The direct implications and benefits of using professional copywriting in a marketing strategy.


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Copywriting has long been a staple of successful and attractive marketing. Copywriters are often graduated writers who focus on the creation of slogans, phrases, punch lines and ad messages. Their profession requires them to understand their client’s needs and the audience’s lifestyle.

But why should the clients pay attention (and money) to these writers? Studies have shown that a staggering 75% of businesses doesn’t have a marketing content strategy in place and regrets their decision to do so. This fact alone should be enough to paint a picture of the current disregard for marketing experts and copywriters.

After all, if the money keeps coming in, why should you worry? With that said, what are the direct implications and benefits of using professional copywriting in a marketing strategy?

Memorable advertisement

Copywriting is all about memorable taglines, catchy slogans and other short-form content. This allows brands to quickly build up a public presence around their product or service. For example, the McDonald’s slogan “I’m lovin’ it” is widely popular and doesn’t need further explanation.

This is a showcase of professional copywriting, one that was able to cater to young and old without too much trouble. And while building a presence like McDonald’s might be out of reach for most small businesses and startups, you can still make quite an impact on your local area and country in general.

Following a roadmap

Copywriting means that you are committing to a certain marketing strategy that you won’t stray from. Whatever copy your writer comes up with will have to be followed throughout the campaign. This can make content creation and delivery far easier than before for the simple reason of having a compass that you can follow.

Recent surveys have shown that 80% of people find out about brands through custom-made content filled with copywriting. Bringing a copywriter on board will ensure that your marketing team has a solid idea of where to take your brand and what to focus on during the next content cycle.

Brand awareness and authority

Placing your brand above all other brands in your niche isn’t an easy task. However, a copywriter can help you achieve very satisfying results when it comes to building brand authority and overall awareness.

Being professional, modern and humble at the same time isn’t easy. The right word combination can bring your brand far beyond anything that your competition might be doing. It cannot be overstated how important copywriters are in creating a sense of dominance and authority on your industry’s market.

The best indicator of your copywriter’s success will be whether or not a new client approaches you or your competition for help. If your writer did a good job, the results of that choice should be pretty clear.

Industry differentiation

The most common issue most clients and customers have when choosing products is which company to go with. After all, three design agencies next to each other don’t look that different to a layman’s eye. This is where copywriting comes into the picture and tries to differentiate each business from the competition.

Investing into a good copywriter is more than essential if you want to present your business in a positive and distinct light. If you work in a digital niche and accept international clients, it might also be worth noting that you can localize your advertisement.

By checking out some online translation services with professional translators, you can easily adapt your brand and ad content to other regions and languages. Do whatever you can to be different from the competition and distinct enough so that people can connect your brand to quality and professionalism.

Building audience relations

One of the best ways to advertise your brand is by creating a channel of communication with your audience. A copywriter can help you establish idiosyncrasies with your audience and make it much easier and fun for them to notice your brand in public.

For example, if you decide to launch a new product that is vastly different than anything that came before; your audience won’t have a problem identifying that product with your brand. This is possible thanks to the efforts of your copywriter in building a relation with the loyal audience base.

As is the case with any other lifestyle choice, people will see that your audience enjoys seeing your content and decide to join them in their effort. This is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of building an ongoing relation with your audience.

Emphasizing brand benefits

Brand benefits are something most companies struggle with emphasizing. What are the benefits of using your product? Why should someone come to you instead of someone else that offers the same products and services, maybe at an even lower price?

A good example of mixing benefits with marketing can be found in Microsoft’s Gears of War 2, a video game that used action and mayhem in its advertisement. The slogan they choose to run with was “Bigger, better, more badass”, which in turn mixed real benefits with copywriting spiel. The resulting success and sales figures showcase that brand benefits can indeed drive a product forward.

Draw the line with your benefits and try incorporating them into your advertisement in a clever way. As is the case with most benefits on our list, copywriters are the best intermediaries in that regard, so don’t avoid hiring one for your company’s needs.

Higher conversions and RoI

In terms of sheer revenue, copywriters can save you a lot of money and provide a multitude of financial benefits to your brand. The Return on Investment (RoI) your advertisement makes should always be positive.

Copywriters are very suitable in that regard since their hiring costs much less than the actual marketing campaign. You can get your money’s worth even if you hire a professional with years of experience thanks to the nature of their work.

Their writing can affect your brand’s public perception in that it will raise your overall conversion rates very quickly. The public’s perception of your brand can become very favorable in a short timespan which makes copywriters a very affordable marketing strategy solution.

Creating brand loyalty

Lastly, the most important aspect of using copywriters is to build brand loyalty. Customers that are used to your products and services and identify with your goals and ideals won’t use other brands.

Today’s customers value brand values (pun intended) more than the actual product. As we’ve mentioned before, there is a plethora of companies that offer similar products at competing prices. What is so special about your brand in particular?

Once you build up a loyal customer base, it will be far easier to push new products to the market. Your brand recognition will be enough to allow for a shift in production if your copywriter did an adequate job.

Long-form copywriting (Conclusion)

It’s important to note that copywriters can and should be hired indefinitely. Once a copywriter establishes a writing style with your brand, it will be quite difficult to find someone else to fill the void.

Try hiring full-time writers and content creators for your marketing needs instead of per-project basis. You will get good prices and waste no time in finding a copywriter that might or might not do a good job with your brand.

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