Top 110 Blog and Article Submission Sites - Instant Approval

Guest blogging is crucial for SEO that's why this post provides a free best blog and article submission sites list with instant approval

Top 110 Blog and Article Submission Sites - Instant Approval

This post will elaborate on the importance of guest blogging to SEO and will provide a list of websites where you can submit your guest posts and articles with almost instant approval.

This post is structured as follows:

  1. Why search engines favor guest posts?
  2. Importance and guest blogging and article submission sites.
  3. List of articles and blog submission sites.
  4. How to become an expert in blogging.
  5. Business opportunities from blog submission sites.
  6. How to achieve authority through article submission sites.
  7. Relationship between backlinks and traffic.
  8. What backlinks genuinely mean.
  9. Definition of naked links.
  10. Why search engines favor meaningful backlinks from guest posts rather than naked ones.

Guest Posts Importance and Why Search Engines Favor Backlinks from them

Building backlinks gets more accessible by the day given the number of authority blog submission sites rising every day.

If you are a writer or a business owner with an online presence, I’m sure you must have come across the term “guest blogging” or guest posting.

  • According to Hubspot, 53% of the top content marketers mention “blogging” as their marketing priority.
  • According to Social Media Examiner, 66% of social media marketers use their blogs in their marketing content.
  • According to Tech Client, Websites that have blogs tend to have 434% more indexed pages.
  • According to Mesheble, 50% of people use the keyword "blogging sites" as their search query for guest posting sites.

Today, there are numerous article submission sites ready to publish your well-written articles or blog posts, offering you the chance to build your brand and create more backlinks for your business.

Guest posting or guest blogging is simply the act of contributing posts or articles for another person’s blog to build exposure, relationships, authority, and links for your blog or website.

Submit your Article to

As you might already know, link building is the primary ranking factor for Google and many other search engines. Therefore, it has become one of the essential strategies in building a strong online presence or authority for your blog or business.

With guest blogging, you have a substantial opportunity to build these links from other websites, commonly known as backlinks. For this reason, this post seeks to open your eyes to the numerous reasons why you must engage in guest posting.

Article Submission Sites Process

Importance of Guest blogging and Article Submission Sites

No one can deny how crucial guest blogging is to your SEO strategy and content marketing. With guest posting, you can:

  1. Acquire robust relationships with other organizations and sites.
  2. Become a real expert in blogging with proven professional write-ups.
  3. Unlock countless business opportunities.
  4. Boost your site’s authority.
  5. Increase sales and quality traffic to your website.

For those benefits, bloggers always look up article submission sites to find opportunities that can take their business to a completely different place with improving their rankings over time.

List of Article and Blog Submission Sites

As rightly mentioned above, among the many benefits guest blogging has to offer is building relationships.

Establishing robust connections with other sites or organizations is one of the advantages (especially for small businesses still trying to make a followership or brand presence) article submission sites can provide.

If you’re entirely new to this, I recommend you check out this list of authority article submission sites that are ready to receive your articles or posts.

Article Submission Sites - Add your site

However, submitting blog posts alone will not generate relationships or build followership for you automatically; the way you handle this can determine how much of benefit you can get from it.

A standard industry phrase states:

Building Relationships Take Time

Writing and submitting your first post or even a couple of more posts to any of these article submission sites will not get you anywhere as you might only get a few responses from it, but consistency would.

We also found that this guide is handy and to-the-point, explaining how to write guest posts and become an expert in blogging. We recommend that you read it if it’s the first time to write a guest post or trying to be more professional.

Article Submission Sites - Learn to interact

When you guest post on other blogs, you build the most solid relationship to that blog as well as invite others to guest post on yours. You can only build relationships when you regularly contribute to a site.

Learn to interact with the audience that read your posts on those sites, probably through comments when you put a call to action or give them something to talk about in each post. Follow up with the blog owners or editors to know the performance of your posts.

These engagement strategies will prove that you are not just another link builder. Instead, you are someone who cares about the community, and this community will open doors for you even for partnerships and more content generation in other sites; hence, more backlinks.

Article Submission Sites - Follow up with the blogger


Consistency Leads to Perfection

Guest posting can offer you the opportunity of gaining status as an expert in a particular field.

As you dive deeper into research to create more posts on a particular area publishing them on these blog sites with a competent authority, the more chances you’ll get to meet different people and interact with them.

Over time as you share your knowledge and make your ideas public, the audience will start to see you as an authority in that area. I’ll give you an example with Ann Smarty, a renowned guest blogger.

Ann started guest posting with Search engine Journal without even knowing what guest blogging was all about back then. She included an author page, and gradually people started seeing her as an expert in guest posting, and that was how was born.

MyBlogGuest by Ann Smarty

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES from blog submission sites

Consistency with guest posting is like building a business without borders. With proper implementation, guest blogging is one way to create for yourself business opportunities.

Article Submission Sites - Business without borders

Creating well-researched contents and establishing solid relationships with article submission sites will drive people to contact you and thirst for your services, especially when they have seen you as an expert, having followed your content for a while.

How to achieve authority from article submission sites

Over time, the more you contribute to a specific field, the more the other sites will start to recognize you as a field expert, and they will begin to share your information widely.

Article Submission Sites - Go-to person

Through this, you can build your credibility, and more readers will see you as the “go-to” person for information. In the future, if your audience, or their connections, needed any of such services, you’ll be the first person to come to mind.

Let’s not forget link building; the primary reason you’re reading this post. Backlinks have the power to transform a new blog by helping it to rank faster on search engines if it has its hyperlinks on contents found on existing authority sites.

If you guest blog on any site like the article submission sites listed here, with your content published regularly, adding hyperlinks to your new blog will be a great way to rank it and boost its quality faster.

According to HubSpot, companies that blog acquire 97% more backlinks to their website.

Who knows, in a few months you could achieve a good DA and Google PR score since these links are coming from valuable sites.

Domain Authority - Website Rank - Traffic

Another advantage attached to link building is that you also get to send web traffic to your website, which also helps to improve your site rank on Alexa as well as Google index.

Apart from these benefits, any increase in your site’s web traffic means more people were coming to your website or blog to learn about your products and services.

These could also generate new leads for your business as people who read your content could contact you on your site through the web links from the guest post content.

At this point, I’m sure you’re getting a full grasp around the reason why you must engage in guest posting. Before you make your decision on how to dive in, we’ve carefully selected about 100 article submission sites with the competent authority for you to start guest blogging.

Some freelance writers utilize this very well to get the word out there about themselves. At the same time, some make money in the process since business owners contact them to write content around their services with hyperlinks to their website, thereby generating backlinks for their websites.

SiteReq Content Writing Services

However, if you’re still not convinced on why you should take guest posting seriously as a business owner, we’ll make a comparison with backlinks from guest posts and naked backlinks and see why Google favors the former than the latter.

However, before we go further, let’s go deeper into what link building is all about, what backlinks mean, and how they function.

Backlinks are links that go from an external site to your blog or website. If another site includes a link to one of the pages on your website, you’ve received a backlink, and these little links are excellent for your site’s SEO if you get the quality ones.

You must remember this; although backlinks are good and can generally affect your website positively, they can also destroy the hard work on your site if not appropriately managed.

So your focus should not be on getting any backlink from any site you see out there. Many factors affect link building, and the effect depends on the type of link you’re building.

I recommend reading a post that I wrote recently about search engine positioning tactics by heading over to Tactic 13 – Impose an authoritative link profile to have in-depth insights on how search engines evaluate backlinks.

Initially, websites were acquiring any backlink they could get even through spam websites with black hat SEO strategies. Still, Google had to update its Penguin algorithm, which now treats each backlink with the right attention it deserves.

Article Submission Sites High Quality Backlinks

To explain link building from what we have discussed so far, it is merely the holistic process of improving your site’s SEO rankings using backlinks. To do this properly, you’ll have to keep up to date with Google’s constant algorithm updates to know which links will help or hurt your site to avoid misusing it.

Now that we’ve made clear headway in trying to understand these two terms, let’s look at naked links and guest post backlinks you’ll get from any of these
authority blog submission sites and see why it’s essential to make use of guest posting in building your backlinks.

If you’ve come across URLs linking you to another site without any word text, phrase, or sentence, then you came across a naked link. Naked links are hyperlinks that use the URL itself as the anchor text. You can call these links as “naked” since the URL is entirely visible to the readers.

Article Submission Sites - Keyword vs. Naked Backlinks

On the other hand, when writing a blog post or article for submission on article submission sites, you’re not expected to use too much of naked links.

You should find a way to use anchor texts that naturally blend in with the content you’re writing.

I’ll explain further as we discuss why Google favors guest backlinks from guest posts.

Why search engines favor backlinks from guest posts than naked links?

One of the ways search engines determine the relevancy of a backlink is through the anchor text. For example, if your website is continually getting backlinks with the anchor text “Pet bags,” Google is going to assume that your site is about pet bags.

When you include plenty of naked URLs in a post, you’re automatically telling everyone, including search engines and the site editors, that you’re merely looking for backlinks and not interested in educating the reader.

What will happen when you do this repeatedly is simple; Google will evict you!

Since this can also affect the health of the site as Google won’t know what to make out of your links, it is best to use anchor texts that are contextual and naturally link with the information you’re sharing on the post.

Using the right anchor text is very important for several reasons, which is why Google favors it more than naked links. A contextual anchor text gives search engines as well as your readers a hint about the web page or site they are about the visit when they click the link.

For this reason, it’s not advisable to use anchor texts like “click here,” “our website,” and other frequent calls to action like phrases too much.

That does not mean that a single action-phrased backlink will hurt your website’s ranking. Still, it’s always advisable to impose a fewer percentage of that type, compared to informational backlinks in your overall backlink profile to look more natural to search engines.

Using keywords as contextual anchor text for your hyperlinks would help you rank for specific keywords on Google since they flow naturally with the post, unlike naked backlinks. Google is more committed to making information readily available to readers and less interested in your link building.

So it favors links that appear natural and has information about the site through the anchor text, which yields to be the links coming to your website from high-quality blogs and articles.

By now, I’m sure you now know the importance of guest posts, how they can help improve your business, and how backlinks and link building are work altogether to enhance your search engine rankings.

If you have not considered guest posting as something important, I’m sure you now do.

So take your time and go through our list of 100 article submission sites you can guest post on, pick out a few, and start with them. Remember, consistency and engagement is the key. Engage your audience and never leave them out when they seek more information.

Use the appropriate anchor text for your hyperlinks. Make it as contextual and natural as possible.

Article Submission Sites - Consistency is key

Do avoid keyword stuffing as these sites can be penalized by search engines when you do so, which means to prevent that, they might reject your article or accept them without ever getting them published.

Focus on creating excellent and well-researched content to educate your audience rather than just getting backlinks. Remember, the goal of search engines is to keep readers informed with easier access to quality information.

If you place this as your priority, too, you won’t have a hard time creating quality content that still has useful hyperlinks on it for your site. Get started today, and you’ll be amazed how much your business can grow with this in a short while.


Growing your site and improving its positioning is becoming harder every day, considering the continuous improvements of search engine quality algorithms, yet it still possible.

Despite the search engine improvements, numerous case studies proved that only quality backlinks are still the dominant factor in improving a website’s rank.

Quality backlinks are those informational ones that help the readers know more about your topic by reading more details when they click an external backlink.

The best medium to provide quality backlinks is blogging since blogs are informational and considered as a traffic magnet, and that’s why I shared a great list of 100 article submission sites in the post to make your outreach easier.

If you have any feedback or more insights, feel free to leave me a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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