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How it works

Gathering User Data

Optimize Images

Compress your site PNGs, JPEGs, BMPs and many other image formats online without uploading them or entering any URLs.

Prototyping (Wireframes)

Minify JS Files

Minify your site JS files with a single click and zero effort. Minified JavaScript files increase a web page load speed significantly.

Pixel-perfect UI Design

Minify CSS Files

Minify all CSS style sheets used on your web page to boost performance and improve your search engine friendliness.

Development (Coding)

Zip and Download

Once optimizing images and minifying your site JS and CSS files are done. You will be able to download all files in one zip archive.


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Compress your page images

After you enter a valid URL, the tool will search for all the unoptimized images on your web page and reduce their file size. Optimizing images can dramatically boost your web page load time and performance as per Google Page Speed Insights: Optimize Images

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Minify referenced JS files

Not only this tool will compress and optimize your site images, but also will minify every JavaScript file used and referenced on your web page. Minifying JS files can significantly reduce their file size and accordingly improve your page performance and load speed as per Google Page Speed Insights: Minify Resources

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Minify referenced CSS files

Style sheets are usually hundreds of kilobytes in size for average-sized web sites. That's why minifying your site CSS files became crucial and a necessity for search engine optimization and friendliness as mentioned in Google Page Speed Insights: Minify Resources . We made it extremely easy for you with this tool.

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