4 Things You Need to Know about Employee Monitoring Apps

4 Things You Need to Know about Employee Monitoring Apps

Keep track of your employees with the help of the best employee monitoring tool. Find out the advantages of staff monitoring and secure your business.

4 Things You Need to Know about Employee Monitoring Apps

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In today’s fast-going world, keeping track of everything is quite challenging. Among businesses, it is crucial to supervise each employee manually and individually. 

To keep everything going within a corporate system, companies use employee monitoring systems.

But how do employers manage everything in the workplace?

Let’s find out.

What is Employee Monitoring?

What is Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring is supervising staff attendance, duty activities, performance, and productivity to find out the dedication of resources at a workplace. It is hard for management to keep a check on everything happening in the office, manually. 

To keep everything going smoothly in business, employers use the best staff monitoring tools such as employee surveillance apps.

Here is how companies keep eyes on their employees:

  • By monitoring employee actions with the help of security cameras.
  • With the help of GPS tracking, businesses locate their employees.
  • By installing employee monitoring software in all work phones and desktops, management can evaluate staff productivity.

Technology has accelerated employee surveillance that an app solely can perform everything mentioned above.

Yes, staff monitoring apps can help business owners to watch everything their employee does.

Today, several apps are available ensuring complete employee monitoring that includes camera recording, GPS tracking, and mobile or desktop spying.

Such ease, isn’t it?

It is not easy to find the authorized platform to avail of the tracking service in current digital times. There are a lot of employee monitoring apps that offer employee surveillance products with advanced features. 

A user can install that app on the work phone and capture the screen remotely. It also empowers to record the sound of the surroundings.

How do monitoring apps work?

how employee monitoring app works

Employee monitoring apps work in the background and collect all the details. It sends the data to the end-server using an internet connection. Make sure that you use a stable internet connection to avail of the tracking services efficiently. 

It works in the background and gives no clue to the target device user.

Hacks to Ensure Business Security

Ensure Business Security
Ensure Business Security

Large investments can bring remarkable results and turn your small business into a big name. But a company cannot run with only investments until it follows security terms. Yes, your competitors can harm your business or hackers can steal sensitive details.

Cybercriminals know every potential way to target the companies, and you will have no idea when they steal information from your device. To ensure business security, you need to follow some security practices.

1 – Secure your Hardware

Business security includes physical property too. Never take such a big risk and leave your systems & cell phones without security software. 

Keeping such properties in the lock is also a convenient way to keep your business supplies secure from getting physically stolen by thieves.

2 – Encrypt your Sensitive Data

Data breaches are a nightmare that can fall into the wrong hands at any time. But understanding what your data is significant. Encryption will secure all your customer details, information of staff, and company deals.

3 – Understand Whom You Should Hire

Business success depends on many factors, and employees are the main players here. 

When you start the hiring process, ensure the previous record of the employees. Competitors can send a spy in your company that can harm your business reputation.

4 – Tell Them What Links Should They Click

62% of cyber-attacks are done by phishing. Educating the employees about internet threats can minimize the threat risks. 

You should also notify them of some crucial tips to fight against cyber-attacks, such as they should change the password from time to time. Ask them not to open emails from unknown people.

5 – Employee Monitoring Apps

Sometimes, we do not see the truth behind the curtains and hire the wrong people. But now, it is possible to monitor the work phones remotely. 

Best employee monitoring tool like TheWiSpy empowers the managers to check the incoming and outgoing calls plus allows them to monitor the emails. It helps to detect if anyone is providing your company’s sensitive details to a third party.

Now, let’s discuss some benefits of the monitoring app that impact increasing the productivity of enterprises.

The Advantages of Using Employee Monitoring Apps for Enterprises:

Advantages of Using Employee Monitoring
Advantages of Using Employee Monitoring

Employee surveillance apps enable company management to take full control of work devices. Not only, employers can monitor work phones and desktops, but also restrict internet use remotely with the help of a staff monitoring app.

Note that, before you start spying on the digital activities of your employees, make sure your company asks for the employee’s consent. Otherwise, employee monitoring will be illegal.

Now, the main point; let’s see some benefits organizations get by using staff surveillance apps.

  • Increased Staff Productivity:

Employee monitoring indeed boosts staff productivity. When your resources know that their every action is under surveillance, they pay more attention to their work. 

On the other hand, employers can easily monitor the performance of their staff members efficiently.

  • Ensure Data Security:

The corporate information is confidential to every enterprise. No one can guarantee if any of your employees sharing business data to the company rivals. Well, to avoid such a mess, enterprises should keep keen eyes on their employees. 

Staff monitoring apps help business management to track every move of their employees to ensure the protection of business information.

  • Monitor Bandwidth:

Internet bandwidth misuse is common among companies. To control and manage bandwidth abuse, using an employee monitoring app is the ultimate solution. You can monitor internet bandwidth usage remotely and find out who disrupts your company’s work tasks.

  • Detect Lazily Employees:

Enterprises need to keep an eagle eye on their staff members. If left unsupervised, no one can guarantee that the employees are working or not. With the help of staff monitoring, companies can detect disloyal employees who waste their time doing unimportant activities.

  • Create Online Productivity Reports:

Employee surveillance has made it easier to create productivity reports. Now, there is no need to mark attendances and create productivity reports manually. 

Employee monitoring apps help to manage everything on the go. From performance reports to other activities, the staff surveillance software covers it all.



In 2019, 1506 data breach cases were reported, and 41% of companies had credit card details that were stolen by cybercriminals. Such cybercriminal activities can become a reason for your downfall. 

We have shared the best tips to ensure business security that can help you to deal with cyber threats. Employee monitoring app can also reveal if someone (in your company) is spying on you and trying to ruin the reputation. 

You can also track the current location of the employees & check the history too. 

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4 Things You Need to Know about Employee Monitoring Apps
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