Features of OTT Video Apps And How Much It Cost To Develop

Features of OTT Video Apps And How Much It Cost To Develop

There are many who are into live streaming applications but are still not aware of what OTT is! In fact, more than 50 percent of OTT.

Features of OTT Video Apps And How Much It Cost To Develop

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There are many who are into live-streaming applications but are still not aware of what OTT is! In fact, more than 50 percent of OTT and it is being played for more than 100 minutes every single day.

Live-streaming app development is surely going to get the TV cables out very soon, and this is because of the rise of OTT. If you still believe that you do not know what it is, then let me reveal to you that there is a very high chance that it is in your mobile application list for sure! 

Live streaming apps

OTT Applications: A Brief Overview

OTT stands for Over The Top and because of this, you are able to stream different types of videos with the help of internet facilities right on your smart device.

The live-streaming technology does not require any kind of satellite and cable subscription. All you need to do is to get plugin your device and get the OTT application downloaded and thus, you can have your favorite show right in front of you.

There are a number of live-streaming applications which can help you enjoy your favorite movies and shows with in the form of Prime, Hulu, Netflix and more.

So, hopefully, you are clear about what it is and how you are using it on a regular basis. When it comes to OTT applications, it is not only related to videos. There are different types of OTT development services available in the market as mentioned below, take a look:

● Video


● Audio

● Messaging

From music app developers to video app developers, all of them are high in demand as the rise of this technology is certainly paving the way for the bigger world of OTT.

OTT Video Apps: Features

1. Multilingual Content

If you like to have your live-streaming application connected to the audience all around the world, then it is very important that you infuse content of more languages, keeping aside English.

With the help of OTT video application development, you certainly do this and get the maximum engagement you are looking forward to having. Netflix is a prime example of it, with more a million users streaming videos for hours.

2. Search

With the help of an OTT video streaming application , you also get the feature of search option with which you will also be able to look for your favorite shows without any kind of hassle. This option exclusively allows one to look for the content with various filter options. You will be able to look for shows as per your favorite genre with ease.

3. User Profile

These applications come with the feature of one having their own profile, with which they can have complete access to their account. Yes, it allows them to watch the content according to their subscribed program and needs.

It is a no-brainer feature which is a must in all live-streaming apps as it gives users their own set of attributes.

4. Watch list

This is another exciting feature of OTT video streaming applications, which allows users to tag the content which they would like to watch later whenever they are free.

So, they just go to notification and catch the respective content with ease with the help of this feature rather than searching for it again. It basically works like a reminder attribute.

5. Social Features

Well, social features literally play a huge role in OTT app development service. Yes, you can hire android app developer or iOS app developer and understand how this feature can completely change the experience of relishing your favorite content time and again.

You will be able to share the content with ease, and it will also allow the application to meet the target of daily active users with ease. The users should be able to log in to the applications with the help of social media provision so that it can help them with a better experience.

6. Screen Mirroring

As per the study, it has been stated by a number of professional entertainment application development companies that you can boost your engagement results with the feature of screen mirroring.

It allows the users to get their applications on screens like on the desktop or even TVs. This feature can be exclusively implemented in two ways, with which you can have your OTT app available for TV and desktop devices:

● With the help of Google Cast SDK

● With the feature of screen mirroring and AirPlay

7. In-App Purchases

This feature is also a very important part of OTT application development.

Yes, with the help of this feature, the users will be able to get their subscription needs to be covered without any kind of hassle and difficulty. The in-app purchases feature will help you experience a seamless money transfer service on your live-streaming application.

So, these are the important features which one should have while getting their OTT live-streaming application developed. It will then get more attention and eventually the success they are looking forward to having.


When it comes to cost estimation of OTT video application development , it exclusively depends upon a wide range of factors. Take a look:

● It depends upon the number of attributes you are using in your application.

● It depends upon the platforms the respective live-streaming application will be working upon.

● It also depends upon the geographical location of the company who will be helping you with your development needs.

It can roughly cost you between USD 40K to USD 50K in the USA, if you want to get it develop in India then it will cost you around USD 15K to USD 25K.

It is important that all the factors are checked properly to have your application built in the best possible way. You can discuss this with your professional application development expert and then initiate with the process to go live as quickly as possible.

Wrapping Up

With the help of an OTT application, you will certainly catch up with the latest trending entertainment business.

But it is important that you get connected with the right custom IOS app development company with which you can make the most out of it as per the given features above.

With the help of on OTT applications, you will be able to help your audience to instantly stream your favorite shows online right on your smartphone itself.

Yes, it is the present and most probably the future of entertainment industry as it gives you everything and that as per your convenience and needs.

Whether you want to watch a film, a favorite Yoga instructor session, or desire to learn something, you can do all of this just with the help of an OTT application.

So, it's a business which will certainly open the doors of opportunities and if all goes well, it will certainly help you with excellent results. 

A company with which you can make the most out of it as per the given features above.

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Features of OTT Video Apps And How Much It Cost To Develop
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