How to Create Attractive Landing Pages

How to Create Attractive Landing Pages

The biggest factor in determining your success on the internet - landing pages.

How to Create Attractive Landing Pages

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A lot of people who use the internet to make money care about being good enough - they work hard to earn just enough to get by without putting in the work to truly excel. 

But, if the fields of economy and sociology have taught anything, it is that we need to work smarter, not harder. In this article, we’ll try to focus on the sole thing that is the biggest factor in determining your success on the internet - landing pages. 

Get this right on your website, and you’ll see an increase in viewership, revenue, and prominence; it is almost guaranteed. This article will teach you how, so continue reading!

What are Landing Pages?

To fully make use of the power of landing pages, you must first understand them. Landing pages are the main web pages on your website - they are the pages that you can easily access through the navigation bar, they are the pages that have the most useful information for your visitor/client, and they are the pages you want to redirect people to. 

Most, if not all, of the revenue you’ll generate will come through these landing pages!

What Do You Need to Know to Create the Best Landing Pages?

Now that you’ve learned what are landing pages and why they are so vital, you need to learn how to construct the best landing pages that will increase revenues, satisfy visitors, and make you more visible. 

Here are the things you need to pay attention to and the steps you need to take to make that a reality:

#1 How to Conceptualize Different Landing Pages

Conceptualize Different Landing Pages

Every landing page is created with a specific purpose in mind and targets a specific set of people - you have to conceptualize each landing page, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the purpose of the landing page? 
    • Some simple pages are intended to collect the contact information of visitors and that’s it. 
    • Some pages aren’t meant to generate any revenue but aim to increase the confidence of visitors on the site and you. 
    • Others are designed specifically to make the users click on the purchase/buy links. 
    • Each landing page has its unique purpose, and you should keep it in mind.
  • How do the landing pages interact with each other? 
    • No landing page exists in a vacuum. 
    • The landing page that’s meant to increase consumer confidence is there to make the landing page where you sell your products look more attractive. 
    • You need to pay special attention to the way the landing pages interact with each other and design them in a way that makes these interactions yield maximum results.

#2 Proceed and Start Implementing the Landing Pages

How you approach the design and the implementation of the landing pages depends on whether you have programming knowledge or not.

Implement Landing Pages

Are you a programmer?

Programming skills will save you a lot of research and money - it will save you from going and spending money on an agency to design the landing pages for you.

If you are a designer, then everything is in your hands. No programmer or service can tell you what’s possible and what’s not - everything is in your hands. 

You won’t need to use restrictive web development tools that create an inadequate and buggy website for you.

You don’t have programming knowledge?

If you don’t have programming knowledge, there are basically two paths open in front of you - you either try to use the basic and mostly free tools available on the internet to create basic landing pages or you’ll use a PSD to HTML conversion service to ensure your landing page design becomes reality. 


The former is quite basic, and unless you’re willing to sink a significant amount into learning and perfecting those tools, you won’t likely be able to create something functional. 

The conversion service, on the other hand, gives you way more reliable results. Although, it might cost you more.

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How to Create Attractive Landing Pages
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