Top 7 Ecommerce Website Tricks For Better UX

Top 7 Ecommerce Website Tricks For Better UX

Here we present to you the list of 7effective tricks that can help you to get better customers with enhanced UX of the website & gaining refined leads.

Top 7 Ecommerce Website Tricks For Better UX

This post will focus on the following topics.

One of the most significant factors which every single e-commerce website needs to stand is the concept of positive user experience or UX. 

Though every business tries to approach the best website design agency to help them with user-oriented websites, we have managed to collect the list of top 7 tricks that can help any business to boost their website and reach the top of SERPs with higher exposure.  

This is actually more of software development like thing when we talk about designing an e-commerce website because it involves a lot of effort on placing the commercial products and making easy financial transactions. 

Moreover, the design is worked considering the need of the user to find something extraordinary to promote the conversions. However, the introduction of stable and easy to access website design techniques have raised the bar for competition between e-commerce websites that has to lead to finding the ways which can attract better customers. 

So, here we present to you the list of 7 amazing and effective tricks that can help you to get better customers with enhanced UX of the website and gaining sophisticated leads.

Improve Search Capabilities

Improve Search Capabilities

The first thing which defines a good website is the design considerations kept for accessibility. 

You have to keep your focus on the fact that your user should get an easy to access the search function. Make sure your website should have an easy input field that is displayed well on the website. 

This is extremely important when you have a website that has a massive list of products that users could easily explore through all the categories to reach their desired product.

Some things which you need to work are to ensure that a user query is entertained with quick proposals when the user enters the first three words into the search column. 

Also, you should have a more defined search filter with multiple parameters that are common to see a sight with websites like Amazon

Moreover, you can take the benefit of Google cloud speech to text API to assist the users for easy searches. Lastly, you can try to add the image search options for people who are differently abled (using the Google image search API).

Avoid Text Overloading

Avoid Text Overloading

When you are designing an e-commerce website that can help you improve the user experience, make sure you never load it with large texts, buttons, and useless content. 

Also, the current users are more interested in reading valued information and not long texts which have no meaning. 

One more reason why the website should not contain excessive content is the mobile-first approach of the website designers, as a great amount of traffic is consisted of mobile users. 

Even a single line of text in which a user feels annoying could force the user to leave the source. 

Therefore, it becomes necessary to avoid any texts, images, and calls that are poking the user to buy something.

Instead of using a big amount of content on your website, it is always a wise move to avoid cluttering of the website and use more visual and expressive content. 

You can use a few good pictures of the product with a genuine description, costs, and other important information to make it look more appealing to potential buyers. 

So, if you want a website that can actually gain some good customer base, make sure you never have the exhaustive content with the unnecessary or overloaded purchase or add to cart buttons over the page.

Enhanced Website Performance

Enhanced Website Performance

If it was the earliest year of the e-commerce business and the introduction of the internet, no one really cared about the loading time of your website. 

But if you want to establish a great impression over the users in 2019, make sure you have a website that loads within 3 seconds of the click. 

You can use the tools available for tracking the website performance like page speed insights, but if you have a huge website having so many pages for different products and categories, then you have to work a number of factors to deliver promising results.

First, you should start with web page caching, which is the basic move for site speed improvement. You can check the reset options for cached pages to improve the experience of existing users. 

Secondly, you can try to compress the images and scale them perfectly using the CSS to present the website effectively. 

Moreover, you can try contacting the CDN services, activate the content compression using GZip, refactor the code for heavy website lags, and forward proxy like Nginx and Apache to improve the function of front-end files and backend files.

Easy Pagination

Easy Pagination

Now, this is something that is very important for a website that has a vast number of pages. 

If your website has a lot of product pages in different categories like fashion, accessories, electronics, home design, etc. then you have to ensure that customer does not face any complexity while finding a product of their choice. 

One thing which you can work to create an optimal experience of navigation for users, you can simply take the benefit of mega menus. 

Also, if you are using the pre-created CMS to develop your website, then you may find a lot of options for configuring the menus with defined and sorted templates to use.

Therefore, it is completely your responsibility that your website has a well-organized structure to explore, no matter how many categories of products you deal in the goal of a website that has great user experience requires easy and intuitive navigation where a customer could reach their desired category or type of product in 3 easy to go steps.

Avoid Filters

Avoid Filters

The next step to a website design that delivers great user experience requires avoiding the excess of filters or including too many complex filters on the website.

Though we have discussed above the need for adding filters, it is necessary that you should avoid indulging in too many filters that can make your website appear to be non-comprehensive for the users.

It is very important that you must study and understand the design of your website to make it look more appealing and pleasing to the users.

The website should be designed in such a manner that the user exploring it on a laptop or tablet should not be taken away from the objects at the center, rather it should have a well-aligned filter column at the side that could be easily distinguished.

There must be a few necessary filters present at the page where the customer wants to reach, thus creating no distraction to the user during the search.

Simpler Login/Checkout

Simpler Login/Checkout

One of the most complicated thing which people often face with an e-commerce website is dealing with the registration procedure. 

If you have a website with a long sign up process that has multiple fields to be entered, chances are very low that a customer visiting your website for the first time will have such patience to complete the process. 

Thus, you can simply try authorization assistance with social media accounts like Facebook or taking the benefit of google verification.

Once you have the credentials of the user for your verification process, you still have to work on the later steps of registration. 

Your form for registration should only have relevant and required fields with a reason that can justify the entering of the information for enhanced user experience

You should only include the fields which are non-critical and therefore not giving any chance of objection to the user for sharing such information.

Credible Website Outlook

Credible Website Outlook

Last but not least, you should give your maximum time to design a website that looks original and credible to any user who visits your website for the first time. 

You should try to make your website appear more engaging with the use of web design trends that have rocked the e-commerce platforms during the year 2019. 

The process to make your website look more creative and unique starts with the use of animations that can transmit the idea and purpose to the user without any long load time.

Moreover, you can engage yourself in developing illustrations that can add distinction to the website appearance with the use of custom font styles to improve your user interest. 

Also, you can use the asymmetrical objects and 3D graphics on your website to bind the user with the website, but make sure you only use the bright colors that run in harmony with sophisticated website design.

Winding Up

With the idea of 7 significant tricks to improve the UX of your e-commerce website, you could have easily understood the need for effort and time. 

However, the process may appear to be a daunting task to do but a little extra care in designing a website and using the perfect set of tools and sources could make all the difference. 

So, if you get successful in working over all the above ideas and tricks to make your website look more engaging, there is no chance that your counterparts could beat you in establishing better UX design and chasing the leads.

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Top 7 Ecommerce Website Tricks For Better UX
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