Most effective SEO Guide for an e-commerce store

Most effective SEO Guide for an e-commerce store

This blog post is about SEO techniques for an e-commerce store. What are the important points in the e-commerce site on SEO point of view is given in this.

Most effective SEO Guide for an e-commerce store

The following topics will be discussed in this post.

In the current scenario, there are lots of competitors are there for e-commerce business. So, there is tough competition for ranking first in Google. 

Now no need worry here is an amazing SEO guide for an e-commerce website.

1. Keyword research.

A keyword is a most important thing to rank any website. Each page of your website would be searched by its keyword. 

So, keyword research is most important to rank any website. There are lots of keyword research tools available in the market. 

Keywords are must be related to your product. If you select the wrong keyword then your website will never rank first in search engines.

You have to analyze long tail keyword because according to MOZ, 70% search results come through long tail keyword. 

You have to analyze keyword result with a different search engine. If you search keyword for e.g. “coffee” in different search engines like google, yahoo, Bing then you will get different results in each search engine.

In keyword research competitor’s keyword research is also important. You also have to analyze that from which keyword, your competitor’s website is ranking high. 

Also, analyze PA - DA of your competitor’s website. Also, analyze about backlinks of a competitor’s site.

2. Site structure:

In SEO how your pages are designed and structured, are also important for search engines. Site structure of e-commerce site should be understandable by a user as well as search engines.

Most of your site's authority is recognized by home page. So, you have to make sure that your homepage is few clicks from each page. When your home page is away from more clicks then, it has less authority.

When search engine indexing your page (adding a page in a database), it checks all structure, design, content, etc. All search engine have their own algorithms for indexing your website.

In the competitor’s site, you have to analyze website’s layout. You can check about products, it’s categories, product images, etc.

In an e-commerce site, there is the possibility of content duplication. So, to avoid this problem you have to make an index to these type of pages. When content duplication is detected on your site, it’s down the ranking chances in search engines.

3. Internal Linking :

As the name suggests internal linking is the most important part in SEO of any website. 

How each page is connected with each other internally, is called Internal linking. Internal links are kind of hyperlink which targets to main domain of the website. 

If any page has structured internal linking then it has more chances of ranking high.

With the internal linking, you can make own anchor text with relevant keywords. Second thing, do not you same anchor text multiple time because search engine wants new relevant anchor text for different links.

When you complete with internal linking, you have to make a sitemap and submit it to google for indexing each page very specifically. The ideal structure of internal links gives the best output of SEO.

4. On page optimization :

In SEO, On-page optimization is important as off page optimization. The actions you take within your site for raking high is called on page optimization.

There are below points that should be considered for On page optimization.

1. Title tag:

Your page title is a most important factor of the website. If your keyword comes in a page title, then that page has chances of getting rank. 

When someone searches your keyword in search engine then your page comes in search results if you gave proper page title.

2. Meta Description :

A meta description is important to place to introduce your keyword in content. It makes an effect to search engines. 

Meta descriptions give all idea about your keyword. So, it needs to be appropriate and relevant to your keywords.

3. Meta tags :

For each of your page, you need to add relevant meta tags. You can enter all appropriate keywords in meta tags. It makes easy to search engine to identify about your keyword and content.

4. URL structure :

Making search engine friendly URL is a most important thing in SEO. When the search engine crawls your site, it shows short, relevant URL for the website. When a URL is in proper structure, then it has more chances to rank.URL with targeted keyword gives better result in SEO.

5. Sub headers :

Content is posted in proper relevant sub-header tags like H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. Content is broken up in a proper subsection with proper sub headers are easy to crawl for search engines. 

Keep in mind that you can put relevant keywords in H1, H2 tags because it’s easy for search engine to identify proper keywords.

6. Image file name and Image alt text :

Putting an image in content is a great way to attract a customer. So, if you added images in your content then you need to optimize it. 

Making more perfect in SEO you need to add proper alt text for each image. And also need to add proper image name or add image name relevant to the product.

5. Mobile version of your e-commerce store:

Nowadays, many people are doing purchase through mobile. So, your website should be mobile friendly. 

There is a survey that 31% of customers are coming to your site through mobile. If customers not like your mobile version of your site, then they move to a competitor’s site.

Many websites having bad mobile-friendly version because they are not following proper SEO points. So, to attract the customer you must have to a best mobile-friendly version of your site.

6. Customers reviews and Rich sniped:

Through customers reviews for your product, you can earn the trust of customers. 

Customer reviews make a positive impact on search engines. You can get customers reviews by adding some plugins and discounts. Also, you can get reviews by doing emails to customers who already purchased your product.

Maybe you have observed that some website shows their rating and reviews in google search result. 

This is called rich sniped. Rich sniped plays important role in raking high in search engines. 

When the user saw rating/reviews then there are more chances that he/she will come to your site and purchase the products.

7. Social media Integration:

If you to stay connected with your customers then social media is the best way. If you have social media integration in your site, then a search engine will identify your site for more ranking.

If you have large social engagement then it seems likes customers are more demanding about a brand. Though the social media, you can create your brand. 

You can add social media buttons to your website for more social engagement.

8. Link Building :

When it comes to link building, you need high-quality links. When you have large no. of links which link to your site, but they all are having low quality then it doesn't make any effect on ranking your site. So, links are coming to your site must have quality links for ranking.

For earning a high-quality link from effective sites, you can do a link exchange and guest posting with handsome content. Another way is you can list your site with high ranking directories.

You can add blog content on your site for focusing on a particular keyword. Your blog's content is written with focusing on your SEO keywords. All your content is user-friendly.

Final Words:

Before you do SEO of your site, Understand the strategy of your business and according to that make changes. 

SEO is not one time process. You need to keep it updated according to market trends. It needs more efforts and dedication but the benefits of its are worthless.

I hope that my article helped you to gain knowledge and importance about SEO for your e-commerce store.

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Most effective SEO Guide for an e-commerce store
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