Employers desire a successful business, they hunt for the best candidates whose knowledge and experience can aid them in achieving business goals.


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Organizational productivity is directly proportional to the performance of its employees. Employers desire a successful business, they hunt for the best candidates whose knowledge and experience can aid them in achieving business goals.

Apparently, an employee’s performance on his job is the key to the success of an organization, which can be achieved by encouraging and motivating them for betterment in their performance. 

Work environment contributes to employee performance along with salaries and benefits.

The State of Employee Engagement Survey reported that 31% of the employees wished that their superiors communicated frequently with them. 

Which in turn means that 1/3rd of the employees feel that their managers are unaware or unheeding to the noteworthy reasons of stress that drops their performance levels.

Understanding employee productivity is not a simple aspect of management but can be acquired through various methods and strategies and transmitted through efficient means of communication. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics infers that an average employee spends about 8.8 hours every day at work, which explains that the employee well-being is affected by his work environment. Orchestrating a pleasant and a warm workplace aids in increasing productivity.

Here are 5 top of the list ways to boost employee productivity in the office.


Various backgrounds, personalities, needs and wants to coincide in a single organization. Accordingly, the programs and methods that stimulate these employees to work hard will vary.

One of the biggest challenges managers face in the workplace is the existence of workforce from Generation Z to the baby boomers. It is tricky to pinpoint the expectations and needs of every generation. Each generation exhibits a range of approaches with respect to work-life balance, compensations, training opportunities and benefits.

Familiarity with the kind of population in your organization is as easy as taking out some time to hear out what the employees have to say. This is determined by the kind of species or individuals that exist in the organization.


Many employees fail to understand the correlation between employee productivity and accessibility of knowledge. Increasing employee productivity is directly related to creating a warm and a cordial atmosphere for the employees to perform their jobs.

Knowledge must be easily accessible and centralized binding managers, employees, and patterns to the updates and any news concerned with the organization. Knowledge is not limited to the resolutions or decisions of the top management. 

Regardless of their location, employees must also cooperate with each other in real time. An intranet is a great platform to make sure that your team is accessible to all the required information. Instead of employees verifying emails endlessly, it is crucial to accommodate a stop solution for all their communication needs. 

Search capabilities will also be improved with the intranet. Reducing the time consumed for a simple program or file and escalating employee productivity.


Perpetual training aids in upgrading talent within the organization. Reinforcement of training on prevailing skills boosts productivity by avoiding basic blunders, which breathes new life into existing jobs. In addition to it retaining your employees proves to be less expensive than recruiting new ones.

Minimizing training activities might feel like a great way to save efforts, money and time of the organization. Training is crucial to accomplishing the given task with necessary skills. 

Other than the actual training, employees must be encouraged for continuous development in terms of increased responsibilities, workshops, individual coaching, courses, mentoring and shadowing. Providing these possibilities will empower added skills that enable them to improvise their productivity and efficiency.


Studies have shown that recognizing employees has a significant impact on their productivity and your ROI. It suggests that 78% of the employees work hard and are strongly driven when they experience their efforts being rewarded. 

They tend to experience an increased emotional commitment towards their jobs when they are recognized which results in increased efforts. It is important that the recognition happens on a regular basis in order to have a stronger and a persistent impact. 

The more the focus on recognition, the greater are your chances of happier and motivated workforce. Constant recognition and appreciation approves their work, acknowledges them of their effort being noticed and orients them with company values.

It is important to abandon your team from disappointments, which can be accomplished by celebrating smaller achievements. They deserve to be appreciated irrespective of the outcome of certain projects. All that needs to be done is to focus on employee reward system.


Assisting your employees in comprehending what they are working towards is the most effective way to improve productivity. Discuss company objectives, visions, and goals and motivate them to help your organization accomplish goals, which will not just push them to work harder but will also facilitate a value and a meaning to their work by fathoming that they are an important part of the organization. 

Employees encounter a series of distractions that deter their quality of work. A work culture that puts its employees first recognizes hard work all through the year and relates employees regarding their contribution towards the goals of the organization which in turn results in great work and increased productivity.

Employees must not be assigned trivial, unnecessary tasks when they are focusing on bigger goals. For instance, if the team is asked to provide a daily report to their seniors and the seniors are not finding enough time to go through the reports, it is best to consider cutting the reporting requirement. Doing things like this, only as a formality is a waste of valuable time which could, in turn, be employed to achieve organizational goals.

When it comes to evaluating employee performance and productivity managers must be flexible, vigilant and observant. A solution begins when you recognize a problem; management must be devoted to developing necessary processes, structure, and culture to sustain the transformations in an organization.

Enhancing productivity of the employees is as elementary and uncomplicated as completely accessing the usefulness of the social intranet software. Sharing and collaboration lead to knowledge and trust that can be employed to generate a healthy work environment that your employees can thrive in. 

Once a cordial and a comfortable workplace is established, employees feel encouraged to coordinate with one another, while sharing ideas, a victorious workforce will definitely follow.

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