5 PHP Ecommerce Platforms to Consider

5 PHP Ecommerce Platforms to Consider

PHP is one of the most widely and popularly used website development languages.

5 PHP Ecommerce Platforms to Consider

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PHP is one of the most widely and popularly used website development languages. 

It is endowed with different kinds of features along with many numbers of Open Sources incorporated with it. 

These kinds of frameworks encompass different incredible features and tools which offer assistance to various businesses of open-source web development for devising robust and high-performing applications that are based on the web platform.

Every available framework of PHP is structured for servicing a certain purpose. 

Special frameworks such as Drupal and WordPress are regarded to be the best platforms for blogging and SMS, while others such as Zend PHP and Cake are mostly recommended for developing any website.

With so many numbers of platforms of PHP available on the platter, it is very obvious to business owners to be in confusion regarding which platform to choose from and which one would provide to be the best. For making the process of making decisions easier, here is a list of PHP Ecommerce platforms for consideration. 

However, you can consider the pointers that shall assist you in evaluating different platforms of PHP in this regard:

  • Catalog of the product.
  • Scalability.
  • Business User Control.
  • Search.
  • Integration.
  • Agility.
  • Analytics and Reporting.
  • Synergy.
  • Interoperability.
  • Payment gateway integration.

1. OpenCart

OpenCart is a shopping cart platform that is based on PHP for e-commerce. 

It facilitates robust "E-commerce solutions" for the merchants conducting their business operations on the online platform. 

This platform is very scalable and acts as a very strong platform that facilitates creating an e-shop of any size for you. 

It facilitates an interface that is visually displayed and is very compatible with a search engine.

2. WooCommerce

It is one of the WordPress plug-ins. Hence, you shall have to install the open-source WordPress in the host. 

You can then proceed with installing the WooCommerce plug-in on your website. It transforms the entire WordPress website into a completely functional Online Store with coupons, product pages, and inventory management. 

The benefits that you get from this platform include that the plug-in is completely free to install and download.

Most of the stores do not require anything other than the plug-in. It also established a connection to all key payment gateways, which makes your business easier. 

With the use of the WooCommrece theme, you will not have to work apart from developing the content. 

You can also offer many kinds of discounts and coupons and add multiple features with the extension library help.

3. OsCommerce

This is among the older frameworks and web e-commerce development platforms of PHP, which has constantly been a preferable choice for various traders seeking to set up an online shop. 

It provides a wide range of features and facilities to business owners for establishing their e-commerce with great ease and speed. 

The experts who are available at the web designing company trust this PHP platform for its outstanding catalog along with a versatile tool at both front-end and backend respectively.


X-Cart has assisted in creating around 3500 stores on the online platform and has been growing as a brand over many years. 

Like most e-commerce platforms, it is open-sourced, and free apart from being self-hosted.

X-Cart is mostly considered to be the fastest and most open-sourced web e-commerce development platform available in the market. 

It also happens to have many numbers of amazing features which you can explore. You can avail of its premium plan, which is available for free. 

The benefits of having this PHP platform mostly depend on the package that you choose to go with.

However, you can mostly get the multi-currency and multilingual support for availing this platform too. It is open-sourced and free for you. 

The most renowned developers will get the control that they require with X-Cart. It is very fun to work on it. You can be assured of the fact that X-Cart is PCI Compliant and completely secure.

5. Magento

It is one of the very popular web e-commerce development platforms that are open source too. It has many numbers of features that you cannot expect to have in other PHP platforms. 

However, this also presents you with all kinds of avenues when the matter is regarding marketing products to your customers and devising things like recurring payments, membership plans, and discounts.

You can even consider Magento if you wish to have complete control over the functionality as well as the design of the website. 

Magneto is very similar in features and functionality to that of WordPress. This PHP platform has a very strong community that further lets you select from hundreds of themes, and there are many numbers of extensions to try them. 

The benefits that you can get by using this platform include the fact that it is completely free. You can also have the paid version if you think of having an upgrade.

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5 PHP Ecommerce Platforms to Consider
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