7 skills a good web developer must have

7 skills a good web developer must have

If you are planning to venture into web development, here are the top 7 skills that a good web developer should have.

7 skills a good web developer must have

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If you are planning to venture into web development, you will want to know the skills required for a web designer. Before we get into the web designers skills required, we need to understand who a web developer is. 

In simple terms, the role of a web developer is to develop web apps. 

Some roles that come with this job include back-end, front-end, UI development and full-stack. To perform these duties efficiently, there are certain skills needed to be a web developer. 

Here are the top 7 skills that a good web developer should have.

1. Creative thinking

As a web developer, your role will be to turn the verbal ideas of your client into the stunning design concept. If you want to create something quite extraordinary, you will need to think outside the box and look ahead. 

It is worth noting that you will unlikely see the whole picture at the beginning. However, as you work through those half-baked thoughts, you will end up creating a successful idea that will not only help you to get started but can offer you a wide range of options. 

Even as you analyze the different scope of ideas, you will need to compare them and find the similarities and differences that will help you to create concepts, take a look at certain aspects and therefore, improve the project. 

This is why creative thinking should be in a web developer skills resume.

Creative Thinking

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2. Understanding UX/UI design

To ensure that users can easily communicate with your website or app, you will need to have a web skill for what to include in a user-friendly interface. First, you will need to have an idea of a website that you are working on. 

You will need to ensure that navigation is easier and guests will not get lost. This is why an understanding of how to UI elements in a way that is quite efficient is one of the web developer required skills.

Statistics indicate that near 90% of users will not return to a website if they get a bad experience. This is why among the key skills required for web designer you need to pay special attention to is the UX. 

You will need to carry out a research to understand the people you are designing the site for, their scenarios and ensure that user testing is implemented. Understanding UI/UX design is among the web developer requirements.

3. Understand mobile design

Mobile web design is now one of the requirements for software developer skills. This is because, unlike in the past, a lot of web traffic is now being generated through the mobile devices. If you want to ensure that you deliver a top-range product, you cannot ignore this web developer qualification. 

Therefore, you will need to not only be alert but to ensure that you adhere to the mobile web design principles. This will help you to optimize your website for the mobile devices as you pay more attention to all aspects of logo-optimization.

4. Basic knowledge of CSS and HTML

Another one in the web designer skill list that is being emphasized in the web developer education is the knowledge of coding. If you want to clearly understand the process of web development and how to be a good web developer

you will need to have an idea of different programming languages used and whether they expand or restrict your ability to design. 

You will need to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Some people don’t understand the importance of HTML as one of the skills needed to be a web developer. It is important because it is the basis of understanding how the internet works. 

When you begin with the basics such as HTML, you will understand the building of websites, creating them and even editing them.

CSS is all about the site’s visual appearance. This is a key for the front-end developer skill, as it is what enables them to see how the app is able to interact with the design. The back-end developers also need to have a basic understanding of CSS.

Web Development Skills

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5. JavaScript

If you are wondering how to become a web developer without a degree, you will need to understand the 3 layers of web development. These are the content layer or structure, presentation or style layer, and the behavior. 

To succeed in the first layer, you will need a good understanding of HTML. 

In the second layer, you need to understand CSS. For a better user experience, you will need to understand JavaScript, as this is what defines how the app or web page will behave. 

Therefore, if you are wondering how to become a good web developer, JavaScript is an important skill that you need to learn.

6. Learn to create killer copies

Among the key skills that should be in the web developer skills list is the ability to create a killer copy. 

This is among the skills' website, as there are times when you will be required to create a copy of a site. This is especially the case if you will not be working with copywriters. 

If as a designer, you have copywriting among your web design skills list, you can be assured that you will attract more clients and at a premium price. Therefore, understanding how to create that killer copy is one of the leading web developer requirements

You will even be able to create killer marketing emails when you learn how to create a stellar copy.

Web Development Code Skills

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7. Be a good listener

This is among the important web develop qualifications. This is because you will be working with the clients’ requirements for how they would like their website to look like. 

If you do not listen carefully to your clients, you can never succeed as a good web designer. 

Your clients will tell or ask you to change or tweak the design while you are midway through. Rather than allowing frustrations to set in, learn to listen to what the client needs.

Consider their ideas and always give your input professionally. If you find that what they need is something that you can do, then go ahead and do it.


If you are searching for such job with web developer qualifications, you will need to ensure that these web designer skills list is something that you have. With this programming skills list, you will be on your way to success.

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7 skills a good web developer must have
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