7 reasons to use a php Framework

7 reasons to use a php Framework

A php web developments framework is one of the crucial elements to improve the coding process.

7 reasons to use a php Framework

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Hypertext Preprocessor, commonly known as PHP is a programming language used for the development of any web. 

A framework is made of Frame and Work which implies that the person who is responsible for coding will construct the work as per the requirements of the project. 

A PHP web developments framework is one of the crucial elements to improve the coding process. 

Thus, there are a lot of advantages that come along with the usage of PHP framework.

Saving valuable time

Web development takes a lot of time and the clients are always in a hurry to receive the final product. 

To assure that the project ends up in the stipulated time, PHP comes in handy. With the tools like input sanitization and abstraction layers available in PHP framework, a lot of time is saved and even the skills of a programmer get refined and improved.

Pre-setup structure

A PHP framework brings along with it an already set folder and is able to manage all the codes through MVC,  (Model-View-Controller) which also assists the coder to differentiate the business logic and presentation of client’s business. 

The structure is reliable, consistent and can be easily managed. The MVC framework also brings about a cleaner and extensible code.

Extensive tools and libraries

PHP has a lot of essential usable tools and libraries for making the tasks of a coder easy. These help in the validation of forms, SOAP/REST API, catching the mechanism, filtration of both input and outputs, handling the data with JSON, abstraction of the database, handling of the cookies and sessions, keeping emails, calendars, pagination in a structured format. 

Thus, working as one of the most efficient web development coding languages.

Minimized coding work

The process involved in PHP framework is speedy as there is no need to write each and every code again and again. 

This helps in the timely delivery of the developed web and client satisfaction. There is no need to find a 3rd party library as every library comes with the framework by default. This also helps in the decentralization of tasks and then merging the final products in a single package. 

It helps get rid of the bugs, maintain the existing codes and change them according to the project requirements.

Secure codes

Since the framework is well-defined, the security of codes is done automatically for the programmer, making his work easier. 

Those secure codes involve central authentication, filtration of every value which is passed on is the database against SQL injection attacks, validation and filtration of every central input, filtration of outputs through HTML which are generating functions like form helpers and URL helpers automatically, CSRF, I.e., cross-site request forgery, security of the session management and protection of cross-site scripting. 

It also ensures the encryption of cookies.

Support of the active communities

PHP framework has a support system from all the communities, the developers and the documentation which are actively working towards providing the best. 

With the use of the right keyword or phrase, any query or answer can be solved by these communities without any delay and the results are relevant if the keyword inserted is accurate. 

Apart from that, message boards, mails, forums (both official and unofficial) are available for help and support.

Tools of the framework

For the maintenance and proper functioning of modular applications, the framework tools work as the utility modules. 

It helps the coder use the same content again and again (as per requirement of the project) by saving it as default so that there is no need to perform the same process time and again. 

It not only saves but loads the content which is needed at that particular moment, this dynamic loading process of the modern framework is one of the most important aspects required for coding. 

There is also a lazy loading process which helps prepare the web page till all the content pages are being prepared since various pages require different loading time.

Accessibility to the database

Instead of taking the help of SQL queries for interaction with the database directly, the PHP framework helps to access the data in an object-oriented direction. 

The relation between data and structure management, a coder can utilize ORM, (object-relational mapping) with the help of which the database table can be easily mapped with a PHP class.

Easy to access URLs

The URLs formed should always be clean and easily accessible. The PHP frameworks mainly use a few of mod_rewrite magic for the same. 

In exchange for this URL precisely which is not visible to the client, /index.php is given as a get string. 

The main framework is represented through the index page. Not only that, it is also effective for the SEO purposes. 

A URL helps makes the web look prettier, easy to remember, easier to link with other things and reduced confusion.

Thus, a PHP framework makes the work easier, better in performance and is of great use to the developers looking for advanced knowledge.

7 reasons to use a php Framework
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