytelling, but telling the story right". This adage clearly explains how to impress the audience by telling the story right. Only it could increase consumer engagement and brand loyalty. An effective way of storytelling can change opinions, inspires to achieve goals which otherwise would have been impossible, and change things for better. The audiences are not concerned about why they should buy the product but wants to know why it is essential. One-third of the millennial people prefer this storytelling content on the formation and importance of the product. They want to know what inspired to make the product and how it has changed the maker's life.

Social media is the place where the storytelling is most effective and can help in engaging the audience, unless you know who are your audience:

Know your audience:

Understanding the audience needs by the following facts is the key to develop the brand by storytelling:

  1. Know about their demographic locations and requirements
  2. Cater according to the wants of the customers and feed them with the necessary information to make them want more
  3. The story should inspire the audience and generate a call to action
  4. By telling the story in an inspirational way to motivate and empower the audience
  5. Find what the audience is missing and provide them what they want for long-standing relationships
  6. Audiences do not want an intro about self before starting a story and get into the plot of the story as fast as possible to keep them interested
  7. Pay attention to details and provide them only the bare essential information they need to know
  8. Have eye contact with the person who is hearing your story, and it could change a lot of difficulties to opportunities
  9. Be comfortable, transparent and engaging with the audience while telling the story
  10. Do not memorize the story and speak to the audience but have a natural flair and authentic
  11. The stories must be compelling, and it should not be in the traditional way of starting like "once upon a timeā€¦'
  12. Storytelling is an art and science and should be maintained that way as per the need of the audience
  13. The visuals which support the story should be gripping and ones that are stand-out ones. It should include animations and dynamic graphics which are crucial for social media engagement.
  14. The dialogue delivery must be stimulating while telling the story to grab the attention of the audiences. Only it will keep them interested in the content being presented to them.
  15. Connect with Google user both intellectually and emotionally through AMP or accelerated mobile pages. Knowing the importance of it, Neil Patel has said businesses could not ignore storytelling anymore to be successful in business.

Importance of storytelling:

Human beings are both curious and social creatures and hence are naturally attached to stories. Therefore it is essential to communicate and engage with them by storytelling.

Storytelling to customers:

  1. Emotions influence 90 % of purchasing decisions.
  2. Storytelling online with compelling photos or visuals and exciting product description could influence the feelings of the buyers.

Storytelling can be done in many ways including:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Emails
  3. Videos
  4. Ebooks
  5. Product guidelines
  6. Case studies

A good story told well could attract the customer and turn them into leads. The leads could transform into potential buyers and longstanding happy customer.

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Livtar Sachdev

An energetic, ambitious, and highly motivated business professional who has a strong desire to succeed and possesses the ability to develop positive working relationships with clients. Since 2007, I have been recognized as the preeminent owner of Pepper Designs Pvt. Ltd., a comprehensive advertising firm which provides customized services for graphic designing, website designing, development, professional copywriting, photoshoot, and corporate films.

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