10 WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Ranking

10 WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Ranking

SEO tips to boost traffic to your WordPress website. Use these SEO approaches to drive new web traffic and visitors to your blog or website

10 WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Ranking

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Search Engine Optimization, the full form of SEO refers to techniques and tricks used by website owners to represent their website in the higher search order on the search engines. 

To increase the visitors on their website they need to put their website on a level above on search engine results of similar such things by the user. 

You can create a beautiful website which looks attractive but what’s the point of your hard work if the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing don’t even display your website in the initial pages. So, you need to know a few facts which the search engines consider putting your website on higher ranks. 

These are factors such as good and original content, tags, keywords and file names. Having the right information of the business you are involved in is important.

Difference between the Blackhat and White hat

Now, all the SEO techniques are categorized into two groups. The black hat techniques are those which break the rules of the search engine. 

Those techniques can also improve your ranking, but they are not allowed by the search engines. If caught, they can block your website also. 

The white hat technique is acceptable techniques which don’t break the rules of search engine and also improves your rank on search engines. 

Always choose from white hat SEO techniques only and some of them are listed below.

10 WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Ranking

⦁ Create a Permalink of your website – Permalink is the URL of your website. The users use them to reach your website. They are also used for linking purpose with other websites. WordPress offers many Permalink settings on WordPress. One can also change the URL in future when needed.

⦁ Design a sitemap for your Website – A website can contain any number of pages but search engines need to know all the content you have on your website. You can download.XML sitemap by google and create an index on all the content you have on your website. This helps search engines to know about your content better.

⦁ Be regular on Google Analytics – This is a tool by Google using which you can keep eye on the traffic on your website. By having a count on visitors on your website you can further work better to maintain your content. This is a free app on google which offers various features to attract your targeted audience. You can also examine the behavior of your visitors a check on referral spams and much more. The tool is a must for every website owner.

⦁ Select an SEO friendly theme for your website – The WordPress offers many themes you can choose for creating your website. For SEO, choose a theme with more speed and a good code instead of an aesthetically appealing theme. These are two factors makes a websites’ themes SEO friendly. You need a well-written theme which is the latest SEO favorite to upgrade your rank more.

⦁ Use SEO friendly plugins – Wordpress offers an array of SEO plugins that help your website by providing Meta descriptions, Meta titles, Meta keywords etc. Using these plugins, one can enhance any website’s on-page SEO.

⦁ Make your content Shareable –Social media has a large scaling effect on making things famous. Sharing your website links and URLs on your social media and asking people to share it further can drive traffic to your website.

Produce High-Quality Content – Obviously, the following SEO tricks are important but the most important thing is maintaining the quality of your content and also upload content on the appropriate interval of time. Your content should be unique and shareable which can motivate people in some way. This way, at least your regular users will like your website and maybe they will recommend it to others too.

Choose right Heading Tags – Generally, the heading your tag is the same content a user is searching for. A proper and unique heading tag can help you drive traffic to your website resulting in high rank in search engine for your website.

⦁ Use Links – Links are one important trick. You can use linking in many ways. First, you can go interlinking, which is linking one page on your website to some other page. Secondly, you can ask another website’s owner to link your website and in return to you link theirs on yours.

⦁ Hosting – The search engines prefer websites with high speed and web hosters provide you this. So, choosing a right host is equally important. There are any poplar hostings such as A2, Bluehost, immotion, and others with SSD drives.

Why is it necessary to optimize your website?

You can create a beautifully crafted website on WordPress but there is no point if the website is not SEO friendly. 

An SEO friendly website can help you take the website on the first pages of the search result and can increase the traffic on your website. 

Without a proper SEO, you all hard work on the website could be misguided or waste. 

SEO has been a trendy word between the people who create online content. Their numerous tricks you can follow to boost your ranking, but we have shortlisted a few easy and most workable SEO ticks which can upgrade your ranking on search engines.

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10 WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Ranking
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