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HTML 5 represents the best coding technology available for webpages today. So why would you use HTML 5 over your tried-and-true website design? An HTML 5 responsive template website design can be displayed on almost any type of device and with amazing web elements like video, high-quality animation and unique user interfaces.

If you are interested in getting the most out of the web you should strongly consider switching over to one of these modern profile designs. Whether you haven't updated your website in some time or you are interested in getting started with the best possible html page template to launch your website, some of our examples and professionally finished html templates responsive designs are a great idea for any industry. These are easily some of the best templates that you could start off with for your website. With a template web responsive design you can be instantly competitive and ensure that you have all of the tools that your competitors would have in starting a quality webpage.

We have grouped together the most recent, modern, competitive and professional designs for you to make buying an HTML template the easiest experience without spending much time of hesitation when you run a live demo of every theme. Browse through the thousands of themes and feel free to connect with us.

$ 19
Material Admin Dark Responsive Site Template

Improve your front-end site with a great responsive back-end site with this website template

$ 75
Touch Photo Responsive Javascript Animated Template

Engage into the photography business with a huge success using this responsive template

$ 69
Responsive Nightclub Web design

Attract people to your nightclub with beautiful and responsive web design. Designed with mobile support in HTML5.

$ 69
Massage Salon Simple Responsive Template

Create the best new spa page for your relaxation experience. Subtle menu styles and packages set up for your services.

$ 69
Grand care responsive HTML 5 template

The perfect template web responsive design for senior care facilities, community centers and senior’s programs around the world.

$ 69
Image Consulting Responsive Parallax Template

The perfect html page template for stylists and fashion consultants. Featuring a modern and neutral design with mobile responsive pages.

$ 69
Tattoo Salon HTML5 CSS3 Web Design

Showcase your designs and tattoo shop in stunning clarity with one of the best html5 css3 templates. Attract new business on mobile.

$ 75
Energo Responsive HTML5 Design

The perfect solution for carmakers, clean energy companies and automobile blogs. High impact and exciting design.

$ 69
Church HTML 5 Responsive Template

Build a page for your place of worship with this religious theme. Inspiring messages, easy updates and mobile support.

$ 69
Domain Services Web Responsive Template

Build a successful site for domain reselling through the support available on this HTML5 template option.

$ 69
Quality HTML5 Responsive Template

The perfect design for showcasing your portfolio, an architecture site or for displaying a new housing development.

$ 69
HostPro Responsive Hosting Website Template

Launch your own host resale business online with this professional parallax html page template design that is also supported on mobile devices.


More about Huge cheap collection to buy HTML5 templates for only 69 dollars

Some of the top reasons that you may want to consider our best website design templates over your own design:

A high quality visual presentation: our designers are constantly creating brand-new templates which can push the limits of HTML 5 design. By consistently creating brand-new webpages we can deliver high quality user interfaces, professional designs for any industry and more. Integrate your own branding and enjoy a professional website that instantly gives your company or idea the credibility that it deserves online. Through a high-quality presentation that our professional design team creates, you can make sure that you have a professional and optimized page.

Easy start-up

Rather than struggling with a website design, our staff can help you not only select the best template for your needs but help you with the installation and integration of our templates. With an easy install on all of our HTML 5 css3 templates, you can be up and running with far less development time than creating a custom page for yourself. This is important if you have an idea that needs to get off the ground immediately.


our designers are extremely well-versed in the art of coding. With many years of experience building high quality website templates, we can produce a product which is capable of performing day in and day out. Producing an error-free html page template will ensure that your website can experience the greatest amount of uptime as well as display on the most number of devices. Rather than potentially struggling through the process of development over many months, you can have a product that can work seamlessly on day one.

Troubleshooting and support:

our staff can not only help with the installation of your new template but with ongoing troubleshooting and support. Through our ongoing support you can have help with your website as well as with changing the template designed to integrate your branding and more. Through our initial setup and ongoing customer service we can deliver a far more competitive service then you may find in some other template sites.

Compliance for SEO:

we use the newest standard of HTML 5 mobile template technology in all of our templates. This ensures that you can get access to a design that is created to help you rank your website. With a fully optimized design, your page can load faster, be easier to rank on search engines and better as a long-term solution. Without proper technical optimization you could be spinning your wheels as a website trying to move your way up search engine rankings. We have studied the latest SEO compliance algorithms to ensure that you can continue to improve and have the right tools for the job.

Timely responses:

From the moment that you purchase your template design you will have access to all of the resources available in the package. This means that you can receive almost instant delivery of the package. We can then help you through the installation process using a CMS or server design of your choice. With this type of customization and support you can have confidence in ordering knowing that your website will be set up within just a short time after your order is processed.

A wide selection:

we have hundreds of templates available with plans to continue creating amazing templates for our customers. With the availability of hundreds of different templates up online, you can find a style that suits the needs of your business or the needs of your industry. By continuing to make brand-new templates our company is helping others to have access to just the type of website design they may be looking for.

As you can see, working with our team to purchase HTML 5 responsive websites can be a great choice for setting up your own top quality website in the shortest amount of time and with the greatest convenience. Please check back on our templates often as we are consistently updating our site with brand-new template designs that could fit your needs.

So why should you be using HTML5 designs?

If you are considering switching over to an HTML 5 design, updating your design or purchasing a brand-new template that falls in line with today's most modern web standards, you may be interested to know what separates HTML 5. There are a number of big factors for why HTML 5 designs can dominate search engine results, look the most professional as well as incorporate modern design elements that have become the standard for mobile browsing and desktop browsing. Some of the top reasons why you may want to consider switching over to HTML 5 or using an HTML 5 web template includes:

Mass accessibility

With accessibility in an HTML 5 document you can often create better tags for readers as well as various roles for elements ensuring that almost any of your page elements can be indexed across search engines. With all of your page elements indexed as well as easy searching on every HTML 5 element on your page, you can have much easier edits done on your page as well as an improved search visibility.

Huge support for audio and video

flash player and other types of A/V support from third-party apps are a thing of the past. HTML 5 browsers integrate media directly into the content making it much simpler to post things like videos, sound files and more. The video and audio tags for HTML 5 treats almost any type of import to the page like an image file ensuring that it can load faster as well as have a mass compatibility across a most any type of browser. In our HTML 5 templates you can make sure that your audio and video content will play across any type of browser and be easily integrated into any page that you create. If you are planning on sharing a lot of audio and video content in your blogs or across your page design, it's extremely important that you think about using an HTML 5 design to incorporate these vast elements and ensure that they are indexed quickly on search engine results.

Optimized code:

optimized code creates a faster loading webpage and with so many great coding elements in HTML 5 standard it's much easier to read the code as well as make edits to your webpage. Through optimized code you can have a webpage that will load fast on mobile browsers as well as a shorter template/code design that can be indexed much easier on search engine results worldwide. HTML 5 has changed the way that we create webpages and across our template designs we have strived to create the fastest loading/easiest code possible.

Improved storage requirements:

local storage through HTML 5 insures even faster loading of webpages and the use of web apps. If you plan to create a unique web app through your website this is one of the best ways that you can create interactive experiences with your users. By loading information through the cache data in the browser ensures that the previous application state can continue to load. This ensures that the user can always have a basic save state of their preferences on your webpage. This could direct them to blogs that they haven't read, save states and applications that you have created for new interactive experiences and more. These improve storage requirements are not only being to greater levels of site satisfaction but more possibilities with content creation.

Possibilities with interactions:

HTML 5 tags and the ability to drag and drop in elements make it easy to edit our html design templates and fun to customize them specifically for your needs. Off-line storage databases, document editing, timed media playback and history element management can help you to create more personalized user experiences. Rich Internet applications such as flash had none of these amazing options or the ability for users to have a custom experience when visiting a webpage.

Amazing cross browser support:

most modern browsers will support HTML 5 but for older style browsers as well as some early mobile browsers, HTML 5 is also supported. With our templates you can have confidence knowing that no matter where your webpage is going to be displayed, it will display without error or without issue. The problem with older style webpages is that sometimes webpage elements simply don't load or you end up with a webpage that simply can't function in older versions of a browser. Through our HTML 5 responsive template design you can have a webpage that will load flawlessly in any browser or any browser update. This ensures that even with future updates to browsers and changes in Web technology, your design will remain timeless.

Crucial mobile support:

the mobile web is only growing in popularity and with so many people trusting their mobile devices as their main tool for web browsing, you could be left out without a website design that isn't compatible. HTML 5 technology allows these mobile devices to continue with their rapid growth. Because HTML 5 css3 templates remain interactive with modern mobile browsers and can display across any mobile browser through a scalable design, you can have one template that will work across tablets, smartphones, iPods and more. With so many changes being made to smart screen displays and with so many different resolutions available on the market, HTML 5 insures that you can always have full-screen browsing, customizable viewport and zoom settings for each device and the fast loading that is required for mobile browsing.

It truly is the modern solution:

HTML 5 is the new and modern standard for web design. It simply outpaces the competition and makes it very difficult to rank a website with any previous type of HTML or flash interface. Not only can you produce a much more beautiful website using this system but it just introduces so many options for customization and improvement. HTML 5 is a requirement for creating seamless mobile browsing experiences and for accessing all of the features and benefits that you can with website creation. Adopting even a template design for HTML 5 webpages could allow you to see an almost instant boost with your website. If you are planning on creating a brand-new website, it's also crucial to start off with the best tools available and these would be HTML5.

As you can see from all of these amazing benefits with HTML 5, we are truly selling the future of Web design in each one of our HTML 5 responsive web designs. We are extremely passionate about the creation tools that HTML 5 has given us as well as all of the improvements that our customers can see as a result of using HTML 5 templates. As a result, we are committed to experimenting and creating brand-new templates that will push the limits of this new design standard.

With over 1000 HTML 5 responsive templates available, feel free to browse our website and to check back often to see all the latest designs that we are working on. Contact our staff at any time if you would like to learn more about our template designs, installation, integration or our experience in this industry.

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