Web Design Can Boost the Value of Your Business

A website is an important aspect of your business. It's often your best chance to make a good first impression and win new customers.

Web Design Can Boost the Value of Your Business

The following topics will be discussed in this post.

Your website is one of the most important aspects of your business. 

It’s like your virtual storefront, and it’s often your best chance to make a good first impression on customers. 

As such, it should be no surprise that web design plays a huge role in determining the ultimate value of your business.

In this post, you’ll learn:

1. What factors help to determine the value of your businesses.

2. How website design can impact value. 

3. The features of website design that matter with Google.

Why business value is important

There’s a saying, “A business worth owning is a business worth running.” 

This is because a business that possesses valuable characteristics usually runs smoothly and profitably. 

Some of these characteristics include:

● Well-assessed risks and well-developed risk management strategies.

● Efficient processes.

● Accurate records.

● Strong future growth prospects.

● A well-known and trusted brand.

This last point is particularly important. Today’s market is crowded and competitive. 

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. By working to develop a strong brand that people recognize and trust, it’s easier for new customers to find you and also for existing ones to become loyal to your company.

Web design is critical for helping you build this strong brand, which is one of the key ways it helps boost the overall value and health of your business

Web design helps strengthen branding

It’s well known that companies with strong brands make more money. And it is also known that if you can maintain this brand over time, you stand to increase your presence in the marketplace. 

In short: a strong brand improves future growth prospects, meaning an increased chance at booking better, higher-paying clients.

Creating a brand requires a multifaceted approach encompassing messaging, design, and strategy, but your website design is a powerful way to convey quickly to people what it is you’re about. 

The right design will create an instant association in your customers’ mind between your company and something of your choosing, and this will end up being very valuable for your company.

You should also consider your employer brand. 

The cornerstone of any successful business is its people. 

Top talent knows it’s in high-demand, which means you’ll need to stand out from the crowd as somewhere people want to work. 

A strong employer brand coupled with the right employment offering makes your business a magnet for talent that can really drive your growth, significantly boosting your business and giving you the edge over the competition.

Google cares about website design

A good amount of the traffic that arrives to your website is going to come from organic search. 

Google has become the go-to resource for researching companies and products, and what people find on search engines heavily influences their decision to buy.

To rank high in search engine results, you need great content and a multi-faceted marketing approach. But far too many people overlook the importance of design in search engine performance.

The ways in which design can affect your position with Google vary. At times, they can be quite simple. For example, last year Google decided to punish any site that did not have an SSL certificate, as it wanted to prioritize user safety and security. 

This was an example of how your website design directly impacted search engine performance.

But the impact of design can often be a little more subtle. Google uses something known as “bounce rate” to help determine its rankings. 

This is essentially the amount of time someone spends on a website before leaving. A lower bounce rate means people find what they’re looking for on your page, meaning the content is good. 

However, if they click off the page right away, this indicates the content isn’t as good or isn’t as relevant, and this will negatively affect Google’s perception of your site.

Achieving a good bounce rate requires good content, but there’s more to it than content. 

Quality design that catches the eye but that is also comfortable and appealing to look at is huge. 

Ease of navigation is also important; we’ve all been to sites where it’s hard to understand where to go. And when we get lost, we leave. All of this affects your site’s performance statistics, and ultimately its search engine success.

It’s easy to see how this affects business value. The more traffic you drive to your site, and the more time these people spend on your site, the more likely it is you’ll be able to turn them into customers.

The takeaway

Content is important when you are building a website, but do not overlook design. It has a tremendous impact on how Google sees your site and also on the strength of your brand, giving you two important pieces of building a profitable and valuable business.

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