Top Insane but True Web Design Facts

Top Insane but True Web Design Facts

What do you think? A website with pleasant aesthetics is enough? Or if it’s outward visual appearance is giving its visitors nice vibes.

Top Insane but True Web Design Facts

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What do you think? A website with pleasant aesthetics is enough? Or if it’s outward visual appearance is giving its visitors nice vibes, do you think your work is just done here? Not at all! You need to look beyond that. There is a lot more to website than what only a visitor sees. Remember! Its functionality demands to be justified.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

All you need are the three key elements:

  1. Look
  2. Feel
  3. Work 

These are described clearly by the father of modern technology Steve Jobs. Web design layouts have a lot to do other than their outward visual appearances. Why? Want to look behind the curtain? Read the content below and get amazed by insane things about web designs.

Content: King of marketing

What do you know about content? Do you think only textual material fits in the definition of content? Nay! Content of Web design layouts is much more than words and sentences i.e. it includes any kind of multimedia: images, GIFs, videos and words that can be used for communication and conveying the message in interactive way possible.

Content: King of marketing

How is content the king of marketing? It’s simple. Imagine marketing of any business at any platform. What would it be like if it is marketed without pictures, videos or even text? It’s a fact that marketing is dead meat without content. Content is everything in a website design as it tricks, engages and attracts visitors.

No SEO? No audience!

No SEO? No Audience

You did everything extraordinary for your website. It is perfect in every way. Let’s say you have the most amazing website in this world. But if you have no SEO that supposed-to-be-the-most-amazing-website-in-the-world is as useless as a door nail. Why?

Well, what is a purpose of doing all that hard work if your website has no audience and no traffic? 

That is a common mistake, even today! Your perfect website design demands to be ranked on the top of search engines to get more traffic. Remember! No SEO means your website design is purposeless and useless.  

Design that highlights user’s engagement areas

This is one of the serious issue to focus on. When a user is guided chaotically by your website design, he/she will instantly prefer to leave. With this horrible experience user will easily fall into the inviting arms of your competitors. You don’t want that, do you? 

Your design should be interactive enough to anchor user’s attention to the areas where you want his/her engagement. Your visitor must sail through entire website easily and comfortably. Bad and complicated design is not an option.

Why your website requires social media integration?

Your Website and Social Media Integration

Social Media is the significant platform of internet today. 2020 web design trends include integration of social media as a must. People are getting smarter and concerned. They are familiar that even the catchy and best description of product can be fake.

They get satisfied by reading authentic reviews of other users. For that, social media is the best way to build credibility. Your social media profiles should be kept interesting and responsive as they can give you a lot of customers and user engagements.

Are pre-packaged templates a good option?

Website Templates Benefits

Pre-packaged templates aren’t a good option mostly. As they limit a lot of options that you may want to add later. They do look like an-easy-way-out and yes! It is true too. They are. Anyone can create website with such templates even having no knowledge of coding at all.

But your website design loses its believably and credibility because of inflexibility. If you force adding something new in your template it will give a clear vibe like its patched-together. Web design layouts that are custom-made according to your demands and needs are always the best option. 

Different browser? Different website rendering!

Search the same website from two different browsers. Don’t you find it different? You’ll clearly see the same website is displayed differently on the screen. Why? It’s because every browser translates code and displays on screen in its own unique way. 

Even some browsers will not recognize code at all. Make sure you have a professional web designer who knows HTML and CSS standards and who is capable to ensure that your website will function best across different browsers.

There are so many interesting features and complexities in web designs, more than those that are mentioned above. If I have missed something, tell us in the comment section what you find interesting and complicated while designing a web design.

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Top Insane but True Web Design Facts
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Walid, thank you for your thoughts. You talk about UI elements and the content of the user interface, but what do you think about UX problems or poor technical implementation? For example, in the first iterations, my site was developed by the Eastern developers, and this was too bad (the scripts are loaded slowly, the html code was incorrect). I changed them to European and the site has changed. Content has not changed, only the implementation. How serious are you about the implementation?

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