Landsal Real Estate Website Design

Landsal Real Estate Website Design Template


If you are planning to build a new website in real estate property management or planning to upgrade your existing website then this is definitely your starting point. Start with a good design. Because, your website design is the first impression your target audience are going to get, we recommend this website template to build your site with.

This website template is going to boost your online property market, sales and potential clients that will definitely come again to buy and own farms, ranches, sell or rent houses or general residential properties. So overall, your online success and outreach is going to be incomparable to the template listed price.


  1. Responsive website: Not only your website will be professionally designed and attracting customers everywhere, but also works on any device no matter what the device size is. Customers with large desktop screens will have an equal opportunity like the ones with tablets down to smartphone owners, giving your site the chance for the most outreach possible.
  2. Parallax navigation: Why letting your users find what they are looking for by themselves while your site can just do it for them? Parallax navigation simply make the site navigation fixed no matter where the user scrolls to on your page and also auto-scrolls the page to the relevant content if a link is clicked on the navigation.
  3. Cross Browser: This template supports all kinds of browsers. No extra expenses or time wasted trying to make your site looking good on different browsers.
  4. Valid coding: This template uses valid semantic markup so you will not waste your efforts or time trying even to validate it online. A valid semantic coding makes your site Search Engine Optimization SEO friendly which means more traffic, which means more sales.


  1. Property search forms.
  2. Newsletter subscription.
  3. Testimonials.
  4. Google maps.
  5. Google fonts.
  6. Documentation.
  7. PSD.

Browser Support

  1. Google Chrome.
  2. Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Safari.
  4. Opera.
  5. Internet Explorer.

Available in

Landsal Real Estate Website Design Responsive Layout

Template Features

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