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Mobile Apps Development Technology Guest Posts

Mobile apps are dominating digital marketing. Users spend a higher number of hours using mobile apps than using web or desktop apps on a daily basis. In 2017, it's been reported that, on the average, users spend around 3+ hours per day using mobile devices and just 2.2 hours on desktop or laptop.

That's why we have dedicated a guest posting category for mobile applications development to let top mobile app developers share their knowledge and experience and spread their skills around the world.

The aim of this guest posting category is to help other developers build world-class and stunning mobile apps using various different technologies starting with native development on iOS Swift or Objective-C and Android Kotlin or others, and also cross-platform development like React Native, Cordova and more.

It's also not limited to mobile apps development but also we are looking for articles that help mobile app builders improve the user experience and design of their apps.

Start blogging now and share your experience!

The Latest in Mobile App Development

Why Should You Use iOS to Create Your First Mobile App?

In this article, We have given our brief thoughts and analysis on why Mobile Applications for iOS platforms can be profitable.

mobile appmobile app developmentios app development
React Native Swiper - The Easiest Unique 5 Ways to Start

The ultimate guide to React Native swiper plugins including swipeable lists, swipeout style examples and swipe a list item to delete.

mobile app developmentreact native
React Native Modal Box - Everything you Need to Know

A guide to show a React Native Modal box in full screen, bottom-half screen, transparent background, close on click outside with style examples

mobile app developmentreact native

More Mobile App Development Guest Posts

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How App Development Job Does Taking Place In The Future?

App development has many faces in terms of devices such as laptops, mobile, and tablet but the result is the same only the languages might differ.

mobile appmobile app development
Compressed - 835da19c-5203-4f8f-b9ab-0249ce2eaea9
The Easiest Way to Get React Native Device Information

A step by step guide to retrieve device information in a React Native application using react-native-device-info plugin with code snippets in each step

mobile appreact native
Compressed - 6be8e7f3-9278-4444-b90f-ee76b33ad481
8 Tips to Improve Mobile Application Security

Mobile app development is on rise. How do you protect your online security during the app development?

mobile app development
Compressed - d11e3385-d6c9-4650-ba68-46910b13bcfc
Features of OTT Video Apps And How Much It Cost To Develop

There are many who are into live streaming applications but are still not aware of what OTT is! In fact, more than 50 percent of OTT.

mobile appmobile app development
Compressed - 41af8ec4-c6f5-497c-9f65-e98fc8d207c8
React Native Video by Example - All Issues Resolved

A step-by-step thorough guide that will use both React Native video and player plugins into one single demo app with code attached

mobile appreact native
Compressed - 8fa755ef-bff2-42c4-8290-14a0811e276b
Two Easy Ways to Add React Native Background Image

The ultimate guide to adding a react native background image to your application with two straightforward different approaches

mobile appreact native
Compressed - 01caf929-eed5-4e9e-ac1d-12a1dd9330b1
The Easiest Way to Upgrade React Native to Version 0.60.5

The simplest and unique guide to upgrade your react native app to version 0.60.5 and handle all the common errors gracefully and step by step

mobile appreact native
Compressed - 743b1ce7-d302-462d-a047-5f68c88f19f5
3 Steps to Add React Native Dropdown List to your Project

The simplest and straight forward guide to adding a react native dropdown select menu to a react native project in 3 steps

mobile appreact native
Compressed - caf8639a-ca12-42ac-a188-84d5ea790752
React Native Run Android on Mac in 3 Steps

The ultimate and simplest guide to run "react native run android" on mac in 3 easy steps with screenshots and commands.

android app developmentreact native
Compressed - 6e699c70-931c-42a4-b00c-13418b56ae1b
How to migrate an existing Cordova app to VS2017

The complete guide to migrating an existing Cordova application to a Cordova project on Visual Studio 2017 with building and running the app in 3 steps

Compressed - 6095c36c-416a-4b19-938c-391af940ee0e
6 Commands to Publish PhoneGap Apps to Playstore

A 6-steps super easy guide with commands that would walk you through building, signing and publishing an Android PhoneGap application to Google playstore.

Compressed - cd8b2c01-dd47-432c-9804-a918dacb2c57
Phonegap fix com.google.android.gms:play-services

Quick guide to fix the PhoneGap error "could not find any version that matches com.google.android.gms:play-services-g cm:9.8+" building android APK


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