About Us

In the digital age of the Internet, you cannot go without a proper website for your brand. And just having a website is not enough – the website needs to be good enough to attract customers and that means it should be attractive, responsive and user friendly, mobile friendly, and unique. Think those requirements are a little too much to handle? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

SiteReq is a professional web design templates and themes shop, where we bring to you a countless number of website templates to choose from for your website. Our purpose of starting SiteReq was to establish an online web design template store that would cater to all customers – whether they are small business owners, freelancers, or home based artists. For this, we know that everyone has different requirements and budgets, which is why we provide a diverse selection of web design templates. We have different categories including Business, Low Cost, Most Popular, Neutral, Art & Photography, Highly Responsive, etc., so whichever feature you want to focus on, you can find the right template, right here.

We specialize in HTML5 responsive templates, bootstrap templates, business website templates, mobile friendly templates, and logo design templates. We also have readymade templates that easily integrate with your designated content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, and Petrashop. Simply choose the template that you like and it will easily integrate into your site, fitting ideally, providing the best aesthetic and functional appeal. All web templates are created innovatively and uniquely by our team of professional web developers and graphic designers so we guarantee templates that are beautiful, responsive, and innovative!

Shop the unique SiteReq web design template range today! You will love the innovation and creativity we offer for all types of design templates and themes.

What We Offer

  • Bootstrap Templates

    An enormous variety of professionally implemented bootstrap templates that are a very few steps away from web development.

  • HTML5 Responsive Templates

    A massive number of premium quality responsive web design templates that fit seemlessly on desktop, tablet or smart phone screens.